Toulouse Oliver attacks GOP opponent Audrey Trujillo

On Saturday, far-left New Mexico Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver’s campaign viciously bashed her GOP challenger, Audrey Trujillo in a fundraising email. The left-wing politician who does not believe election fraud exists and who has attempted to weaken the state’s election laws called Trujillo a “certified election denier.” 

In the email, the campaign wrote, “After being endorsed by the Trump-backed America First [SOS] Coalition and the MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell (yes, that guy), it’s clear that our opponent does not have New Mexicans’ democratic interests at heart.”

Trujillo is listed as a candidate on the “America First SOS Coalition” but a formal endorsement from Lindell cannot be found. 

“Our problem isn’t our election integrity process, but the actors creating doubt and mistrust in our elections that intimidate voters — and wasting taxpayer money to do so,” claimed Toulouse Oliver’s team. She added that “the stakes for our democracy could not be higher.”

This comes after Trujillo released a lengthy statement applauding the Otero County 2020 election audit and demanding answers as to why Toulouse Oliver and other Democrats are doing everything in their power to stop it. 

Trujillo wrote, “The latest Rasmussen poll shows that 83% of likely U.S. voters believe the issue of election integrity will be important ahead of this year’s elections. Of those respondents, a staggering 63% identified election integrity as a very important issue. Honesty, integrity, and transparency are instrumental to a free Constitutional Representative Republic.”

“Why all the attacks? Why all the smears? Why all the lies and disinformation? What is going [on] in Otero County is not about overturning the results or suppressing voters. It’s about transparency and addressing the concerns voters have about our electoral process. Right now, our elected officials are not being honest and transparent. No matter what your political affiliation is, these issues affect everyone and if we don’t properly address those issues, nothing is going to change for the better.”

But Toulouse Oliver is continuing to beat the “election denier” drum about Trujillo, despite the GOP candidate’s message of having free and fair elections in New Mexico without election fraud. 

Election fraud in New Mexico is well-documented and the Otero County audit has already begun finding concerning data regarding voter registrations. During the Piñon Post’s own independent findings in Otero County, many registered voters still on the rolls have been dead for at least five years, while many are registered at locations that do not have a residence on the property. 

Learn more about Audrey Trujillo’s campaign to unseat far-left Maggie Toulouse Oliver here.


9 thoughts on “Toulouse Oliver attacks GOP opponent Audrey Trujillo”

  1. The demo-commies are desperate to legalize voter fraud because that’s their only hope for remaining in power. Given a chance through fair , fraud free elections the public would toss them into the dust bin of history in NM. As a lifelong” New Mexican “ , I have seen all manner of fraud and intimidation in the election process, culminating in ballot harvesting, and voting machines that are computers programmed like casino slot machines. Candidate Audrey Trujillo is correct that unless the process is corrected, vermin like our current crop of marxists will remain in power to rule over our lives with an iron fist and continue to keep New Mexico last in everything.

  2. Of course Audrey does not have “democratic interests at heart.” Democrats in this state are the problem! If Maggie didn’t feel that Audrey was a credible threat – and she is – she would have kept quiet. Audrey is like most of us…tired of the lies, the fraud, the pandering to special interests that don’t benefit the citizens of this state. Anyone who wants to dig dirt on her will be sorely disappointed. She is an educated woman, a Christian and a mother who has spent the better part of 20 years running her own business and doing work for the community and local groups. She is of the people and for the people.

    She recently called attention to this organization, who were formerly called ACORN. They train “poll watchers” who are on the surface “nice old hippie lady” types. Do not be fooled. They are big MLG supporters and have helped keep the corruption in this state going. Check them out:

  3. If combing through our election process laws rules and regulations discover fraud or fraudulent practices…why throw a fit? There are issues that have simple fixes. Why throw a fit if all you want is honesty in our elections? Why can’t I, as a lawful legal resident and citizen of this State, have a copy of the results that show before my vote is cast, and after my vote is tabulated? Why can’t I have the option to have a printed copy of that? I’m tired of going to the polls, casting my ballot into an electric counter, hearing the ding of acceptance, then being shown I am voter #981…and that’s it. I have no idea if my vote was counted correctly…just that I accept the “ding” ringtone and a LED displayed number. NM Elections are a farce because a lot of people have lost confidence in our lying ass politically elected thieving power hungry Fucknuggits. Voting secrecy is a cornerstone to our free time elections. An option to show physically my vote was property counted advances voter integrity and honesty. The option to keep that result as evidence of fraud is a decision left to the voter…and it’s destruction is the option of the voter insuring voter secrecy is kept.

  4. 2020 NM. Supreme court case (Catron County Clerk “Keith Riddell” Vrs NM. SoS, Maggie T. Oliver) Amicus brief showed estimated 60,000 illegals voting, 1,200+ people born 1900 still voting, 1,800+ born 1920 still voting, 10s of 1000snds registered at PO Boxes and Business addresses (both are illegal to do) This isn’t some made up story this CASE alone prevented NM Sos M. T. Oliver from using an ALL MAIL IN BALLOT SCAM for the 2020 election like 10 other democrat run states did !

    ALL UN- Disputed facts leaving the Supreme court of the state of NM. to order no mail in ballot election for 2020

  5. The manager at the Alameda/Coors polling station confirmed to me the Dominion Machines were connected to the internet. I believe we had massive fraud in the last election , I wrote the SOS but of course they denied it all. If we can’t vote we may as well move . Keller wants sanctuary city do that he can import illegal voters assisting SOS and Gov cheating. Does anyone really believe Lujan and Stansbury were legally elected? I don’t.

  6. Cry baby Oliver Tantrum Queen

    Oliver is a ugly human being. The republican party of NM should grow a pair and demand an investigation of her office. There are probably multiple skeletons hiding in her closet. Maybe this will shut this evil b@tch up. She has to cheat to win, typical democrap scum.

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