Report: NM Dominion machines had ‘erroneous code’

According to a report by Nick Moseder, he claims that researcher Dan Sundin has found that “31 of 47 precincts in Otero County were completely missing ALL of their Election Day results” from 2020. More concerning is that Dominion voting machines were configured with the wrong software, creating a “software mismatch.”

“[T]he machine was running on version 5.2.17, but was WRONGLY configured for version 5.2.4,” wrote Moseder.

Unlike in other states, namely Tennessee where a similar issue occurred in  2021 municipal election, “the damage caused by this ‘erroneous code’ is largely unknown. However, what we DO know is that the system reported a software mismatch.” However, “the election continued. Thus, proving that Tennessee was not an isolated incident.” 

According to the report, the findings from the Tennessee issue were as follows: 

Now according to the test laboratories and the EAC [U.S. Elections Assistance Commission], this “anomaly” was related to “the imported D-Suite 5.5 election definition used on the D-Suite 5.5-B system.” In other words, a ton of ballots were marked as provisional, and mass adjudicated because the machines had an outdated software configuration, which caused them to misread the ballots.

They chalked this up to a simple mistake, but if this was merely an accident, why wasn’t this caught during the Logic and Accuracy testing PRIOR to the election? Isn’t that what these so called “testing laboratories” are supposed to do? Aren’t Pro V&V and SLI Compliance hired SPECIFICALLY to make sure that the machines are running the proper software before an election?!?! And they just so happened to miss something of this significance?

In my opinion, this proves that either: A) Logic and Accuracy testing is a JOKE. B) This was done intentionally to allow for manipulation C) All of the above

Sundin looked on the EAC website to confirm which version of the software had been approved. Mosedor writes, “NEITHER version appears ANYWHERE on their website under New Mexico.”

“So, what does this mean?! Put simply, these machines were configured to an un-certified software version, ran on a DIFFERENT un-certified software version, and despite the fact that the machines gave an error during the election, the election continued anyway,” concluded Mosedor.

Read our full report on how Dominion machines got to New Mexico.


4 thoughts on “Report: NM Dominion machines had ‘erroneous code’”

  1. Nancy Tannenbaum

    The level of corruption and voting fraud in NM illustrates that the current ‘governor’ will likely be re-‘elected’ regardless of how few actual votes she receives. Voting has increasingly become a ‘privilege’ granted by govt. overlords to keep the masses docile and convinced that the govt. gives a rip about them. Sadly the last two years have proven that legions of useful idiots trust their government and have no interest in or ability to critically think for themselves.

  2. So what. No matter how much smoke or actual proof is shown it all gets swept under the rug. And that is just the Republican party.

    We all know the Democrats would see hell freeze over before they do anything to ensure competent accurate elections.

    One thing we can be assured of, most of the Republican politicians and party elites will run to a microphone to score points and not much else.

    JP Morgan had it right when he wrote:

    “The Democrats are the party that says government will make you smarter, taller, richer, and remove the crabgrass on your lawn. The Republicans are the party that says government doesn’t work and then they get elected and prove it.”

    The everyday man in America has no one representing him, and hasn’t for a long, long, time.

  3. WHY! Why does this happen…..31 of 47 precincts not reported. I can only assume if they were reported they would’ve favored President Trump. Yet, as a Republican, our Republican leaders holler of the injustices going on but not really gets done about it. No mass exposure or jail time or consequence will come of this travesty of 31 of 47 precincts not reported. Time will pass and this blatant travesty will blow away like the wind.

  4. Massive Voter Fraud and Fake election – we need a real count if this is not fixed we are doomed shows all the voter fraud . We need to fix this now and take them out that were not really elected. Get rid of the machines , drop boxes and go to paper ballots . Prior registration with voter ID and citizenship ID

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