Lame duck Speaker Egolf demands NM vote Dem in doom and gloom op-ed

In an op-ed published in The Hill Saturday, far-left lame duck New Mexico House Speaker Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe), who is retiring after his current term, and Michigan House minority leader Donna Lasinski (D) teamed up to demand voters support pro-abortion candidates or else. 

Egolf touted New Mexico’s 2021 abortion up-to-birth law that stripped all protections for mothers, babies, and medical professionals while legalizing full-term abortion in the state. 

He wrote, “We cannot overstate the importance of this victory,” adding, “this is only possible because, in 2021, our Democratic legislative majority and Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) repealed an abortion ban that had been on the books since 1969, ensuring it would not become enforceable again if Roe fell.”

He called pro-life laws that save babies a “nightmare scenario.”

The two pro-abortion Democrats claim that “a majority of Americans want abortion to remain safe and legal,” but lie because a recent Albuquerque Journal poll shows that most New Mexicans (59 percent) believe in restrictions on abortion.

14 recent national polls continue to confirm that most Americans back abortion restrictions, with most of these polls being conducted by academic and left-leaning pollsters.

Despite this, Egolf and Lasinski claim, “But a vocal and well-funded right-wing minority has poured dark money into state legislative races for far too many years, creating gerrymandered legislative majorities to try and inoculate Republicans from public opinion. We must keep fighting back.”

The rhetoric falls flat because Democrats are the recipients of millions in dark money from the likes of George Soros, Bill and Melinda Gates, and Michael Bloomberg, funding dark money groups such as pro-abortion Planned Parenthood, EMILY’s List, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and others that attack pro-lifers. 

Another laughable claim is that “gerrymandered legislative majorities” are supposedly “inoculating” the GOP from public opinion, but rather in states like New Mexico, Egolf’s Democrat majority gerrymandered the latest legislative maps to promote extreme Democrat supermajorities in both chambers and in all three of the state’s congressional districts. Dark money groups were even caught giving $50 bribes to those who would testify in the “Citizens Redistricting Committee” to support the partisan maps. 

In the op-ed, the two Democrats conclude, “We cannot afford to sit this election out while Republicans undermine the will of the people by abolishing our fundamental freedoms state by state,” but when it comes to the “fundamental freedoms” of the babies in the womb, both are silent.


14 thoughts on “Lame duck Speaker Egolf demands NM vote Dem in doom and gloom op-ed”

  1. Infanticide and leads the nation in abortion extremism and accessibility. #1 in the nation in everything bad and last on the list in everything decent and good. Crime rate is off the scales. And still the useful idiots continue voting for the criminals implementing it. I am a sixth generation Texan and have never lived in a blue state before and am only here because my daughter, son in law, and grandson live in Rio Rancho. For them to move is, as is true for most working families with a mortgage and jobs, complicated. The “governor” is a national disgrace and embarrassment. Fraud and stupidity will keep her where she is. Incredible.

  2. What’s this “or else” bullcrap? A threat?
    This is what panic looks like, and if he really was in control of anything, he would NOT have to threaten us like this!

  3. Of course I will, Mr. Egolf. I will vote Democrat. I keep my promises just like Democrats do.. You know, like Biden and others said no forced shots, etc. And no he won’t ban oil. All of that. So, yes, Mr. Egolf I will vote for the democrats and keep my promise to you just like Biden did to all of America.

  4. Evil Egoff, needs to shut his evil mouth.
    He cares nothing about New Mexico, he only loves the money he fills his pockets with. The democraps and their love of murdering babies needs to die in New Mexico along with the democrap party of New Mexico. These evil people get paid by the people murdering these babies. It’s pure evil.

  5. Mr. Egoff, Bet you were a bully as a little boy. You still are a little boy making threats. Naughty, naughty , naughty. I remember Biden making a threat during the debates that he would like to take Donald behind the shed and give him a beating, that sounds like bully to me as well. I don’t take kindly to threats, bullying or ultimatums. New Mexicans whatever party they belong to can smell a rat.

  6. A middle aged man pimping for planned parenthood $… disgusting. Dems claim they’re protecting women’s rights, but they let sexual predators and human sex traffickers (including child sex traffickers) off with extremly light sentences and are encouraging the trafficking.

  7. Egor, you are a ratfink. I would not want to be you on judgement day. By the way, how much money are they paying you to get on the PRC to vote for Avangrid? You are dung.

    1. I first discovered Brian E-GOOF when he berated Rod Montoya (House Minority WHIP) about not wanting CRT taught in schools and essentially in his pompous infinite wisdom said “oh you poor thing, you lifelong New Mexican who’s family goes back generations, YOU don’t know what’s good for New Mexico… I, BRIAN E-GOOF FROM OKLAHOMA GRADUATE OF GEORGETOWN KNOW WHATS BEST FOR THE STATE, SO SIT BACK YOU LITTLE MINORITY WHIP AND LET THE BIG BOYS HANDLE IT”…. HUBRIS, ARROGANCE, AND EVEN WORSE IGNORANCE OF THE ARROGANCE!!! By the way just on a side note I’ve never come across this site before and I think I’ve finally found a home (politically speaking)

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