Dem candidate bribed not to run by Democrat state treasurer: report

The Democrats’ primary for state treasurer has gotten nasty, with term-limited current State Treasurer Tim Eichenberg spending thousands on a PAC called Better Government Supporting Integrity, ripping Democrat candidate Laura Montoya. Montoya is running against Eichenberg’s “hand-picked” candidate, Heather Benavidez, who serves as his chief of staff.

In a new ad, Eichenberg ripped Montoya, saying, “Laura Montoya. Fired from CYFD for misconduct. Told by a judge not to have contact with children. Ordered by the court not to use corporal punishment against kids. And, according to court documents, [Montoya] was even charged with domestic violence while a young child was present.”

Motoya claims she was fired for “protecting kids.” 

In text messages obtained by the Santa Fe New Mexican between Eichenberg and Montoya, the current State Treasurer appeared to bribe Montoya with a job if she would not run against Benavidez. 

“Heather announced for treasurer on the Emerge program tonight,” Eichenberg wrote. “If you can hold off running for treasurer till next time, I have a job for you that you would be amazing at doing.”

“He endorsed me twice for county treasurer,” Montoya said. “Now he’s so desperate to elect Heather. I think what he’s doing is so frivolous and ridiculous.”

Eichenberg has apparently been using his official office for political gain with letters sent to Democrat Party of New Mexico convention delegates affixed with the official seal of his office. This appears to be a campaign violation.

Eichenberg’s letter sent to Democrat delegates to the NM Democrat Party’s pre-primary convention.

Also, one source wrote, “Eichenberg has also been running slanderous radio ads against the opponent of his endorsed candidate, a traditional Hispanic candidate who has some conservative views.”At the Democrats’ pre-primary convention in March, Laura Montoya received 58.29% of the vote compared to 41.71% for Benavidez.

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