MLG’s health dept. declares RSV emergency, pushes masks, COVID jabs

On Thursday, Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) issued an emergency public health order regarding the rise of the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), declaring masking is recommended.

Dr. David Scrase, the head of the NMDOH, wrote, “It is recommended that New Mexican families exercise additional precautions this holiday season to prevent transmission of RSV, including wearing masks when in indoor public settings and refraining from meeting with friends and family when experiencing respiratory disease symptoms.” 

He also declared, “New Mexican families are strongly encouraged to obtain vaccinations and boosters for influenza and COVID-19 to prevent additional illness.” 

Scrase’s order erroneously claimed, “the use of masks during the COVID-19 Pandemic was shown to reduce exposure and transmission of pathogens.” 

However, there is not a single scientific study proving masks work to prevent any disease, much less COVID-19, with recent studies finding no significant difference between N95 and medical masks, casting even more doubt on the effectiveness of masks in preventing disease.

Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) wrote, “The real-world effectiveness of face coverings to prevent [the] acquisition of SARS-CoV-2 infection has not been widely studied.”

Sen. Gregg Schmedes, M.D. (R-Albuquerque), wrote that the New Mexico Department of Health “recommends indoor masking for RSV today. They also recommend bivalent Covid vaccination for healthy people. They did not, however, cite any evidence.” 


51 thoughts on “MLG’s health dept. declares RSV emergency, pushes masks, COVID jabs”

  1. if New Mexican’s had’ve voted instead of sitting on their a—- we could have got the idiot out of Santa Fe and not have this dumb a– problem. in my hometown only 43% voted and it was like that throughout the state. i don’t believe people will go for another mask mandate. and where the hell was the stupid a– governor after the election she wasn’t even in the state. such a self center little b—-.

    1. maybe if the repubs who are actually dems in sheep clothing went with qualified candidates who actually would uphold their oath and not a bunch of losers who stood for nothing, the people would have voted.
      rsv is primarily a child s disease, but then again… the useful idiots are perpetual children, so no wonder they are afraid.

      1. well said. not a republican candidate to vote for. and the people are too stupid to vote beyond red and blue. there were other options.

    1. Sure didn’t! Fox News just had on ‘due to the tri demic hospitals are now overwhelmed…. So here we go again….
      Protect your DNA and masks are useless as an potential virus are smaller than any mask.

  2. Will not ever wear another mask…. F the government . NM voted to be the dumbest and poorest state in the union not to mention CRIME.

    1. NM voted but “they” stole the vote – state after state Dumb Dems “won” in the face of polls demonstrating a frustrated/fed up populous. That’s why the voting machine corp is named DOMINION – like we the people will ever be “allowed to” win.

      1. Indeed. I believe that the “Worst Ranked Governor in America” ‘won’; the same way I ‘believe’ that Crenshaw won his primary with 75% of the vote (as published).

  3. Ever wonder why the diseases like monkeypox and this respiratory thing is suddenly happening after the covid shot that lowers your immunity with each booster or could it be from the masking where you breathe in bacteria ..fungus and the virus back in your body deeper….. Here is a good article about research of bacteria and fungus from Japan

  4. You reap what you sew. NM had an opportunity to end this and failed. MLG voters/Bedonie voters and the apathetic nonvoter deserve every bit of this. Too bad I am stuck here.

    John Block, good luck in Santa Fe. You’ll need it.

  5. So, did the low information voters really believe that Napoleaon Lujan Grisham would not again re-institute “bread lines” in the winter cold?

    Doc Dis-crase is a real quack.


      Ignore the illegitimate Governor.
      No humiliating, controlling face-diapers for me.
      My God-given immune system is plenty sufficient.

  6. After all MLG did during the COVID hoax do you honesty believe she and her minions would not rig the election? The citizens of NM are fighting a very evil administration who doesn’t believe in the sanctity of human life or the US Constitution.

  7. See below for a “STUDY”

    “These findings reinforce that in addition to being up to date with recommended COVID-19 vaccinations, consistently wearing a face mask or respirator in indoor public settings reduces the risk of acquiring SARS-CoV-2 infection. Using a respirator offers the highest level of personal protection against acquiring infection, although it is most important to wear a mask or respirator that is comfortable and can be used consistently.”

      1. Worked in heavy industry. Knew full-face respirators were only real protection. Tried to explain this to people. Might as well been talking to a blank wall. mRNA is used to modify genomes. This can be researched in less than 15 minutes.
        Instead, half the population ran to get death jabs. Humanity is not evolving, it is devolving. Beam me up, Scotty!

    1. Funny that you refer to CDC who has been caught lying to us about everything in this scam demic… During the California fires CDC said that those masks that we are required to wear does not work for smoke particles that can enter through the mask but guess what smoke particles are bigger than a virus so if it doesn’t work for smoke why is it that they tell you it works for a virus

  8. Elections have consequences and stolen elections have catastrophic consequences. MLG is one such catastrophe. The masking is recommended … only those that cannot think for themselves should comply! Fauci couldn’t site one study showing masks work to prevent virus transmission.

  9. Fear propaganda!!! DO NOT COMPLY. NOW IS THE TIME TO STAND UP FOR OUR HEALTH AND OUR FREEDOM. This B…. is a communist. Her health secretary is an idiot with no common sense nor concern for our health. Stop the madness and start by not complying and educating the idiots out there.

  10. That short little dictator is at it again…issueing her demands and wagging her fat finger at us like we are children. WHY did the idiots of New Mexico vote her in again? I know, she bought the teachers votes with her $10,000 raise she doled out within 6 months of the election, allowing all State employees to work from home (doing nothing!!!), certainly not doing their job! I have NO RESPECT FOR TEACHERS AND STATE EMPLOYEES ANYMORE! I do support the State Police, because they don’t have a choice who they work for. I dare her to try shutting us down again or force us to wear masks. ITS WONT HAPPEN AGAIN….EVER GOVENOR FINGER WAGGER.

  11. People haven’t figured it out yet. ya can’t push the same button over and over again and expect different results. Once again New Mexico is stuck with the self serving piglet who wants compliance from “ye little peasants . Do as I say –NOT as I do ,stay home and wear your mask whilst I gallivant to Egypt on your dime.” THAT MASK is only to steal your self identity and show compliance. Fear mongering propaganda by big pharma being pushed by politicians only means one thing. KICKBACKS -kickbacks-kickbacks. corrupt politicians and big pharma will be the downfall of America!

  12. We have a choice people. Either we sit at our computers blaming this group for voting one way, or another group not voting at all…unless we come together and in a peaceful manner make our voices heard, NOTHING WILL CHANGE!
    This is all bullcrap serving a purpose that most can’t see. Stop listening to the propaganda lies, and yes that includes Fox News – with the exception of Tucker, Waters, and maybe a couple more.
    We are going to go through difficult times, but it’s all for the purpose of bringing people to the precipice so that we get out there and start fighting (non-violently) for our rights.
    So far New Mexico is the only state reporting on this boogeyman virus. Think about that and let it sink in. Will other states follow? I don’t know or care. Is this a distraction? It’s anybody’s guess. Our job is to get out there and take our rights and state back. NOBODY ELSE IS GOING TO DO THIS FOR US!

  13. I’m hopeful reading this level of rebellion in the comments. We will never hope to have our freedoms restored without the strength of pushing back and hard. Grisham obviously suffers from deep low self-esteem and insecurity from being 4 ft tall and being angry all her short life. Well, I have 2 brothers who are flaming liberals and weak-minded and controlling as they get. They have the gift of their intellect without a lick of common sense or the foresight to see the coming damage of their choices. They are complete narcissists living in a bubble of their own making and the rest of us peons are not invited. It is a bubble that will implode on itself because it can only lead to chaos in the end. And God is watching and waiting. Arrogance has it’s own price to pay. We must stay strong and resolute in our convictions that once made this country the greatest and the most free nation in the world. There is no place for the coming darkness. It will attempt to suffocate everything~Event Horizon~look it up. May God have Mercy.

  14. MLG was vaccinated (or so she claims) taking the vaccine did not keep her from having COVID. Why do they keep pushing it? That is a rhetorical question. I think most of us believe we know why?
    I’m not taking shots….good grief. I have lived through Whooping Cough, Bronchitis, Pneumonia and COVID and I’m housebound.. And I am closer to the checking out point of life than many people are.
    Get off my back…If I am old enough to pay taxes that support these tyrannical people, I am bloodly well capable of making up my own mind!

  15. You know what I hate MLG but all of you don’t be so rude. We know a lady who goes to our Church with her 3 yr old son. He contracted RSV and had to be put on oxygen and had to stay in the hospital for a week or two. He doesn’t have a built up immune system like all of you.I’m a devout Republican and Catholic. All you complaining but yourself in her position.

    1. I am sorry for your lady friend and prayers for her son. The only way to build immunities is to actually CATCH the virus/flu and get past it. (hopefully). It is obvious that the magic shots don’t work and the masks don’t work and lockdowns do way more harm than good….so I am unclear on how MLG is doing anything helpful by attempting to infringe on peoples freedom of choice and critical thinking. Also, I don’t remember voting for DeScrase, do you? We pay him to parrot Fauci. MLG cost NM many lives and many taxpayer $$ that did NOT go to New Mexicans. (Not to mention that many decent DRs and Nurses fled this state. It is beyond obvious that we are last in education, medical proficiency and MLG does not honor her promises to New Mexicans anyways, all hollow promises. She’s all about her and her N. Santa FE $$$$ transplants from East and West coast and the film industry. (that was allowed to work the entire time the rest of us were not, hmmmm)

    2. I have sympathy for any child who contracts RSV (which has been around for many years), but RSV infects children every year and was never, until now, used for political purposes and as a vehicle to coerce “vaccinations” conveniently being manufactured by Pfizer, etc., to make money. Children have been hospitalized every fall/winter with RSV for decades. This ‘governor’ and her regime are using this and seasonal flu to ramp up fear and maintain their grip on compliant non-critical thinkers who will do as they are told by “experts” and herd themselves and their children in for the next new “vaccination” while wearing bacteria-laden masks. It is hopeless by now to believe that they might connect the dots. They are ruled by ignorance and fear.

  16. Dr. Disgrace IS JUST THAT!!! Geriatric MD that couldn’t find his rear with both hands. As a retired DOH employee please realize this man is a quack!!!

  17. Awwwww…..H to the LL NO, I didn’t play this BS before and I aint doing it anytime soon. Head to visit friends in TX again. F this stupid non voting State. I can barely stand going in quickly to a store in SF. The 90% still in masks and in line for their flu/pneumonia/rona shots is astounding. Truly showing our brain power here in NM.

  18. Having been told in stores more than once to drop dead by masked idiots for daring to refuse to join them in their lunacy, I will now attach my attractively-cased Mace to my key chain for easier access. I am not a herd animal or a slave. My biggest disappointment throughout this three-year I.Q. test has been discovering that the majority of Americans are cowards with zero critical thinking skills and a desperate desire to belong to a tribe. They trust “experts” and their masks are symbols of their compliance and “virtuousness.” What this is doing to children breaks my heart. NM is an embarrassment.

  19. The lockdowns, pushing of experimental injections, pushing useless facemasks, and MSM fearmongering are not about health or safety. They are all about control.

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