Lujan Grisham tests positive for COVID-19 after fundraising trip to Colorado

According to breaking reports, far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has tested positive for COVID-19.

KOB 4 reports, “In a statement issued Thursday morning, the governor is reportedly experiencing mild symptoms and is taking the antiviral medicine Paxlovid. She reported being fully vaccinated and twice-boosted for COVID. The governor is isolated at her residence and will continue her schedule remotely. This is the first time she has tested positive. She previously tested negative for COVID-19 on Wednesday.”

She wrote on Twitter, “This morning I tested positive for COVID-19. I am very grateful to be experiencing only mild symptoms after being fully vaccinated and twice boosted, and I will continue my work on behalf of New Mexicans while working remotely.”

Lujan Grisham was previously in Colorado to attend Democratic Governor’s Association fundraising functions. She chose to hobnob with wealthy Colorado donors instead of attending a NAIOP function with small business leaders in Albuquerque.

Lujan Grisham had strict lockdowns during the pandemic, which included barring out-of-state travel, mask mandates, and vaccine mandates for health care workers, state employees, and others.



21 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham tests positive for COVID-19 after fundraising trip to Colorado”

  1. So…what? Are we supposed to feel sympathy for her? This is the person who echoed Biden’s BS of “this being a pandemic of the unvaccinated.” This is the person who mandated thousands of people out of jobs and educations, on the basis that their unvaxed status made them health risks to others. HOW DOES IT FEEL TO EXPERIENCE KARMA, GOVERNOR? This is “a pandemic of the VACCINATED.” Vaxed people are getting it repeatedly. They are also experiencing health effects from these experimental shots. I’ll refrain from typing what I hope happens to her. Suffice it to say, I hope the Universe makes her experience proportionate to the effect of her deeds and words.

    1. Exactly!!! Those who took the experimental toxin (“vaccinne”) are getting covid multiple times along with blood clots, heart attacks, nervous disorders, bells palsy, etc. And who knows what the long term effects are???? Not to mention her fining businesses $5000 a day for just trying to run their business and make a living for their family! SHe’s a tyrant to has to go! Vote for the only one who will stand up to and undo what this wench has done to the people of this state. Karen Bedonie!!! Ronchetti is a Green New Deal guy who supports 94% of all abortions. There isn’t much differenct between him and MLG at all. Karen’s support is growing every day, especially as more and more people listen to her and see and hear what she’s all about.

  2. MLG Covid Carrier-Hypocrite-Lock Down Queen

    She feels she is special and so very important that she leaves the state to kiss the behinds of other worthless democrap governors. So, who cares what she does anymore or where she goes. She is evil and cares nothing for New Mexico. Not wishing bad on her. Hope she gets better, but hoping more she is never our governor again. Wonder if she is following all her stupid rules she forced on New Mexicans during the plan-demic?

    1. Instead of hobnobbing with the rich and famous she could have been debating Karen Bedonie in The Great Debate. But instead she chickened out….along with Ronchetti. Karen would wipe the floor with both of them. They both support the Green New Deal and both support abortion. Vote for the only true conservative in the race…Karen Bedonie!

    2. She DIDN’T follow her own rules when this so called “pandemic” first started, so why expect her to do it now??!!! She certainly acts as if she’s superior to everyone else, tries to bully people and she thinks she’s entitled too!

  3. Why is she going out of state to raise money? Why is she still in office? Why is she still NOT behind bars? Lots’ of unanswered questions that her people hope will go away.. I for one want to be deputized so I can be on the team that arrests her and escorts her out of the roundhouse!

    1. Just a conspiracy theory, or pipe dream, but what if her Covid is a cover for her being placed under house arrest and she’s wearing an ankle bracelet? Oh how I wish this to be true!

      I do find it interesting that several others like Obama, Killery Clinton, and the Resident Biden have recently come down with Covid, claim to be fully vaxed, and therefore suffer only mild symptoms. What’s really going on?

    2. Don’t we all… Recon she ain’t groped enough male groins hard enough yet and not murdered enough late term babies. IDK this is a tough one. My fear would be that she might not make it to the jail though… far too many long drops, and way to many short ropes in my neighborhood and up yonder where she is at…there’s a heck of a bridge or three without 24/7/365 NMSP Gov. protective detailed black shirts watching over her… Just sayin’… voters suffer from short term memory loss and as long as she keeps sending $500 checks to everyone… there ain’t enough sheep in the stable to do anything other than continue to vote for the same stuff and expect a different result.

  4. “fully vaxxed and boosted”?? How can that be? Vaccines give immunity to diseases, don’t they? I’m vaccinated against smallpox, polio and a number of other diseases and apparently they were effective as I never caught them. I won’t take The Jab and I’ve never caught that either.
    But the CDC & WHO changed the definition of a vaccine to “whatever crap we elites want to experiment with using you Deplorable peons as expendable Guinea pigs” so who knows what was injected into Her Thighness, queen MLG, but we know it wasn’t a brain…

    1. Yep forced to get the vaccine in order to care for a 91 yr old. Now I am living with long-term covid heart, joint, and respiratory complications. Thank goodness I never took the boosters.

  5. Tired of dem NM politicians

    Her incessant ad on Hulu is a total farce. It a blatant attempt to make her seem human and caring. It says nothing about her dubious record as Governor. Her people know she is so unlikable that they need to solely address that. She has talked down to people, threatened New Mexicans and abused her emergency powers. People are tired of being treated as subordinates by this Governor.
    Ronchetti should be talking about the breadlines she forced on people while she was hosting parties with waygu beef and high end booze on the taxpayer dole. The rules simply never apply to the elite.

  6. Covid-code: Tested Positive for CV
    She confessed to treason, sedition and crimes against humanity and is taking a deal, her execution will be out of the public eye. Execution will be portrayed as a suicide or accidentally death. Her family name and legacy will be preserved.

    C’mon folks, President Trump re-enacted arrests and executions to those who’ve committed treason, sedition, crimes against humanity, and crimes against children back in 2018…memba!?!

  7. Her actions over the last two years are unforgivable. I watched elderly people waiting outside in freezing temperatures to go in to a store and buy food. I have the video. She closed outdoor areas…perhaps one of the safest places…in a move that made absolutely no sense whatsoever.
    Her health department, run by the equally tyrannical David Scrase, pretty much outlawed any therapeutics, pushing the CDC tyranny down our throats and killing people by telling them to seek treatment only when it was too late and then give them remdesivir, which is akin to a poison and they knew it. This protocol killed my sister.
    She tried to prohibit travelling. She threw tantrums when she saw people without masks while they were walking outside.
    As noted by the Pinon Post, she killed over 1000 businesses. They are not coming back.
    She calls those who oppose her iron fist names and degrades them.
    She has the coof? I DONT GIVE A DAMN.

  8. Yes, that is what we must do, but I just don’t know how we are going to overcome the Republicans. I don’t believe MLG has a snow balls change in hell, so the only one we have to overcome is Ronchetti.
    If MLG thought she truly would win, hands down, we would be on full lockdown again like her buddies in California and New York. She knows she has no Chance at all if she locks us down again.

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