Scrase: It’s ‘not time to drop’ indoor mask mandate

Despite almost every single state in the nation dropping mask mandates, including left-wing California and New York, Dr. David Scrase, acting secretary of the state Department of Health, is not budging on New Mexico’s indoor mask mandate.

From the Piñon Post’s count, New Mexico is the only state that has not scheduled a date to lift the mask mandates, with the leftist states of Illinois, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and others all scheduling to stop the indoor mask requirements.

Especially during the Legislative Session, where the public is mostly barred from participation due to no physical access to the Capitol based on jab status, the move in between the deliberation would look bad for scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham.

According to a report from the Santa Fe New Mexican, Scrase said, “I had this conversation with the governor this morning at about 7:30.” He added, “We really are relying on New Mexico data.”

He further noted that “masks are effective” and that “[t]he state still is in hot water.”

Scrase concluded, “Y’know, we have to rely on evidence and not quotes from people.” He “said of retaining the mask mandate. And now, he said, is not the time to drop it,” the New Mexican’s report noted.

Despite the so-called mandate, even far-left Democrat legislators have defied it, including representatives while they debated bills on the House floor:

Now, New Mexico remains in last place for indoor mask mandates — a place New Mexico has apparently become comfortable with regarding such things as child well-being, education, public safety, and the list goes on.

But as election season nears, Democrats across the country appear to see the writing on the wall that mask mandates, which have little to no scientific support, are lifting mask mandates. Lujan Grisham, who will be on the ballot in November, appears to be taking her chances and keeping her strict mandates firmly in place.


15 thoughts on “Scrase: It’s ‘not time to drop’ indoor mask mandate”

  1. As long as there is mass psychosis of the. ovis Ariel’s this will continue…. it is not about health as I have shown many times here.. it is about power… notice he never shows us any science that mask work even though she says follow the science because there is not one article that says or proves that masks work for a virus
    Those that comply wanted to end ….those that comply will never let it end

  2. So, Dr. disScrase wants to keep New Mexicans under mask tyranny claiming a lack of hospital beds? But is not the real problem a lack of health care personnel to staff additional real available beds?

    It is so depressing to live in the one US state where the Administration works so hard to remain the worse in the nation in so many categories. Shame, shame MLG.

  3. This governor, this “health expert,” and the rest of their ilk are miserable communists determined to complete the destruction of this state while retaining their “power.” Frankly, voting has become a joke due to massive fraud. Tyranny is only stopped when tyrants are stopped. Will that ever happen out here? I have never seen anything like this – idiots shuffling along complying with whatever they are told to do, and all too stupid to connect the dots and realize that they are committing treason and destroying the country. This is truly a welfare state and two-thirds of the residents are on welfare and will do whatever they are told to do by their overlords. Makes me sick.

  4. Scrase is overstepping his limited authority and this is CRIMINAL and the People need to write their Sheriff to have him removed from office. File a complaint with your local Sheriff or send them an email. This is the fastest way to remove him from office. Scrase is ACTING as health secretary until he can prove he has a surety bond on the public record, which he cannot and the state cannot prove to the People he has a surety bond as required by the State and National Constitutions and State Statute. Therefore, all his rulings are NULL & VOID!

  5. Dr. disScrase is on the TAKE!
    Only two reasons a person completes residentency, practices medicine and then becomes a high end acting state bureaucrat. incompetence or corruption.

  6. Please just stop wearing your masks! I haven’t been wearing one to 2 local grocery stores. You know the employees don’t want to wear them. We can help our fellow citizens by setting an example. I know it isn’t possible in every store or place of business. But please resist the masks when you can.
    Parents, you especially, fight!

  7. Do not comply! Stop wearing the mask. And are there any truckers who want to bring permanent grid lock to Santa Fe like what is going on in Canada? Just asking.

  8. NO More Mandates!!!

    People across New Mexico should just refuse to wear masks. Just how much more are the people in our state willing to put up with. MLG and her fake doctor are disgusting.

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