Dems attack Ronchetti’s wife’s $2K loan, ignore MLG’s husband’s $229K loan

A recent piece in the Santa Fe New Mexican pointed out how Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Ronchetti decried Joe Biden’s $10,000/apiece student loan forgiveness but appeared to try and paint him as a hypocrite because his wife, Krysty Ronchetti, received a $2,500 Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan for her small business, SJ Communications, in May 2020 that was reportedly forgiven. The Piñon Post has not been able to independently verify the status of Ronchetti’s loan.

“This is completely unacceptable and wrong,” Ronchetti said in a statement about the Biden student loan handout. “I firmly oppose Biden’s elitist bailout.”

“Ronchetti personally benefited from thousands of dollars of … federal loan forgiveness but opposes student loan forgiveness for tens of thousands of New Mexicans,” Democrat Party of New Mexico spokesman Daniel Garcia claimed in a statement.

Enrique Knell, Ronchetti’s campaign spokesman, clapped back in a statement, telling the New Mexican, “The PPP program was designed to provide short-term bridge grants during a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, where the Governor used the government to force businesses to close their doors,” adding, “There is less than zero similarity between that and a student loan, no different than a car loan or mortgage, which you agree upfront to pay the balance with no expectation of anyone else covering your debt. And you shouldn’t be allowed to shift the burden of your student loans to the mechanic, grandmother, or waitress down the street, either.”

Despite the Democrats’ attacks on Ronchetti over the loan, they forget that Lujan Grisham openly encouraged New Mexicans do take out PPP loans, writing on Twitter on January 14, 2021, “New Mexico business owners are strongly encouraged to apply for federal PPP funds, particularly those who have not yet received any PPP assistance.”

The New Mexican piece failed to mention one key detail: While it called out Krysty Ronchetti for a small loan during the Governor’s pandemic lockdown for her business, it failed to even glance at how much Lujan Grisham’s husband, Manny Cordova, received in PPP loans that were forgiven.

Cordova, who lists himself as the “Owner/President” of Southwest Collision Craftsmen, Inc., an automotive shop in Albuquerque, received at least two PPP loans, according to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. Both loans are “ongoing,” according to, meaning, “This loan has been disbursed by the lender and has not yet been fully repaid or forgiven. The exact status of ongoing loans is not released by the SBA.”

One loan approved on January 30, 2021, totaled $108,693, while another approved on the same day totaled $120,242 — adding up to $228,935.

According to the SBA, 80% of all PPP loans have been fully or partially forgiven, making it extremely likely Cordova’s business has been forgiven the loan.

These key details about Cordova were left out of the New Mexican report, but they show a trail of massive hypocrisy on the part of New Mexico Democrats for attacking Ronchetti’s wife for something Lujan Grisham’s husband is guilty of, especially since Krysty Ronchetti’s loan was a mere 1.09% the amount of that taken out by Manny Cordova.


17 thoughts on “Dems attack Ronchetti’s wife’s $2K loan, ignore MLG’s husband’s $229K loan”

        1. Looking at NM history of voting, don’t be surprised if New Mexicans re-elect the hand that continually slits their throats!

      1. Not all those people were Republicans and that happened because the biggest fraud in American hx. has been forced on us.

  1. Jean Wilkinson-Rodney

    MLG’s husband, Cordova, took more money than you published, according to $150,000 + $120,242 + $10,000 = $280,242. Auto shops were counted as “essential” by our NM dictator, and thus, he should not have asked for a cent. Many businesses received more money than what their normal annual net would have been, which is one reason inflation is skyrocketing.

  2. The Santa Fe New Mexican should be called out for reporting only one side of the story. Mr. Cordova apparently cheated the system by applying for the PPP loans. It appears his business did not qualify for the assistance. Shame on The New Mexican for looking the other way!`

  3. MLG, Has a husband? The NM Royal family struggled?
    MLG Is one of us??? Oh si’, not even.
    Ala maquina!, I thought she was just a power hungry, Crouch grabbing, greedy, lying, bribing, baby eating, Fake politician.
    Hey Bruh, Checkout her new Fake commercial:
    Queen MLG’s has a SIMP!!! – Her husband. “Stay outta sight till I need you pendejo”. I’m just guessing that’s what she said. FJB FMLG LGB LOL XD

  4. No one is overlooking MLG’s husband. If was speaking out against student loan forgiveness he’d be getting railed, too.

  5. Just a reminder to anyone excited about a $10,000 forgiven student loan that after you add everybody else’s guess who’s still is paying for that? Not just your grandma or the garbage man. You! You get to pay for it through your taxes and they make you think that you don’t have to pay it back. Wake up people! You’ll have to pay yours and everybody else’s to the tune of probably about $100,000! There has to be a Native American proverb about this somewhere similar to Daylight Savings Time – where it is like cutting off one end of the blanket and putting it on the other. Except this is worse. Democrats are excellent for stealing your stuff and making you pay 10 times as much. And then they groom you to think that this is normal. So tired of their BS! Wake up New Mexico!

  6. Student loan debt forgiveness is more than likely just another form of bank bailout since the student loans are guaranteed.

  7. You know its the lender and the colleges who make out on this deal. They will get millions if not billions from the federal government because contrary to what idiots believe, the debt does not go “poof” and disappears. There is no such thing as debt forgiveness. They are taking one person’s debt and adding it to your tax debt without your permission. Did they even ask you? If some stranger came to your house and asked you to pay all their bills, What would you do?

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