MLG campaign asks for Mother’s Day card signatures after promoting unlimited abortion

On Friday, in truly twisted form, scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s campaign team sent out an email requesting signatures on a Mother’s Day card for the radical left-wing governor.

This comes right after Lujan Grisham touted radical pro-abortion policies, such as 2021’s S.B. 10, which she signed in New Mexico, stripping all protections for babies in the womb, pregnant mothers, and medical professionals. The bill effectively legalized abortion up-to-birth and infanticide.

This week, Lujan Grisham appeared on CNN to promote abortion and condemn pro-lifers who want to save babies from being murdered through abortions. Lujan Grisham told Jake Tapper, “You have states that are going to work to continue to restrict the decision-making of a woman about her own body, her own health care.”

She added, “And you got more than half the country that has the potential with this leaked draft decision to lose their constitutional rights. And I think it could be just the beginning. And no amount of preparation prepares you for actually being able to see what this opinion could look like and what it could actually be.” 

While sharing the clip on Twitter, the Governor wrote, “We took action in #NM to protect a woman’s right to an abortion. As governor, I’ll never stop fighting for women and their rights.”

But pro-lifers clapped back at Lujan Grisham. Elisa Martinez of New Mexico Alliance for Life and candidate for the state House of Representatives wrote, “NOT true. What about the dozens of women who are sent to the Emergency Room or have died as a result of unsafe & unregulated abortions in #NM? You’ve fought to empower #abortion businesses – not for women.”

But despite Lujan Grisham’s rabid support for abortion up-to-birth and infanticide, her team is now “thanking” Lujan Grisham with a Mother’s Day card. In an email, the campaign team wrote, “On Mother’s Day, we want to say “thank you” for everything Gov. Lujan Grisham has done for New Mexicans. Will you sign your name now to wish Gov. Lujan Grisham a happy Mother’s Day?”

Lujan Grisham recently took a maxed-out donation from Planned Parenthood and donated thousands to the sexist pro-abortion group that only helps anti-life women run for office, EMILY’s List.


10 thoughts on “MLG campaign asks for Mother’s Day card signatures after promoting unlimited abortion”

  1. MLG
    if you were a legitimate mother…. You would never murder a baby!! We need to vote you and your evil out!!

  2. Outlaw Preacher

    Nobody is seeking to strip away a woman’s right to choose or her “decision-making about her own body”. But the choice is made pre-conception not post.

  3. MLG evil birthing person

    According to idiot democraps like MLG there is no such thing as women. They are birthing people. This evil b@tch does not deserve to be called mother, she should only be called murderer. She supports your body your choice, but only until can she use power to lock New Mexico down and force vaccines.

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