‘Bizarre’: All-Dem NM Supreme Court says illegal aliens can obtain law licenses

In a unanimous ruling by the fully Democrat-controlled New Mexico Supreme Court, illegal aliens will be allowed to practice law in the state as attorneys despite their very presence in New Mexico being against the law.

In a new set of rules regarding admission to the New Mexico bar, “the court held that a lack of U.S. citizenship or immigration status may no longer be used to deny a law license to individuals holding a law degree and otherwise qualifying for membership in the New Mexico Bar Association. In issuing the order, the court concurred with changes recommended by the Board of Bar Examiners and the Code of Professional Conduct Committee,” according to The Epoch Times.

“License to practice law shall not be denied based solely on the applicant’s citizenship or immigration status,” it wrote. 

Far-left Democrat Chief Justice Shannon Bacon claimed the change “is grounded in the fundamental principle of fairness, and is consistent with New Mexico’s historical values of inclusion and diversity in its culture.”

All members but Justice Michael Vigil were appointed by Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who faces a tough reelection battle against Republican Mark Ronchetti, who is polling within single digits of the embattled governor.

Legal commentator Curt Levey, President of the Committee for Justice, Curt Levey, told the Times, “It strikes me as interesting that the Chief Justice issued a statement,” adding, “Normally, the majority opinion would speak for itself.”

Levey added that it is “bizarre” that in the state, “you can be here illegally, subject to arrest and deportation, and yet at the same time, you could be representing as a lawyer another illegal alien who’s facing the same thing.”


12 thoughts on “‘Bizarre’: All-Dem NM Supreme Court says illegal aliens can obtain law licenses”

  1. “…is grounded in the fundamental principle of fairness, and is consistent with New Mexico’s historical values of inclusion and diversity in its culture.” How about we follow the law? Stop with the diversity nonsense!

    1. Unfortunately, following the law is against Democratic ideals. Diversity is a liberal talking point, it has nothing to do with our values at all. New Mexico is already diverse and most of us accept the innate diversity of our populace as fact…look at the faces around you! I was flabbergasted, watching David Clements get thrown out of the meeting in Dona Ana by Sanchez because he outlined all the ways that the election laws were being broken! If you dare bring up following the law, the reaction from Democrats is akin to if you stepped in dog crap and tracked it onto a white carpet. Wasn’t it Grisham herself that said, “The law is not absolute, it’s a starting point?” Until people start electing the right people into offices, and until more start following Clements’ lead and standing up and pointing things out loudly enough to not ignore, we are just going to have 75+ more years of this.

  2. BS Laws from the Democrap Party

    Democraps are full of crap! They make up rules as they go. There is no law where democraps are concerned.

  3. We don’t owe ILLEGALS anything and why should American -New Mexican residents have to follow law when this type of ruling is given? What a slap in the face to any and ALL Americans!. I see some justices on that bench needing removed!

  4. Dont’ believe the “polling”. My adult son have been contacted 4 or 5 times with a poll on the governor’s race in New Mexico. When they ask the question, Karen Bedonie’s name isn’t even mentioned. When he said that he was voting for Karen Bedonie the caller tried to talk him out of it. This is going to skew the polling. A lot of people will just pick one of the names offered to them. This poll isn’t accurate, Karen Bedonie is gaining support every day. She’s the only conservative in the race and she’s getting support from Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and Independants. Not to mention the support that she is getting from the Navajo Nation. She can win this thing and go after the corruption! She’s got backbone and she won’t be intimidated! Check her out on her website or on Facebook.

    1. no way – a vote for MLG – why are we so stupid to split conservative votes,…. sad but that IS the reality – what we need is a green party candidate to split the libs – we will lose again to idiotic demorat MLG _ what a shame!

  5. The Democrats in this state are so emboldened they honestly believe they can get away with anything. Definitely a 2 tiered justice system.
    I believe not a single one of them will escape the penalty for treason and crimes against humanity which they have committed.
    Not one.

  6. The Spanish word for lawyer is “abogado,” which sounds like “avocado.” Next, avocados will be allowed to vote and practice law.

  7. Even if this happens it will not stand.
    Currently, we are, and have been on Maritime Law, (The Law of the Water) since 1871.
    We will be returning to Common Law (Law of the Land) and to a pre 1871 Republic – not the Corporation we are in.
    What have attorneys been trained in? Corporate Maritime Law. What will they need to be retrained in? Common Law.

    Are Demonrats so stupid to think they can get away with letting illegals become lawyers….or anything else they’re attempting to destroy our state, our country, and our lives with.

    They are done. It is our responsibility to vote out these elected/selected evil entities in OUR state.
    Get out there and get it done in November!!!

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