MSM joins AG, SOS in all-out smear campaign of Otero County election audit

Canvassers from the New Mexico Audit Force in Otero County are knocking on doors to gather data to help with the County’s audit of the 2020 election, simply asking whether a voter is registered at a certain address and if that voter cast a vote in November 2020’s election. 

While they seek the truth, the mainstream media is working in tandem with Democrat Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver and Democrat Attorney General Hector Balderas, who recently deployed a panicky letter scaring Otero County voters into not participating in the audit. 

According to one Otero County Commissioner, leftists from the east and west coasts have already begun sending them emails trying to delegitimize the audit.

On Wednesday, the Santa Fe New Mexican inflamed the chaos with an article erroneously claiming voters are being “harassed” by canvassers. The article cited a heavily edited TikTok video, which was reported with the following:

But in a TikTok video shared on social media this week, a voter recorded volunteers at her door who said they were “with the Otero County Commission.” The video, which was edited, only shows the voter, not the volunteers at her doorstep.

“You represent our commissioners?” the voter asks.

“Yes,” one of the volunteers responds.

The volunteer later says she is among about 60 canvassers “checking that your experience in voting in the 2020 election matches what the Secretary of State’s Office says, so did you vote in 2020?”

Although nothing inaccurate or harassing happened at the doorstep encounter shared in the likely inaccurate video, Democrats have seized on it and are now fear-mongering Otero County voters into not participating. 

The apparent voter who recorded the TikTok video said, “I need somebody to explain to me how this isn’t [expletive] illegal.” The audit is not illegal. It was sanctioned by the Otero County Commission and no evidence showing anything but what was requested by the Commission has been asked of voters. 

Toulouse Oliver piled on while speaking to the New Mexican, saying the audit “… has folks just very concerned about how protected their personal information is.” This statement is ironic because just last month, the Secretary of State was advocating for a bill to weaken the security of elections by measures such as adding social security numbers to ballots. Other measures she advocated for included ballot harvesting, unsecured ballot drop boxes, and allowing third parties back-channel access to New Mexico’s voter rolls.

The New Mexico Audit Force has already exposed “ghost votes were cast by people that didn’t exist at the address they were voting from or were cast on behalf of a real registrant without their knowledge,” according to David Clements, one of the leaders of the audit. It also exposed mass swaths of voters not at the address provided and requiring removal. These figures come out of the first 1,000 doors knocked in Otero County:

Data table courtesy of Professor David Clements.


9 thoughts on “MSM joins AG, SOS in all-out smear campaign of Otero County election audit”

  1. The cabal of the Soros, Media, WEF, Globalist are hard at work influencing the “stupid”. If it works, why stop.

    1. Professor David Clements is a true patriot, working tirelessly to get to the truth of the election fraud. How do you figure he is biased?? I have been following his podcasts since this whole nightmare started, and have nothing but wonderful thoughts about this true God fearing patriot.

  2. I am a conservative Republican. But if you come to my house and I don’t personally know you, I am not answering diddly. I don’t care where you are from or what you are doing. Or as I have been known to do in the past I will tell you the opposite of the truth. I expect people to stay in two specific areas; in their lane, and out of my business!

  3. So the cheating just goes on and on ! Never to be stopped because we can’t tell the cheaters and liars from the truth. What shall we do

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