MLG will push to ‘codify’ abortion up to birth into NM law if re-elected

In 2021, far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed a radical law stripping all protections from women, babies, and healthcare professionals, legalizing dangerous, unregulated abortion up to birth in New Mexico.

But now, Lujan Grisham is working to go even a step further — “codifying” abortion up to birth into state law. 

The Albuquerque NPR affiliate KUNM’s Nash Jones asked Lujan Grisham, “While you repealed a dormant ban last year, a right to an abortion has not been further codified in state law. Will you pursue that if you’re reelected?”

She replied, “Absolutely. And I’ve made clear that the reason abortion is safe and legal in New Mexico is because I’m the governor…. New Mexico will continue to be a place that supports women’s health in all aspects and be a beacon for women all across the country.”

The news comes as Kamala Harris is expected to visit New Mexico on Tuesday, October 25 to campaign for Lujan Grisham while also promoting abortion up to birth policies. 

Harris will “participate in a moderated conversation on protecting reproductive rights (abortion),” according to her office’s press announcement.

The former California senator officiated Lujan Grisham’s lavish wedding in Washington, D.C., earlier this year while much of the state was plagued with forest fires.

Lujan Grisham is a rabid proponent of unlimited abortions, even holding a rally in Las Cruces last Saturday, where she danced alongside other pro-abortion leaders to gleefully promote abortion. 

She has also pledged $10 million in state taxpayers’ money to open a new abortion mill in Las Cruces if she is re-elected.


15 thoughts on “MLG will push to ‘codify’ abortion up to birth into NM law if re-elected”

    1. Neither do I Mr. Norbury. What we need is a spay/neuter program. Not a method to be used for a whoops… birth control. In today’s times, almost all know what causes pregnancy.

  1. When I see her face, I just want to vomit. I cannot take another 4 years of her demonic activity. Those who vote for her are just as guilty of murder as she is. WAKE UP CHRISTIANS and ANYONE who is against murder!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Just to clarify what the Post is missing. NM is the “partial birth” abortion capital of America, meaning that a child can be murdered AFTER birth. If the media promoted that, she would lose in a landslide. If Catholics would balk at that

  3. NM has a Govenor who promotes committing infanticide/murder. She promotes up to birth abortion where in “doctor” kills the child after removal from the womb. MLG needs to be indicted not reelected.

  4. Nancy H. Tannenbaum

    I will never understand how anyone can hurt a child. No doubt this demonic subhuman will also approve the CDC requirement that the covid “vaccinations” be required before children can attend school. Every single useful idiot who continues voting this horrible creature into office deserves the same justice that she does. Regardless, the “special” dominion machines are already rigged to guarantee her “election.” Just waiting now to see whether or not she creates another lock down so that vote by mail cinches the deal.

  5. This is why a vote for Karen Bedonie is like a vote for MLG. We have to vote for Mark Ronchetti if for no other reason to keep this evil from being codified into NM law!

  6. Killing babies is NOT protecting women’s health!! It’s up to the woman to protect her health, not government. Quit having unprotected sex if you don’t want to get pregnant. My daughter lost 2 little boys because they were born too premature and her daughter was born almost 4 months premature and spent 6 months in the NICU at UNM. We almost lost her several times and she still has health issues to this day but my daughter, her husband and the rest of our families wouldn’t give up on her. She will be 14 in January. She is our MIRACLE baby and we love her endlessly!!

  7. We need OBGYN clinics, nurses n drz and a facility for Women who WANT their kids,instead here we go catering to the nation as a sanctuary state to committ murder and house special needs in Texas forcing mother’s to move to Texas to be close to their special needs child 😔 my daughter had that choice 9yrs ago,she risked her own health to have a child, now.we have a thriving 9yr old.

  8. I can’t even begin to describe the sickness in this article of Devil Politicians. Since when is it anyone’s right to govern life? This particular controversial debate of letting anyone determine the outcome of any human existence is beyond me. People seem to forget that they are not GOD, we’re only human & very misinformed on how extremely small we really are in this world. It’s not only demoralizing, it’s the most extreme form of “Inhumane” I have ever heard of. The insubordinate cowards that run the country are SCUM. The complete meaning of cold, heartless, pieces of SHIT. Excuse my choice of words, hence I am educated. I’m just sickened beyond belief & you know people need to really start rising up together to make a MONUMENTAL MOVEMENT before it’s to late for humanity. This is supposed to be the “Land of the Free”/”One Nation under God”. Not a dumbed down, DIVIDED, misguided, confused media driven society. WAKE UP! Everyone, you want to have an opinion? Fight for it, show your sincerity, PROVE IT !! This needs to make every HEADLINE, A GLOBAL UPRISING, AN INTERNATIONAL STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS, YOUR VOICE TO BE HEARD, AN IMPACT ON HOW TO COME TOGETHER & SHOW YOU CARE FOR YOUR FELLOW MAN. Stop the “Governmental fear in control method to their un-necessary Bloodbath on civialians. IT STOPS NOW !!!!!

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