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Piñon Post interviews GOP gubernatorial candidate Ethel Maharg

On August 25, 2021, Republican gubernatorial candidate Ethel Maharg had a one-on-one interview with Piñon Post editor John Block to discuss the 2022 governor’s race to take out Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, current events, and what Maharg brings to the race. Ethel Maharg is the former mayor and council member from the Village of Cuba and serves as the executive director of the Right to Life Committee of New Mexico. 


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All Republican candidates for governor are scheduled for interviews and these interviews are being posted in alphabetical order by their last names. The next batch of one-on-one interviews will be posted next week featuring Louie Sanchez, Tim Walsh, and Greg Zanetti.

The Piñon Post has made it a policy of not endorsing candidates. 

Piñon Post interviews GOP gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Dow

On August 23, 2021, Republican gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Dow had a one-on-one interview with Piñon Post editor John Block to discuss the 2022 governor’s race to take out Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, current events, and what Dow brings to the race. Rebecca Dow is a three-term current New Mexico state representative in Truth or Consequences.


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All Republican candidates for governor are scheduled for interviews and these interviews are being posted in alphabetical order by their last names. The next batch of one-on-one interviews will be posted next week featuring Louie Sanchez, Tim Walsh, and Greg Zanetti.

The Piñon Post has made it a policy of not endorsing candidates. 

Taxpayers to fork over $1,250 one-time payments to Afghan refugees

As reported by the Washington Post, American taxpayers will be forced to fork over $1,250 one-time payments to Afghan refugees Joe Biden is resettling in the United States, including in the states of New Mexico, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Virginia, and Indiana. 

These payments will be provided by the State Department and funded by American taxpayers. 

Reports indicate that approximately 50,000 Afghan refugees will be arriving at places such as Fort Bliss, which is in both New Mexico and Texas, Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, Fort Lee in Virginia, Fort McCoy in Wisconsin, Joint Base McGuire-Dix in New Jersey, the Marine Corps Base in Virginia, Fort Pickett in Virginia, and Camp Atterbury in Indiana.

“We have cultural differences and those are things that we’re working on, educating both the Afghans and our people on the challenges that we face from a cultural perspective,” said U.S. Northern Command head Air Force Gen. Glen VanHerck told The Hill.

Breitbart reports, “Refugee resettlement costs American taxpayers nearly $9 billion every five years, according to research, and each refugee costs taxpayers about $133,000 over the course of their lifetime. Within five years, an estimated 16 percent of all refugees admitted will need housing assistance paid for by taxpayers.” 

Over the last 20 years, nearly a million refugees have been resettled in the nation, which Breitbart notes would be the equivalent of annually adding the population of Pensacola, Florida to the United States.

The resettlement of Afghans comes with open arms by politicians, such as Democrat New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who claimed, “We have a proud tradition of welcoming refugees from around the world with open arms, and we make no exception for the people of Afghanistan.” 

However, this same charity from Lujan Grisham was not extended to Cuban refugees fleeing their communist dictatorship nor to starving, poverty-stricken people on the streets of New Mexico. Those people will not be granted $1,250 checks — but Afghan refugees will.

ABQ restaurant that fought MLG’s draconian edicts says goodbye after judge deals final death blow

Backstreet Grill, an Albuquerque restaurant that put up a valiant 18 month-long fight against Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s extreme pandemic edicts, is now saying goodbye after losing a battle with the State.

On Friday, Judge Franchini reportedly dealt the death blow to the restaurant, ordering the small business to close voluntarily following the Albuquerque city attorney Robyn Rose making an “outrageous” request for the Court to terminate Backstreet Grill’s utilities.

The City of Albuquerque and the liberal media have harassed the struggling small business for months, with Backstreet Grill refusing to close their doors and deprive their employees of work, even when the city’s Environmental Health Department took them to court to try to force closure.

According to a press release reviewed by Backstreet Grill’s attorneys, “​​Even after the mask mandates were lifted, the city continued its relentless attacks. They filed for a temporary restraining order without giving notice to the attorneys they KNEW were representing Backstreet Grill. The harassment and intimidation [were] intensified by local news outlets and journalists. Managers have had to call in police to remove those harassing their clientele.” 

In May, the State of New Mexico filed a temporary restraining order against the restaurant earlier this year, resulting in Judge Lisa Ortega ruling in favor of Backstreet Grill, by declining to extend the restraining order letting it expire in May 2021.

Now, after Judge Franchini’s ruling, Backstreet Grill is saying goodbye to its loyal customers and supporters, who have stood by them throughout these months of harassment and litigation.

The press release notes that “If people want to come by in solidarity and support, many will join to say goodbye this Sunday, 9/5/21. [Attorney] Ana Garner will be there at 5:30 pm to thank the restaurant publicly for [its] efforts in standing up.” 

People from across New Mexico are invited to attend and support the business in its final days operating. 

MLG’s dreams coming true: NM abortionists booked three weeks out after pro-life TX law

Following Texas’ move to save infant lives in the Lone Star State by limiting abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be detected, New Mexico’s scandal-ridden alleged sexual predator Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s dreams are coming true of New Mexico turning into a destination for “abortion tourism.” 

According to Alexis McGill Johnson, president of the nation’s largest baby-killing operations, Planned Parenthood, abortion facilities are booked solid in New Mexico for at least the next three weeks. “People are already making that journey,” claimed McGill Johnson.

Radical abortion funds, such as the “West Fund,” the“New Mexico Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice,” the“Mariposa Fund,” and other National Network of Abortion Fund-affiliated groups have been busy in the southwestern region to hook mothers up with appointments at abortion facilities in New Mexico for these women to kill their children through the dangerous procedure.

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham previously signed an extreme bill legalizing abortion up to and after birth in the 2021 Legislative Session — effectively stripping out all conscience protections for health care workers and health protections for women and babies — leading to unsafe, unregulated late-term abortion in New Mexico. According to the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, “New Mexico remains just one of six states where it’s legal to have an abortion at any point during a pregnancy.” 

Lujan Grisham praised New Mexico’s most extreme pro-abortion laws in the nation by proudly writing, “…we safeguarded New Mexicans’ right to choose and appealed the 50-year-old abortion ban.”

However, abortion proponents are still working off of 50-year-old science, which only in recent years has discovered the humanity of children in the womb. 

Now, as New Mexico faces an influx of abortion tourists coming from Texas to kill their children, New Mexicans can help give support to these women by becoming a sidewalk advocate outside of local abortion mills in the area, especially Albuquerque at Southwestern Women’s Options where babies are being aborted up to and after 32 weeks of pregnancy.

Hundreds of LANL employees calling out from work due to forced COVID-19 vaccine mandate

The Los Alamos National Laboratory is now forcing all employees to take the COVID-19 inoculation, which is sparking extreme pushback from workers.

According to a press release from Sarah Smith at the New Mexico Freedoms Alliance, “hundreds of workers will be Calling Out on Tuesday, September 7th and will gather in a Freedom Assembly at Ashley Pond in Los Alamos from 11 am-1 pm. The Call Out is a demonstration of how many LANL workers could potentially leave the organization if the rule-makers do not rescind the vaccine mandate, and thereby force many workers off the job permanently.” 

Employees wrote the following in an open letter to management: 

“We believe in our inalienable Constitutional rights as Americans to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; our civil rights pursuant under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; and our basic human rights as accepted under Codes of Medical Ethics, including the Nuremberg Code and the Declaration of Helsinki. We believe that it is our God given and legal right to make our own health decision without fear of discrimination, harassment, bullying, or Coercion. 

“The existence of COVID-19 does not justify the numerous violations of fundamental individual, economic and religious liberties. These include the rights of personal autonomy and bodily integrity, and the right to accept or reject the various COVID vaccines based on religious belief or other grounds…

“WE have faced discrimination, harassment, bullying and coercion from YOUR management and other employees without any consideration for our rights…

“We ask you to stand by us the way we have stood by you in the hardest time we have seen in our careers. Support us in making the best choices for ourselves. Show us that we are valued as humans, not only as employees. Show us that we are appreciated as employees and for our dedication. We are asking you to uphold our rights to bodily autonomy, without forced vaccination. We will continue to accomplish our missions the same way we have for the last 20 months.”

“No government or institution can know what is best for any other human being’s medical choices. People have diverse healthcare needs, and one-size-fits-all medical solutions are not appropriate,” the group notes. 

All who support the right to bodily autonomy are invited to join the Freedom Assembly in Los Alamos at Ashley Pond from 11 am-1 pm on September 7th. 

Santa Fe Mayor Webber will finally have to answer tough questions at town hall

On Monday, September 13, 2021, Santa Fe Mayor Alan Webber (D) will have to face the public at a town hall with his opponents JoAnne Vigil Coppler and Alexis Martinez Johnson. The event will be hosted by the Santa Fe Hispanic Chamber of Commerce at the Drury Hotel and streamed via Zoom. 

Webber allowed insurrectionists to tear down the then-152-year-old Soldiers Monument on the Santa Fe Plaza in 2020, with the Santa Fe Police ordered to stand back and let them destroy the historic monument. Webber’s ally, District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies, let the rioters go with no jail time in the name of “restorative justice.” 

Since the desecration happened after being fueled by the Marxist groups The Red Nation and Three Sisters Collective with anti-Hispanic hate, Webber established a Marxist Culture, History, Art, Reconciliation, and Truth (CHART) Commission to tear down Spanish art and culture.

Both Vigil Coppler and Martinez Johnson are critical of Webber’s failure to protect the Soldiers Monument and the creation of CHART.

Union Protectíva de Santa Fé, a Hispanic cultural group, has been running ads and erecting yard signs against Webber’s anti-Hispanic hate. One advertisement featured an essay claiming Webber “has attempted to privatize city services, discounted ‘attacks on our religion,’ and established a ‘Marxist’ process to address potentially controversial monuments across the city.” 

Triggered by the advertisement, Webber lashed out at the group, however, he did not overtly deny their accusations. He wrote, “These charges are wrong” in a statement. “The facts are wrong. Even worse, their intention is wrong: Their purpose is to inflame divisions in our city.” 

Now, Webber will have to face the music when he has to go up against his two opponents who will no doubt criticize his multiple failures as mayor. The election happens on November 2, 2021, via a ranked-choice ballot.

Register for the town hall here.

Radical pro-abortion Dems cry on Twitter about life-saving Texas law

On Wednesday, Texas’ Heartbeat Bill became law, effectively banning all abortions after a heartbeat is detected in the state. Following the victory for human life, far-left politicians who have taken tens of thousands from the late-term abortion lobby over the years screamed on social media about the supposed “injustice” of not being able to execute full-term babies in the Lone Star State.

New Mexico politicians joined in on the pro-abortion lobby’s lamentations. 

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who paid off a staffer $62,500 for allegedly grabbing his crotch, claimed on Twitter, “Access to health care is in grave danger in Texas and across the country. Here in NM, we know women deserve the right to make their own healthcare decisions — and that’s why we’ve protected those rights.” Lujan Grisham erroneously claims abortion is “health care” and signed an extreme abortion up-to-birth and infanticide bill into law.

She used the Texas bill to fundraise, sharing a link to her donation page with the comment that she’s “stood up for women and the right to choose my entire career.” 

Rep. Teresa Leger de Fernandez (D-NM-03) wrote on Twitter, “It’s unacceptable that SCOTUS allowed such a dangerous & extreme abortion bans (sic) to take effect in Texas.” She added, “We must immediately act to codify Roe & pass the Women’s Health Protection Act to protect abortion rights. Abortion care is a personal decision & a fundamental right.” 

It is unclear where in the Constitution or in the medical code of ethics Leger de Fernandez sees the “right” to execute babies in the womb. It is also unclear how she believes banning an elective procedure to kill a baby in the womb is “dangerous” or “extreme.” Most believe the opposite, according to polls

Rep. Melanie Stansbury (D-NM-01) wrote on Twitter, “Let’s be clear. Abortion bans endanger the health, self-determination, opportunities & well-being of our communities—especially BIPOC & low-income communities. That’s why I’m supporting the #WomensHealthProtectionAct. Congress must act.  #ProtectRoevsWade.” 

Stansbury apparently believes that “BIPOC” or “Black, Indigenous, People of Color,” and low-income Americans’ well-being is determined by how many of their babies are killed in the womb. Previously, Stansbury told Native American (Indigenous) people displaced from their high-paying jobs that they should just “sell your art or your wool.” Stansbury clearly has revamped this racist rhetoric to push abortions on minority communities through the extreme “Women’s Health Protection Act,” which would allow the execution of many more babies in the womb in the United States. 

Now, as the pro-abortion extremists scream about them not being able to kill full-term children in Texas, New Mexico’s radical abortion bill has encouraged “abortion tourism” from out-of-state for mothers to kill their babies in New Mexico at any time in pregnancy. Southwestern Women’s Options allows babies to be killed up to and after 32 weeks in pregnancy while some babies have made it out of the womb and been killed on the delivery room table. Many women, including Keisha Atkins, have died from these dangerous abortion procedures. 

Lujan Grisham silent about Haaland’s maskless super spreader wedding

Over the weekend, Deb Haaland got married to her longtime partner Skip Sayre at an indoor, maskless wedding held at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya at Santa Ana Pueblo north of Bernalillo. 

The event went in direct contradiction to Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s public health orders requiring masks to be worn at all times indoors except when actively eating or drinking. There also was not social distancing, as recommended per her health experts. The story was first reported by the Piñon Post.

According to the staff at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya, indoor masking is required. “Outdoors, you’re free to take it off and, like, when you’re eating at the restaurants, you’re free to take it off. But we do require them indoors.” Haaland’s wedding broke not only the state’s mask mandate but also the resort’s mask rules. Many guests were also spotted without masks on.

But despite the grave violations of the health orders, Lujan Grisham and her acting Health Secretary Dr. David Scrase have been silent on the maskless super spreader event, which included guests such as U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Rep. Sharice Davids (D-KS)

The Piñon Post reached out to the New Mexico Department of Health and the Office of the Governor for comment. The Governor’s office did not immediately return our request for comment (nor have they ever returned our requests for comment in the history of time). 

Acting Secretary Scrase wrote in an email,“We are aware of this violation and have taken action. Thanks for contacting me.”

The Governor’s office has harshly targeted many establishments and people via the snitch line on the Department of Health and Human Services website, which has closed many businesses for supposed violations of mask mandates and other health rules. Some, such as Back Street Grill in Albuquerque, have been fighting back. But the same level of aggression toward these small businesses appears not to be applied to Haaland — Lujan Grisham’s political ally who succeeded her in Congress. 

Although some liberal television stations have inquired about the maskless super spreader, there appear to be no local media focusing on the contraband event. However, conservative outlets, including Breitbart, have picked up on the story.

MLG blasts Texas’ pro-life laws while touting abortion up-to-birth law she signed in NM

On Tuesday, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham once again touted signing the most extreme abortion up-to-birth and infanticide law in the nation in the 2021 Legislature, as New Mexico’s neighboring state of Texas works to protect innocent life in the womb.

Ths wrote on Twitter, “On September 1st, Texas will have the MOST RESTRICTIVE abortion law in the country.” She is apparently referring to Texas’ S.B. 8, which restricts abortion as early as the sixth week of pregnancy and allows citizens to sue abortionists.

New Mexico is a haven for late-term abortion, with one clinic in Albuquerque, Southwestern Women’s Options, offering abortions up to and after the 32nd week of pregnancy. Women, such as Keisha Atkins, have died gruesome deaths following botched abortions in New Mexico.

Multiple children have also been found to be born alive in New Mexico following botched abortions and executed on the delivery room table 

But regardless of the barbarity of New Mexico’s unsafe and extreme abortion business, Lujan Grisham claims on Twitter, “Women and their families should be able to access affordable reproductive health care. That’s why we safeguarded New Mexicans’ right to choose and appealed the 50-year-old abortion ban.” 

Artificially ending the reproductive cycle via abortion is unnatural, unethical, and objectively not somethign that can be defined as “reproductive health care.” 

New Mexico now has the least protective abortion laws on the books and there is no clause protecting the conscience rights of health care providers, which opens up the door for medical workers to be forced into performing abortions.

After Lujan Grisham signed the inhumane bill into law, she was given an award by Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion business that makes millions of dollars off of killing babies in the womb. 

As we reported at the time she signed the bill:

In a condescending quote, Lujan Grisham said, “A woman has the right to make decisions about her own body,” adding, “Anyone who seeks to violate bodily integrity, or to criminalize womanhood, is in the business of dehumanization. New Mexico is not in that business – not any more. Our state statutes now reflect this inviolable recognition of humanity and dignity. I am incredibly grateful to the tireless advocates and legislators who fought through relentless misinformation and fear-mongering to make this day a reality. Equality for all, equal justice and equal treatment – that’s the standard. And I’m proud to lead a state that today moved one step closer to that standard.” 

Notice she claims pro-lifers are “violat[ing] bodily autonomy” (wrong), “criminaliz[ing] womanhood” (wrong), and are “in the business of dehumanization.” 

The false and ironic rhetoric from the Governor comes as she just signed a bill allowing late-term abortionists to rip infants limb from limb just moments before birth, not to mention infanticide–killing infants AFTER birth, which is already occurring in New Mexico. 

Now, as Texas looks to affirm the rights of children in the womb, Lujan Grisham appears to be running on a platform of making New Mexico a haven for extreme, unsafe, and late-term abortion up to the very moment of birth in the state.

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