Democrats just deny the existence of fraud, and *poof* it’s gone (in their minds)

For this entire election cycle, left-wingers have been hard at work denying the existence of voter fraud, although the indisputable facts point to the stark antithesis of that sentiment. Especially in New Mexico, fraud is not just common — it’s engrained into an electoral system so battered with corruption and graft that elections have been stolen for generations.

Everything from changing municipal elections to “ranked-choice voting” formats to “democracy dollars,” ballot harvesting, “finding” mysterious ballots, and everything in-between, there are massive gaping holes in our elections process. No matter how many times left-wing puppets demand that fraud is a non-existent conspiracy theory propagated by the left-wing, facts prove otherwise.

Anomalies that could never have occurred by chance popped up in 2018’s 2nd Congressional District race, where an actual audit was done finding that there were very clear signs of fraud. 

The morning after the election, ballots were found that pushed Democrat Xochitl Torres Small into a tight win in counties where Small lost handily, such as in heavily-Republican Eddy County, only receiving 30% of the vote. But Torres Small’s absentee number was a much higher figure, 54.7%–close to double. 

According to the report conducted after the election, “These anomalies are not simply organic. Reviewing the historical returns in the CD2 district, over the last five election cycles, the same degrees of variation between absentee votes and EV/ED votes do not exist in CD2 in any cycle to the degree found in the 2018 race.” 

Other major anomalies occurred, but the most malevolent of them is the 25% of absentee voters who requested ballots in Doña Ana County and never returned them — a number that rarely reaches 5%. According to the report:

“it is probably the strongest purely statistical red flag present in this whole election  — of the possibility that someone was submitting absentee ballot applications for Democrats. There is also a significantly high number of duplicate applications — where one voter supposedly submitted more than one absentee ballot application or submitted an absentee application after the absentee ballot had been received, or the voter had voted in person. In many of these cases the signature on the duplicate applications do not match each other.”

Just this year, Lyon Seeds and Dyon Herrera were convicted of felony voter fraud in a municipal race, using absentee ballots to fraudulently forge names to help Seeds’ husband, Robert, win an election in Rio Arriba County. 

Before the 2020 election, a former election fraudster came forth to the New York Post to reveal how he had helped countless Democrat campaigns fraud their way to victory, sharing his methods, which included paying off homeless people to vote for certain candidates, harvest mail-in ballots from senior citizens, steal ballots, and other such tactics. 

Jut this past election, a U.S. Postal Service worker in Buffalo, New York was charged with delaying or destroying mail as he tried to cross into Canada with hundreds of absentee ballots for the upcoming election. 

Vote counting machines in Michigan “glitched,” resulting in 6,000 votes being given to Democrats, where the voters cast their ballots for Republicans. Forty-seven counties in Michigan used this software, according to reports

In New Mexico, a tight district attorney’s race in Sandoval County is yet to be called after an extreme delay in counting provisional ballots, which could mean the election, where Republican, Joshua Joe Jimenez, leads by 91 votes. 

But those on the Left, such as Andrea Serrano, executive director of “Organizers in the Land of Enchantment,” or “OLÉ,” a George Soros-funded group that has lobbied hard against democratic elections, with their support of publicly funded elections with what they call “Democracy Dollars,” claims voter fraud is a “false narrative,” “not a real thing,” and “misinformation.” The evidence proves voter fraud is real.

OLÉ, which claims to be a social justice organization, does not regard the statistics, which even liberal NBC News reports, that absentee ballots and all-mail-in voting is a racist process that discriminates against ethnic minorities. 

According to research from Daniel A. Smith of the University of Flordia:

Hispanic and Black voters were more than twice as likely to have their ballot rejected as white voters in Florida’s 2018 general election. In May, he co-published a review of Georgia’s 2018 midterm election datathat found a similar pattern of rejection for voters of color.

When it comes to mail voting, names and addresses can suggest race and create opportunities for implicit bias or added scrutiny. In Georgia, Democratic officials said that election officials can access a voter’s race when they’re checking for a signature match. The state party successfully sued to require multiple poll workers to sign off on a signature mismatch, which they hope will reduce bias.

“Smith’s research — which is ongoing — has found that people of color, younger voters and those who have never voted by mail are significantly more likely to have their ballots rejected, and that the inconsistent rejection rates within states suggest institutional issues are to blame, not voter error,” says Smith’s research. 

In 2017, Democrat Judge (now Justice) David K. Thomson implemented undemocratic “ranked-choice voting” in Santa Fe municipal elections, which was a proposal championed by Teresa Leger Fernandez, a left-wing lawyer who is now the Democrat Congresswoman-elect in the Third District. The “ranked-choice” process resulted in far-left Democrat Mayor Alan Webber’s subsequent election.

As reported this election cycle by the Piñon Post, one of the Democrat Party of New Mexico’s caucus chairs, Pamelya Herndon, said on a private fundraising call for U.S. Senate candidate Ben Ray Luján and congressional candidate Rep. Xochitl Torres Small, that the Democrat Party is actively organizing members to visit elderly family members and drop off their ballots at polling locations. She said that the law allows people to deliver “at least one absentee ballot to a polling location” from a person who is not themselves.

She said, “Go by and talk to your senior citizens. See if those ballots have been put in the mail, and if not, pick it up and take it to a polling location… you can take at least one absentee ballot for a member of your family to a polling location. We want every ballot counted, Congressman [Ben Ray Luján] because we want to see that you and Xochitl Torres Small and everybody on that ballot for the Democratic Party gets elected.

A recent report shows that currently, New Mexico has 1,681 dead people on its voter rolls, 1,519 individuals registered to vote are 100 years of age or older (implausible), and 3,168 voters have been flagged for duplicate concerns. However, New Mexico Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver refuses to clean out the voter rolls. 

Fraud is rampant in New Mexico. If OLÉ’s Andrea Serrano and other left-wingers can’t see it, they’re blind to reality. 


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  1. Throughout time it has been shown the crooked will cheat, lie and deceive those who sheeple and easily persuaded with gifts, unreachable goals then told not to “worry” therefore the sheeple don’t research or challenge.. Xochitl Torres Small proved herself the day she stepped on the plane headed for Washington. She turned her back just like little Benny boy Loserjan.. Allegience to the party and fu** the people — UNTIL we need their money and vote..

  2. There are families in New Mexico that are descendants of the original conquistadors who to this day with land grants and through other nefarious methods have retained power in the state for the better part of five hundred years.

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