MLG ditched NM business forum to hobnob with wealthy Colorado donors

On Tuesday, it was confirmed by the Santa Fe New Mexican that Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham did, indeed, dodge the NAIOP forum in Albuquerque to instead hobnob with wealthy donors at a Democratic Governors Association in Aspen, Colorado. The forum she ditched was with business and real estate leaders. Only Republican Mark Ronchetti showed up.

The Governor’s spokeswoman Delaney Corcoran finally disclosed to the New Mexican that Lujan Grisham was in Colorado “for a long-planned event with other Democratic governors.”

The paper added, “Lujan Grisham attended a Democratic Governors Association conference Monday in Aspen, but her travels in Colorado also include Denver. A spokeswoman for the association did not return a message seeking comment.”

The Ronchetti campaign previously questioned if the Governor “skipped a debate hosted by New Mexican small business owners to hang out with millionaires in Colorado.” Now they have their answer.

“The Governor arrogantly skipped out on New Mexico’s small business forum to hob-knob in Aspen with high-dollar donors and got caught trying to cover it up,” Ronchetti’s spokesman, Enrique Knell, said in a statement. “She failed to tell the press or the public that she was out of state, which meant no one knew the Lieutenant Governor was Acting Governor. The public has a right to know who’s running the state, but covering up politically inconvenient truths is how the Governor operates.”

The NAIOP forum had around 400 business leaders who were looking forward to hearing Lujan Grisham’s defense after her lockdown orders killed around 20 percent or nearly 1,100 New Mexico restaurants. The Governor’s own Department of Tourism previously revealed that over 40% of New Mexico’s small businesses had closed amid the Governor’s lockdowns. 

But the Governor was conveniently absent to instead party with out-of-state donors in Colorado.


9 thoughts on “MLG ditched NM business forum to hobnob with wealthy Colorado donors”

  1. We know where her priorities lie, and they are not with the people of New Mexico who pay her salary. No taxation without representation comes to mind.
    Hope those who are on the fence as to who to vote for, or have their minds set on Grisham, are taking notes.

  2. Let’s hope the governor is looking for a new job, somewhere in Colorado or D.C. where her wedding was held also to the determent of small businesses in New Mexico.

  3. A snake will always slither away when it’s afraid. MLG is nothing but a power hungry coward. She knows she failed New Mexico so she only had other snakes to hang out with, other liberal failure democraps.

    1. MLG had to go to Colorado for money because her socialist policies pretty much destroyed New Mexico’s economy.

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