Colón sends bloviated letter threatening Otero County over 2020 election audit

State Auditor Brian Colón, who is currently running for New Mexico attorney general, is meddling in Otero County’s audit of the 2020 election. Colón sent a rhetoric-filled letter to the county commissioners Monday threatening them with the “potential” of “costly civil litigation,” among other measures.

Colón claimed that “the County is deficient in their ability to properly oversee the compliance of contractual agreements and further lacks proper oversight policies for contract compliance.”

“Based on statements made to Commissioners, these volunteers would in no way represent themselves as County employees to County residents that they were interviewing. However, additional concerns brought to our attention suggest that it appears volunteer canvassers at the direction of the contractor are falsely representing themselves as employed by the County. The OSA has concerns of potential liability for the County in connection with alleged civil rights violations of its citizens.”

There is no evidence showing canvassers as representing themselves as employed by the County. Even in leftists’ TikTok videos used to try and delegitimize the audit, canvassers have represented themselves as “volunteers” that are helping Otero County in the audit.

“The stated purpose and methodology of the ‘audit’ gives the appearance of the entire affair simply being a careless and extravagant waste of public funds, which does not appear to serve any useful purpose to the taxpayers of Otero County,” Colón went on to write.

He even accused the three Otero County commissioners of violating their office, writing, “As a result, it appears that the County Commission failed to treat their government position as a public trust and instead used the powers and resources of their public office to waste public resources in pursuit of private interests concerning unsubstantiated claims of widespread election fraud, and failed to advance the public interest in the County by entering into a contractual agreement with a private company to look for fraud within the County’s general election despite the County’s results.”

“I speak for myself, but I think the other two commissioners feel the same way that we strongly support this audit,” Commissioner Vickie Marquardt said at a March 10 commission meeting.

“I don’t want to do anything else that’s going to bring negative effects on you for getting harassing phone calls. That’s not what this should be about,” referring to David and Erin Clements, who have helped spearhead the audit. The Commission denied a request to clarify the political affiliation of the auditor staff at the meeting, according to the Alamogordo Daily News.

Many outside forces from California, New York, and other places have injected themselves into a smear campaign against the Otero County audit, with Democrat Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver and Attorney General Hector Balderas piling onto the swath of misinformation to attempt to stymie participation. Toulouse Oliver has even used the audit as a means to fundraise for her reelection to her office. 

Amy Barela, the past-Chairwoman of the Otero County Republican Party and current District 2 candidate for Otero County Commission told KALH radio, “The county needs to review the expenses of the New Mexico Audit Force to make sure they are distributed and allocated as they are intended to be.”


14 thoughts on “Colón sends bloviated letter threatening Otero County over 2020 election audit”

    1. Typical bully behavior by Democratic leadership and outsiders trying to justify the fraudulent elections in 2020. Fear tactics are always used by the Democratic Party to cause people that want the truth to go away.

  1. Another typical behavior of Moochie Loserjans followers.. Not sure how to exactly spell it but it sounds like KU-LONE! –a name well deserved

  2. Since he us here in Abq. Have him go look at the registration cards here in Albuquerque and tell us there is no fraud!

    1. RIGHT ON. Check out the ballots that were sent to the nursing homes for residents that can’t even get out of bed.

  3. Why can’t the Democrat Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver produce a complete list of Election Day voting for Precincts 31 to 47 (all races) in Otero County. And these are the SOS certified results of the 2020 General Election, their Official Reports.

    You just have to wonder? Why hide anything and everything of it was done correctly and reflects the will and intent of the voters. There are 4 other counties in the same state of misrepresentation of the vote and the results in New Mexico.

  4. What are democraps trying to hide

    Where did Colon even come from? He is a moron and not sure if anyone really did vote for him. He needs to mind his business, quit being a typical democrap scum bag. Why is he threating people, DEMOCRAPS REALLY MUST HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE that they don’t want found. Otherwise there would be no threats. Democraps are really as dumb as they look.

  5. Someone posted graphs in {} showing strange spikes in registrations in all NM Counties right before 2020 election. These spikes do not follow any normal pattern of previous elections! But could explain why in Catron County, no one claims to have voted for Biden but there are votes for him ?

  6. All conservative New Mexican’s should be supporting their local/state candidates running for office who share our conservative values.
    Just a few bucks from each of us makes all the difference to those running against the Progressive far left green deal clowns who run our state.

  7. He loves to have his name and picture in the forefront as he runs for office. If he wasn’t running for office you would never hear a peep out of him.

  8. There has to be a problem (lieing or BS) in Otero County’s Voter registations.
    Or we would not have so many Democrats trying to stop the audit.

  9. I wrote SOS about dominion being connected to the internet at the Alameda and Coors polling stations and crickets……. I know we had fraud in Albuquerque. What are they afraid of???? the Truth. What is the point of living here if you can not have free elections.

  10. We have dominion machines connected to the internet in Albuquerque. Coors and Alameda polling station confirmed by the manager. SOS was crickets when I contacted and when on with their liberal stance that all the elections are safe. Why are they afraid of audits???? = because they are cheaters and they know it. Taking the oath of office when you know you did not win is an act of treason.

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