Bloomberg anti-gun PAC spending big to stop GOP BernCo sheriff candidate

It was recently reported that the far-left anti-gun group “Everytown for Gun Safety” is spending big bucks to stop Republican Paul Pacheco, a former state representative, from being elected Bernalillo County sheriff. The gun-grabbing group that is backed by billionaire Mike Bloomberg will spend $300,000 combined in New Mexico and Massachusetts to defeat Republicans in two sheriffs races. 

The rabid anti-Second Amendment group told NBC News that it is “leaving no stone unturned” to snatch guns from law-abiding gun owners. 

Everytown for Gun Safety Victory Fund’s John Feinblatt erroneously claimed the two GOP candidates they are targeting are “hell-bent on using the office to suit their own ‘guns everywhere’ agenda.”

But in the ad attacking Pacheco, it cites decade-old Facebook posts to claim he was “proud” of being endorsed by pro-Second Amendment groups. 

The ad also claims Pacheco is pushing to “flood our communities with weapons of war,” showing footage of revolvers and rifles. The ad also erroneously claimed that guns are “making our streets more dangerous,” despite statistics showing most guns used in crimes were obtained illegally, with even PolitiFact acknowledging this fact. 

Despite Pacheco serving as an Albuquerque Police Department officer for 27 years and previously working for the FBI, the anti-gun group claims instead of fighting for citizens, he stands with the “gun lobby.” 

Pacheco is endorsed by the Albuquerque Police Officers Association, the Fraternal Order of Police, former police chiefs, and the Albuquerque Journal.


7 thoughts on “Bloomberg anti-gun PAC spending big to stop GOP BernCo sheriff candidate”

    1. Absolutely true! Letting just anyone donate from out of state should be against the law. They have no right to influence our elections in any way!

  1. Stay out of NM Bloombutt, we don't want your evil money!

    People need to stop voting for any idiot funded by these liberal billionaires determined to take over this country. However. Idiot liberals in New Mexico are too stupid to realize they keep voting our freedoms away. Bloombutt is another evil that needs to shove his money up where it belongs.

  2. Support your Second Amendment rights. Join New Mexico Shooting Sports Assn. who fight for law abiding guns owners in New Mexico. Bloomberg wants stop hunters, sports shooters, and your personal protection for your families in our state by taking away our rights given by the Constitution. Say no to out of state interference from liberals like Bloomberg.

  3. Another example of tyranny. Save our country from these idiots!! Instead of all talk and no action we need to take action against these morons!!

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