MLG slapped with yet another ethics complaint alleging illegal donations

On Monday, the group “Stop MLG” announced it had filed an ethics complaint with the State Ethics Commission against scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham.

The group wrote that Lujan Grisham “refuses to comply with state law again accepting illegal campaign contributions. The Governor has broken state campaign finance law by receiving campaign funds that exceed the legal limit.”

“The latest violation shows the Governor’s Campaign Committee reported a campaign contribution of $22,000 from the Pueblo of Santo Domingo. This donation exceeds the maximum donation permitted by law per N.M. Stat. § 1-19-34.7. The maximum contribution limit for Governor candidates is $20,800, split between primary and general elections,” read a press release from the group.

These alleged violations included aggregate donations by the Pueblo of Santo Domingo totaling $22,000. 

“New Mexicans are all too aware of the repeated unlawful acts by Gov. Lujan Grisham,” said Brett Kokinadis, the director of the group. ”Campaign finance and reporting violations, lawsuits against her office for alleged violations of the Inspection of Public Records Acts and from the legislature, questionable use of $222,000 of campaign donations to serve as hush money to silence sexual allegation claims and pay attorney fees all demonstrate the Governor’s refusal to comply with the law.  She believes she operates under her own proclaimed laws and policies.”

“New Mexican voters should be disturbed by all these actions, distractions, and repeated violations by the Governor who continues to believe she is above the law and untouchable,” he said.

This comes after the group filed a complaint in October 2021 against Lujan Grisham, which resulted in the Governor returning donations from the company “Intrepid Potash.” Other complaints have been filed against Lujan Grisham, including one filed in May 2021 by Piñon Post editor John Block, which involved the spending of campaign cash for the Governor’s hair and makeup — personal expenses according to state law and guidelines.

Read the latest Stop MLG complaint here.

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