‘Ranching Uncanceled’ shares ranchers’ stories battling government overreach

A new series done by Ben Luna of Lexit called features the stories of ranchers fighting the government from being “canceled” by overreach aiming at snagging the land that they’ve been ranching on for generations. 

The series called “Ranching Uncanceled” showcases stories of ranchers, such as that of Mike and Kelly Goss, owners of the Sacramento Grazing Allotment (SGA) in the Lincoln National Forest. The Goss family is successor to cattle operations that have existed in the Sacramento Mountains since the 1880s.

They have been battling the government for years against attacks on their grazing rights, including severe limits to the number of cattle and other drastic measures. Their story is featured in the first episode of the project.

The filmmakers note that people in the city have seen the tangible effects of attacks on the people during the pandemic lockdowns, “but ranchers have been experiencing this tyranny for decades. What you will hear is heartbreaking, but what this documentary should cause is a fire within every American’s heart to stand for Liberty.”

“SGA is not only New Mexico’s largest allotment owner, but they are Otero County’s local food supply. With Food Factories going up in flames due to a coordinated effort to control free citizens, SGA would be the Otero County and neighboring counties emergency food supply,” the filmmakers write.

The second episode of the project titled “Patterns of Overreach” will feature the pattern of overreach in ranching that people in the city have only begun experiencing recently.

Members of the community and ranchers hurt by the government’s overreach recently held a rally and protest against the National Forest Service’s overreach and mandates that hurt not only ranchers but economies across the country that are harmed by the attacks from big government.

Watch the first episode here:

To learn more and to support the Gosses, check out their fundraising efforts here.


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