New Mexicans react after Democrat lawmaker has border wall photo-op

On Saturday, Democrat House Leader Javier Martinez of Albuquerque posted about a photo-op he had at New Mexico’s southern border with Mexico, writing, “I had the opportunity to visit our NM’s border with Mexico. It’s bustling with activity and billions of dollars in international trade between New Mexico and the world. Proud to be from these borderlands and proud to be a New Mexican!”

But completely ignoring the issues the United States faces with the border bringing in massive violent crime, fentanyl pouring across, and human trafficking rampant, Martinez instead claimed these “borderlands” are a hub for “international trade.” He did not mention the trading of human sex slaves or the trade of deadly fentanyl that only takes one pill to kill someone. 

New Mexicans responded to Martinez’s photo-op. One person wrote, “You’ve done more in a day than @KamalaHarris has done in her entire political career.”

Another wrote, “You forgot to mention all the fentanyl coming over.” Someone echoed the comment with, “That puts the B in billions of dollars of international trade.”

One person added, “Now get rid of Lujan NM is either 49th or 50th in everything that’s good for We The People.” 

One far-left commenter claimed in defense of Martinez, “We don’t need a damn wall,” despite the wall proving an effective tool to stop the illegal trade of drugs and human smuggling, according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. 

The photo is strangely reminiscent of far-left U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocaso-Cortez’s photo-op at an ICE detention facility, where she faked tears in front of the cameras while sadly looking into the facility.

Martinez has in the past supported radical bills promoting illegal immigration, including one bill to put illegal alien teachers in New Mexico schools. Now, the far-left state legislator is the Democrats’ standard-bearer, with House Speaker Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe) stepping down after his current term. Martinez became Democrat House Leader after his predecessor, former state Rep. Sheryl Williams Stapleton resigned following federal charges, which included racketeering, money laundering, and kickbacks.


6 thoughts on “New Mexicans react after Democrat lawmaker has border wall photo-op”

  1. Another worthless NM Democrap

    Maybe he should offer his home to all the people crossing our boarders. He can feed them during the Democrap created food shortage.

  2. Perhaps he needs to worry about the problems in Albuquerque. The border is probably safer than the city he represents,

    1. Well, Niccie, I just hope that you & your family & friends are never accosted by someone who came over the border illegally. Crime knows no names or addresses. Why do you support lawlessness?

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