Vulnerable Dem Leger Fernandez raises cash to fund abortions

Despite facing a tough reelection in the newly redrawn New Mexico House District Three, U.S. Rep. Teresa Leger Fernandez is once again doubling down on pro-abortion radicalism. This time, she is not only promoting abortion up-to-birth, she is raising money for pro-abortion “funds” that finance abortion tourism to New Mexico.

In an email on Tuesday titled, “Abortion is health care,” the Democrat’s campaign wrote, “In New Mexico, we believe that the personal decision to grow a family belongs with New Mexican familias, their faith, and their medical provider — and that politics and government interference have no place.” She seems to be confused between the decision to grow a family happening before the child is conceived and not afterward by killing the baby in an abortion.

The email went on: 

In the face of last week’s devastating draft SCOTUS decision that would overturn Roe v. Wade, New Mexico will remain a leader in ensuring that patients can get access to care. But for many patients, that will mean traveling great distances — including to New Mexico from other states.

But this isn’t new — it’s already happening. New Mexico has long been a leader in providing health care, and we have seen a surge in patients from Texas seeking abortion care since the passage of Texas’s restrictive abortion ban, SB 8.

But for those seeking medical care, traveling out of state to access it is often an insurmountable financial or logistical burden. And for those patients, it is often local abortion funds that fill the gaps to provide the funding they need for travel, shelter, and more.

That’s why Teresa wanted us to reach out and ask for your support for New Mexico’s three local abortion funds.

Leger Fernandez’s campaign then solicited $30 donations from her supporters to fund “New Mexico Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice,” “Indigenous Women Rising,” and the “Mariposa Fund.” All of these dark money organizations pay for abortion costs for women to travel to get abortions in New Mexico. 

Now, as the first-term Democrat faces reelection, it seems she is going all-in on pro-abortion radicalism and in the process, directly helping end children’s lives through abortion violence. Leger Fernandez faces Republican Alexis Martinez Johnson, who previously got close to winning the election in 2020. With redistricting, the seat has changed from a D+14 to a D+5, according to analysis from FiveThirtyEight.

9 thoughts on “Vulnerable Dem Leger Fernandez raises cash to fund abortions”

  1. Balletopedia: General election for U.S. House NM District 3, November 3, 2020.

    Teresa Leger Fernandez (D) 58.7% 186,282 votes
    Alexis Martinez Johnson (R) 41.3% 131,166 votes

  2. How can anyone say abortion is “health care” when it’s about killing babies? Abortions are not healthy, especially not for babies.

  3. Another communist dupe that wants to make NM notorious for everything bad and evil. “ abortion tourism”?? What a ridiculous notion , these people that allegedly represent NM must understand that they don’t represent the majority of The decent God fearing people of this state but only their own corrupt evil cabal. . We need to replace these evil idiots or this state will be as unlivable as All the other communist states that grovel before mammon.

  4. Murdercraps of NM

    She should be ashamed of herself. Is she ok with killing her own people? Typical democrap. She is evil like MLG. They claim to love New Mexico but all they do is murder our children.

  5. You can't be Catholic and vote Dem

    The self-proclamined “hija del norte” is in fact “hija del diablo”.
    When will my fellow northern NM Hispanic Catholics stop voting for these imposter Catholics?

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