MLG appears to admit attack ads about groping claims are true

On Thursday, it was reported by the Santa Fe New Mexican that Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s campaign attempted to yank attack ads from the air that outlined how she released violent criminals back on the street. 

“KOB must pull this ad from the air immediately given your own admission it is false,” attorney Courtney Weisman of the Washington, D.C.-based Elias Law Group demanded in a letter to KOB 4’s station owner, citing a fact-check from KOB that didn’t come up with much.

“I don’t usually get into the details of our review,” station manager Michelle Donaldson said. “I will say that we followed our process that we always do. We asked for the substantiation from the party that purchased the ad. We spent a great deal of time reviewing that, asked for follow-up materials … and made our decision.”

The ad featured claims that the governor twice released a criminal, Christopher Beltran, out on the street, resulting in the murder of his ex-girlfriend Dominique Gonzales of Roswell. 

KOB reporter Ryan Laughlin did a fact-check of the ad that appeared to confirm everything the ad said was true since, under Lujan Grisham’s administration, he was released twice. That resulted in the brutal death of Gonzales.

The ad, paid for by RGA New Mexico PAC, will stay on the airwaves. 

But Lujan Grisham’s protest against the ad is telling since she did not demand an ad run by the Mark Ronchetti campaign come down after it mentioned the governor’s $150,000 sexual assault payout to a former staffer who claims she groped his crotch. 

The Ronchetti campaign has since released an ad featuring her family saying, “The governor absolutely should be held accountable for [Beltran’s] early release and feel ashamed.”


5 thoughts on “MLG appears to admit attack ads about groping claims are true”

  1. Ronchetti needs to do what George W. Bush did and use an ad ad similar to the famous “Turnstile” ad.
    This ad featured the repeat criminal Willie Horton going around and around a turnstile, and in and out of prison, committing more violent crimes.

    Michael Dukakis, Bush’s opponent, was governor of Massachusetts at the time, and pardoned Horton, who went on to commit more dangerous crimes. MLG did much the same thing by releasing Christopher Beltran, who went on to kill his ex-girlfriend,

    The “Turnstile” ad is largely credited with Bush winning the election.

  2. Ronchetti needs to run an ad similar to the famous “Turnstile” ad that featured. dangerous convict Willie Horton going through a turnstile, going in and out of prison to commit more violent crimes.
    This ad was largely credited with Bush’s victory over Michael Dukakis.

  3. Roncetti should air the video of the governor dancing at the abortion rally, hopping around on one leg since the other was operated on in Texas. Quite gross.

  4. All I can say about this is, if Grisham had been a republilcan and this had come out….she would no longer be in office. Democrats get away with murder with. no consequences to their actions.

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