Dem attempt to boot GOP AG nominee from ballot fails

According to Dan Boyd of the Albuquerque Journal, a Democrat lawsuit to try and boot Republican attorney general nominee Jeremy Gay from the General Election ballot has failed. 

Boyd wrote, “Republican AG candidate Jeremy Gay will remain on the Nov. 8 ballot, as a state judge has ruled a Democratic-backed lawsuit challenging whether he meets #NM residency requirements was not filed in time.”

The Democrat Party of New Mexico wrote in a press release when filing the failed lawsuit, “The complaint outlines Mr. Gay’s prior residency to demonstrate that the earliest date Mr. Gay could establish residency in New Mexico was May 2019, which would be less than the five years of continuous residency required by the New Mexico Constitution to be eligible to be elected Attorney General in the General Election on November 8, 2022. Therefore, the lawsuit seeks to have Mr. Gay declared constitutionally ineligible to be elected Attorney General and compel the Secretary of State to not print his name on the General Election Ballot.”

Gay is a retired Marine who served his country in the Military, but the Democrats attacked him over a technicality.

In response to the lawsuit, GOP spokesman Mike Curtis said, “He was fulfilling his duty in the U.S. Marines, protecting our nation and our freedoms.” He added, “To try to boot someone out of a race for serving his nation is despicable. This is a disgraceful way the progressive left is trying to disenfranchise voters.”

“Jeremy and his family have called New Mexico home since 2014, and his wife was born and raised in Gallup, NM. Jeremy and his family temporarily left NM on active duty orders with the U.S Marines and returned as soon as he entered the Reserve Forces,” said Gay’s campaign manager Noelle Gemmer. “This is a disgusting attack on a veteran for his service and a desperate attempt by Raúl Torrez to deny voters options at the ballot box. It’s nothing more than another attempt to distract from Torrez’s failed record as prosecutor where he declined to prosecute over 50% of violent felony cases and dismissed 40% of the cases that made it to court.”

Gay remains on the November ballot against far-left George Soros-backed Democrat Raúl Torrez, a district attorney in the Albuquerque area.


6 thoughts on “Dem attempt to boot GOP AG nominee from ballot fails”

  1. The lefty’s must consider Mr. Gay a real threat and he must not be a member of their good ole boys club. I’ll make sure my sphere of influence sees this and all the other unethical and back door schemes

  2. Good luck to Mr. Gay. He would make an outstanding Attorney General for the state of New Mexico. Shame on the State Democrat Party for attempting to have his name removed from the November ballot.

    1. This type of attack on Mr. Gay is happening all over the country against Republican candidates that have poll numbers that show that it will be very hard for the Democrat to win fairly. Check out any number of sources to see this information. Marjory Taylor Greene is one high profile Republican that the Democrats can’t stand because she doesn’t pander and roll over for them. Not only did the Democrats lose that despicable attempt , they went as far as saying the judge now is wrong and they appealed it and lost again. The nonsense will stop come November and Democrats can only blame lame attempts and failed policy for their big defeat.

  3. The left’s policies are by design disastrous losers…they’re only game is to use the courts to slander…they have no shame nor standing on this issue

  4. Typical New Mexico democrap B.S. They want to keep our state under their communists control. They will do anything to keep others from taking their power away. Why is nothing done about demcrap politicians taking dark money from the demon Soros,? Nor why is nothing done about democrap politicians that move out of state only to move back for re-election?

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