Pro-lifers react to MLG’s plan to spend $10M tax dollars on Cruces abortion mill

On Wednesday, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D-NM) announced during a press conference that she will be signing an executive order pledging $10 million to build a state-funded abortion mill in Doña Ana County. This would come from 2023 capital outlay funds if she gets re-elected in November.

“This is a state that will stand against any attempts to remove or eviscerate women’s constitutional rights,” claimed Lujan Grisham, despite the U.S. Supreme Court affirming that there is no constitutional right to kill a child in the womb.

Pro-lifers quickly responded to Lujan Grisham’s extreme use of taxpayer funds on a live stream held by Southwest Coalition for Life.

Attorney Mike Seibel of Abortion on Trial said, “This is a complete diversion to provide New Mexico as the back-alley abortion clinic for Texas.”

Southwest Coalition for Life wrote in a press release, “New Mexico women have one of the lowest rates of abortion, and according to statistics from the New Mexico Department of Health, 80% of abortions in New Mexico happen in Albuquerque, meaning less than 500 women from Doña Ana County are seeking abortions each year.”

“Considering the influx of private abortion business already flocking to Las Cruces, there is no other reason for the governor to spend $10 million on what will now be a fifth abortion center in Doña Ana County unless she is specifically targeting Texas women in the county that borders El Paso, Texas.”

State Sen. David Gallegos (R-Eunice) said during the live stream, “This will be done in Senate Finance and House appropriations. What we need to start doing is contacting our state legislators and letting them know that this is unacceptable. We need to put a stop to this.” He added, “If she wants to put something somewhere and say she cares, then why not put this towards the pregnancy centers and maternity homes?”

Seibel encouraged pro-lifers to take action by contacting their local 40 Days for Life group while pointing out, “Just this year, the abortionist Franz Theard in Santa Teresa is up from 140 abortions a month to 260 a month. We’re seeing a doubling of Texas women coming from out of state.”

In July, hundreds of pro-lifers rallied outside an abortion mill soon to open in Las Cruces, where national pro-life leaders joined in standing up for the right to life. These massive numbers of pro-lifers are expected only to multiply as Lujan Grisham continues to assault the right to life in New Mexico.

According to a recent Albuquerque Journal poll, 59 percent of New Mexico voters polled support limits on abortion, putting abortion up-to-birth supporters in the extreme minority with just 35 percent support. 

In November, the Governor faces Republican nominee Mark Ronchetti, who has pledged to work across the aisle, if elected, to enact limits on abortions, affirming what the 59 percent of voters agree: Unlimited abortions in New Mexico are out-of-step with the populous.


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6 thoughts on “Pro-lifers react to MLG’s plan to spend $10M tax dollars on Cruces abortion mill”


  2. Dems Want YOU Poor

    Call/write your local churches; they need to issue statements and press conferences. Fellow Catholics, especially fellow Hispanics, call/write your priests, deacons, and Bishop. Start questioning why all our elected “Catholic” officials are endorsed by Planned Parenthood ($).

    Besides MLG : Leger-Fernandez, Ben Ray Lujan, Represenative Ambrose Castillano, Senator Pete Campos ( deacon in his church ?) – all these have been exploiting the northern NM Hispanic voters with their “mi familia”, “mi gente” BS. Their policies have made and kept northern NM poor.
    To all Repubican candidates, SHOW UP, work harder in northern NM! Question the legality of MLG’s action.

  3. Totally agree with dems want you poor. These lifelong politicians and their fellow commie travelers have exploited northern NM Hispanics with their BS appeals to unity and progress while impoverishing the majority of their constituents . They all back extreme environmental policies that remove traditional land uses for Hispanics that date way back before there was an America. Yes they want us poor and subservient, poor people are easier to manipulate.

  4. What really makes my blood boil is the way she speaks for all of us.
    I do not consent to her baby killing facilities, and she does not represent me in any way, shape, or form.
    She is so stupid linking the right to kill babies with the Constitution too! She doesn’t give a Rat’s a$$ about our Constitution with her infringing on our gun rights! Yet NOW with abortion she ‘s going to site it!!!? What a deranged, evil entity she is. It’s all about money, power, and control, people. She sold us out and if she is not charged with treason, there is no justice.

  5. Can't be a catholic and a democrat

    MLG is not a Catholic at heart. Excommunication means nothing to her. She is evil and all she loves is power and money. All New Mexico catholics need to realize you can no longer be catholic and a democrap. Learn your history democrats are the party of abortion, they are the original KKK. Now they are teaching children CRT which is hate speech against others. They also want children to choose fake genders and there are no such things as women. Now we have birthing people. Wake up, our once religious state has been taken over by the devil and the catholic church says nothing!

  6. I quote here from your post: “All New Mexico catholics need to realize you can no longer be catholic and a democrap.” I totally agree with you on this point; however, some of us here in NM have gone one step further, to go back to the true Catholic Church of the early ages of the Church, and renounce all the antipopes and heretic bishops who allow such heretics as Pelosi, MLG, Biden, Kaine, and others to flourish. We are Mary’s Little Remnant (MLR NM) and hold to all the dogmas of the first thousand years, most of which are denied, slowly and slowly over the past years. I urge all to visit our website in T or C, NM, and see all the research we have gathered in the past 25 years of our prayer and research and study of the Holy Catholic Bible. Our site is and if you to the “Topic Index” on the side bar menu, you can find all True Catholic Dogmas from a to z listed and links to audios, videos and books by our ruler RJMI who lives here in Sierra County, NM. For example this video on the Desecration of Catholic Churches over the past 1000 years:

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