Poll proves most NM voters are pro-life, abortion up-to-birth Dems in extreme minority

A new poll commissioned by the Albuquerque Journal proved once again that most New Mexicans are pro-life and support restrictions on the life-ending abortion procedure.

The poll conducted by Research & Pollinc Inc. between August 19 and August 25 with a sample size of 518 voters found that 35 percent of New Mexicans support abortion up-to-birth, meaning no restrictions whatsoever.

Twenty-two percent supported some legal limits on abortion, while 25 percent say abortion should be legal only in cases of rape or incest, while 12 percent say abortion should always be illegal. 

Therefore, adding up those who back bans on all abortions with minor exceptions and those who think it should always be illegal adds up to 37 percent — more than the abortion up-to-birth supporters. If adding those who believe in some limitations on abortion to those who believe in minor or total abortion bans, the extreme majority of the state (59 percent) backs abortion limits. 

24 percent of Republicans, five percent of Democrats, and eight percent of declined to state and Libertarians say abortion should always be illegal. 41 percent of Republicans, 11 percent of Democrats, and 28 percent of other voters say abortion should be legal with minor exceptions. Among those who support some limitations on abortion, 28 percent of minor party and independent voters agree, along with 24 percent of Democrats, and 18 percent of Republicans.

Among those who believe abortion should always be legal, Democrats lead with 55 percent in that category, eight percent of Republicans, and 35 percent of other voters.

The poll also reveals how out-of-touch politicians such as Michelle Lujan Grisham and other Democrats are on the issue of abortion, with only a minor 35 percent of the state agreeing abortion should be legal in any case without exceptions.

We previously reported regarding a CNN interview Lujan Grisham had with the network’s Jake Tapper: 

She then went on to tout her signing of the anti-life law, telling Tapper, “We eliminated an antiquated New Mexico unconstitutional ban on abortion that criminalized providers. And while it was never utilized, providers were, in fact, nervous about it. Could see sort of the tipping point at the U.S. Supreme Court and were very clear that that needed to be removed from our statutory framework, which we did about a year ago.”

The bill flatly stripped all protections for babies in the womb, mothers, and medical professionals, creating an unsafe, unregulated abortion free-for-all in the state of New Mexico.

Then Tapper told Lujan Grisham that most Americans support some restrictions on abortion, telling the Governor, “The polls also indicate the American people, as a whole, do support some restrictions on abortion. What is the law in New Mexico? Are there any restrictions?”

Lujan Grisham responded, “There are no restrictions. given that we interpret and I agree that, again, per this new Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade, is this is a privacy right and a personal decision between a woman and her doctor. and to interfere in any of these medical decisions creates, and it has, unknown, untold reductions in civil liberties for any number of individuals.”

She piled on, “Here, we would love to do as much as we can to focus on maternal health and prenatal health, to make sure that we have fewer and fewer and fewer and eliminate all unwanted pregnancies. however, in these late-term abortion issues, these are women who have picked a name, have enrolled in child care, who have a nursery. The kind of medical issues and deeply private, personal traumas that are occurring in those aspects, I don’t believe government has any right to interfere and judge those decisions when two medical providers are providing that information directly to their patient.”


8 thoughts on “Poll proves most NM voters are pro-life, abortion up-to-birth Dems in extreme minority”

  1. Vote our the Baby Murderers NM

    Hope more New Mexicans realize that the only way to save unborn children is to get MLG and the rest of the democrap/liberals out of office in our state. Otherwise they will continue to lie, and murder our children as much as possible. Far-left is another word for evil murderers. They hate family, faith, and the U.S.A.

  2. Can you imagine 4 more years of this baby killer in office? She’s a grandmother too, isn’t she? Bet she held those grandbabies close and loved on them when they were born. But killing babies, up to the time of birth is ok with her. Why? Because she’s the Queen of New Mexico…. royalty….and any other life, outside of her evil dynasty is nothing to her except for the money she collects off of us, apparently dead or alive.

    Let that sink in.

  3. While nice to see that sentiment in the poll, the underlying issue is people are still voting Democrat. As a non native resident of NM, is it ignorance or stupidity that keeps people voting that way here?

    1. Or are people voting like that? Vote the day of. Early voting only gives the Dems an edge to stack early voting and absentee Valley to put it the way they want it. Don’t give him any information! If you have to go early or absentee because of military or medical needs please by all means do so. We need you to vote. You need you to vote! Break their algorithm! We need to stop having political amnesia every time voting season comes like we don’t know what the hell’s going on. They Bank on that! Vote on Election Day!

  4. I recall you sent a letter to the archbishop concerning MLG’s support for abortion and that he should excommunicate her. He replay with a stupid answer. Here is a better strategy, he and his monsignors and priests should simply tell the congregation that if you vote for a pro choice candidate, per Canon Law, you are instantly excommunicated. If the archbishop states giving such a message would disqualify the Church as being non-profit, then he has a bigger problem! If he gave that as an excuse to our Lord, what do you think our Lord would say? Remember, the road to hell and the floor of hell is lined with the skulls of bishops!

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