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Xochitl Torres Small’s radical record cannot hide behind her ‘moderate’ façade

This article originally appeared in the Alamogordo Daily News.

It’s no secret that during her entire time in public life, Xochitl Torres Small rarely, if ever, has answered a question with a straightforward answer, consistently pivoting, deceiving, and even lying to the voters of New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District.

I spoke to Torres Small at one of her carefully-orchestrated events in Deming in August 2019. I posed a straightforward question regarding her refusal to sign onto the bipartisan Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which gives an infant born alive after a failed abortion basic medical care.

I asked her, “if [a] baby survives an abortion, don’t you think it deserves the same standard of medical care [as] any other baby?” Torres Small answered, “That already exists. If a child is born, they have the right to – that exists.”

I pushed back, explaining to her how “in Albuquerque, there was a case that showed that this baby… did survive an abortion, and it was left to die on the table there, and it didn’t get that standard of care that we need to have.” She responded, “The law already exists to protect them. So, I deeply appreciate your advocacy on this issue, and we are in more agreement than we realize.”

But she did not tell me how infants who survive abortions are already protected. Despite being given examples of infanticide in our state where babies have succumbed to the horror of a botched abortion without proper medical care, she refused to acknowledge it.

To make matters worse, Torres Small used to work for Planned Parenthood, which takes the lives of thousands of babies every day and spoke at fundraisers for the organization while in Congress. She called abortion a “life-saving procedure,” and is a member of the “pro-choice caucus,” as well as a co-sponsor of extreme pro-abortion bills.

But Torres Small often says, “let’s work together,” or some iteration of that phrase intended to push difficult issues under the rug. However, Torres Small has proven to us that she says one thing and does another.

For example, despite her gun-toting 2018 campaign ad implying she supports the Second Amendment, she voted for H.R. 8, also known as the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019, the partisan anti-gun “universal background check” bill. Now, Emily Caccamo, an ex-lobbyist for Michael Bloomberg’s dark money anti-gun group “Everytown” is her new campaign manager.

Torres Small also voted to impeach our duly-elected President, despite President Donald Trump winning the Second District by 10 points in 2016. She supports New Mexico’s version of far-left New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal,” which would eliminate all oil and gas production by 2050 in New Mexico, annihilating lucrative industry in the Second District. Torres Small helped strip away religious liberty by supporting H.R. 5, also known as the Equality Act, which would put men in women’s sports, disadvantaging biological females, enabling sexual assault, and violate First Amendment rights of businesses, charities, and other organizations.

New Mexico’s Second Congressional District has so much potential, from the sprawling forests of the Gila and the Sacramento Mountains to the blinding beauty of White Sands, the towering spires of the Organ Mountains, and the desert prairies alive with diverse wildlife and fertile farmland. However, Torres Small’s corrosive leadership, which has taken the path of partisanship (voting with Nancy Pelosi over 94.5% of the time), is proof that she has no interest in “working together” to solve issues that affect us all. We must take back the Second Congressional District and elect someone who has the people in mind – not Washington, D.C. bureaucrats.

Pro-Trump Congressman Paul Gosar endorses Alexis Martinez Johnson for Congress

On Tuesday, U.S. House of Representatives candidate, Alexis Martinez Johnson, who is running in the Third Congressional District, announced that conservative Republican Representative and Freedom Caucus member Paul Gosar of Arizona has endorsed her run for Congress. 

“Alexis Martinez Johnson is conservative, hardworking, and a patriot. My decision to endorse Alexis Martinez Johnson was an easy one. I know Alexis will be the right person for the job and will work tirelessly for New Mexico and will be an ally for conservatives in the House and President Trump,” wrote Gosar.

Gosar continued, “Elites from the east and west coast want to determine the fate of New Mexico’s elections. I want you to know that Alexis will bring true conservative representation to New Mexico’s 3rd District. Choosing to support Alexis in the General Election will help fight off the elites from the east and west coast.”

“I know a lot of people have said that New Mexico’s 3rd district is too much of a battleground seat. I have personally reviewed Alexis’s strategy for winning and met with her campaign strategists, and she can win…with your help,” wrote Gosar, giving some hope for Republicans to reclaim the District after years of Democrat rule.

Martinez Johnson will face Democrat Teresa Leger de Fernandez, a longtime leftist attorney who worked alongside the Obama Administration. Martinez Johnson is an environmental engineer and mother who says on her website, “I do not come from wealth or privilege, but through hard work I have built a life to be proud of.”

Democrat Teresa Leger de Fernandez’s donations include those of Johnathan Soros, former New MExico Lieutenant Governor Diane Denish, former U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman, as well as dark money abortion up-to-birth groups NARAL and EMILY’s List. Over half of Leger De Fernandez’s campaign donations come from out-of-state. 

Leftist columnist triggered by Rep. Gregg Schmedes standing up to MLG’s tyranny

On Monday, the Santa Fe New Mexican’s loudest mudslinging columnist Milan Simonich wrote an op-ed trying to pit Republican against Republican in the apparent attempt to hurt the GOP in their strong efforts to take back the New Mexico state House and Senate. 

In the op-ed, Simonich tries to pit Sen. Stuart Payne against Rep. Gregg Schmedes, who is running for the New Mexico Senate, claiming Schmedes is “waging war on the opposition without regard to decency,” although he is asking tough questions and loudly standing up for the rights of the marginalized, and that includes the unborn.

However. Simpnich’s column, which appears to be another desperate attempt at staying relevant, mercilessly critiqued Schmedes for questioning the New Mexico Supreme Court’s unprecedented rapid action last week to overturn a lower judge’s ruling in favor of the NM Restaurant Association that eateries could open for indoor dining. The lawsuit against Gov. Michelle Luja Grisham’s office was not even warned by a response from Lujan Grisham, which is partially why the lower judge ruled in favor of the restaurants. 

However, Simonich took issue with Schmedes asking relevant questions about the Supreme Court’s ruling with came within hours of the lower judge’s. Schmedes wrote on social media, “Bad news: New Mexico Supreme Court just overturned the restraining order issued against the governor. Must be nice to be able to pick up the phone and influence the judicial process. Corruption?”

Simonich critiqued, “Schmedes had no evidence of anything illegal, unethical or corrupt. Proof isn’t a standard he adheres to. Innuendo will do. Schmedes’ use of it was clumsy, even for a novice politician.” 

The bottom-of-the-barrel straws Simonich is grasping for don’t seem to stick, especially since Schmedes never alleged anything. He asked questions, and also, it does appear that the Supreme Court has a back-channel to the Governor, especially with such swift action on the case that, if upheld, would be a striking blow to Lujan Grisham and her cruel reign upon the people of New Mexico — not allowing most businesses to open while corporate out-of-state big box stores like Walmart, Costco and Sam’s Club are allowed to stay wide open. 

Furthermore, the Supreme Court Justices on New Mexico’s Supreme Court are, indeed, party insiders, such as the Lujan Grisham-appointed David K. Thomson, who was the Santa Fe judge who just so happened to rule the unfair “ranked-choice voting” system in favor of Democrat politicians who would benefit from it, i.e., now-Mayor Alan Webber. Also, the lawyer on that case just so happened to be the current Democrat nominee for U.S. House of Representatives in New Mexico’s 3rd Congressional District, Teresa Leger de Fernandez. Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is backing both Justice Thomson and Leger de Fernandez in their respective races. Coincidence that these party insiders all work together? Highly doubtful. 

Simonich’s accusations against Rep. Schmedes as a radical right-winger with no regard for facts and careless slander fall flat on their face, as Schmedes has worked with Democrats before on multiple bills and has stood up for Republican values even when times get tough. In times of crisis some more squirrely, “moderate” Republicans in safe Republican districts abandoned their party, such as some who were conveniently absent on votes such as on New Mexico’s “Green New Deal” or “Energy Transition Act,” or straight-up-voted for the radical leftist measure that would annihilate the oil and gas industry. Schemes has loudly and proudly stood up to debate on critical issues, and it is clear that the washed-up opinion column at the Santa Fe New Mexican has shriveled up and died after the departure of Steve Terrell, a more likable, talented, and less pretentious columnist who shewed left but did make good points from time to time.

MLG berates anti-maskers, says State Police will cite sheriffs ‘breaking ranks’ with her mandates

On Thursday, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham held a press conference, which escalated into more of a rant against people she claimed were causing the spread of COVID-19.

During the presser, she claimed New Mexicans were “breaking ranks,” with public officials questioning inaccuracies in her Health Department’s data while berating those leaders for claiming Lujan Grisham’s mask mandate is a way to “control or manipulate individuals in our state.” 

She insisted, “I need folks to not do that!” She went on to claim President Donal J. Trump “didn’t meet his responsibility” to force every American to wear a face mask, as the Governor has done.

Lujan Grisham then went on to compare random photographs from Taos and Hobbs, one showing a sunny, bright day in Taos, where people were wearing face masks as far as the eye could see. However, the other photograph Lujan Grisham showed was one of an unnamed establishment in Hobbs, which appeared to be a snitch photo submitted to her office picturing people eating inside and not wearing masks. 

She said the actions in the picture were “not allowable,” touting how her team had altered the snitch photo to add blue/purple masks onto the subjects. Lujan Grisham also claimed, “those workers” in the photo “are not wearing masks. You cannot tell, but I can tell,” she said in a paranoid tone. 

As well, she said, “I don’t think the individuals were trying to support a local business,” then claiming “we’re getting… those photos and many calls and many complaints, and we’re going out.” 

Other than threatening local law enforcers with fines and citations after her rant at the Hobbs business, Lujan Grisham then claimed, “Nobody wishes that restaurants have a situation where they have a situation where they are challenged to make it. Every business — every small business is worthy of New Mexico’s attention and support.” It may not appear that way, with the New Mexico Restaurant Associaton estimating that 20% of restaurants across the state will close forever.  

Lujan Grisham continued, saying, “And I know that New Mexicans also know we are also debating these issues in front of fact-finders — judges — statewide, and I believe in the independence and authority of judges. And we will adhere to whatever judicial action comes down any number of these. But we are citing. We are closing, and I will tell you this. For local law enforcement: where you are also — it’s bad enough that you won’t help us cite folks who aren’t wearing masks and organizations and businesses and restaurants following public health orders — if you are violating a public health order, there are civil and criminal tools at our disposal. And local law enforcement — including the sheriffs who have been posting photos of themselves eating returns — should expect to be cited as such and to be held accountable.” 

The statement seems a bit hypocritical that Lujan Grisham “beleive[s] in the independence and authority of judges,” when the New Mexico Restaurant Associaton’s lawsuit to allow in-person dining was met with radio silence from her office. Not only that, right after the Court sided with the Association, Lujan Grisham had the New Mexico Supreme Court fast-track the case — shutting down the lower Court’s ruling within hours. Is that what Lujan Grisham claims is being respectful toward the “independence” of judges? 

As well, Lujan Grisham’s targeting of Sheriffs, claiming her State Police will have to turn on fellow law enforcers and cite them, undermines the duly-elected sheriffs and local law enforcement operations trying to uphold the written law — not necessarily Lujan Grisham’s edicts. But Lujan added insult to injury, and said, “shout out to the State Police” for putting the hammer down and prioritizing her mandates as gospel. She continued, “We don’t want to do it — New Mexicans are making us do it. And so are out-of-staters who are being cited.” 

But despite the bad optics of the forcible masking, she claims the militant tactics have “increased mask-wearing” while berating Texas and Arizona, which she claimed were not wearing as many masks as New Mexico. 

At the end of her press conference, Lujan Grisham said “New Mexicans are traveling out-of-state. They are not adhering to a 14-day quarantine — and you’re not supposed to be going out! Why are you going out of state? Vacations, family gatherings, unnecessary, unrequired business travel — I can see you at the airports, I can see it on Facebook. Our modelers and folks who look at that aggregate data, we know about it and we can see it coming up in contact tracing. You are taking the virus to other places, you are bringing that virus back. You are being unfair to New Mexico’s economy. Worse, you are putting new Mexicans in the hospital and some of them are losing their lives. Unacceptable.” 

.@GovMLG presser reel 2/3: MLG claims she supports “independence and authority of judges” despite having NM Supreme Court overrule local judge MLG claims State Police will cite Sheriffs and local Law Enforcers MLG says militant mask enforcement increases mask-wearing
.@GovMLG presser reel 3/3: MLG goes on a rant against New Mexicans leaving the state, citing her tracking of peoples’ phones to know where they are coming from and going to.

New Mexicans’ latest scolding by the Governor proves that there is no telling what the Governor will do to take control and usurp power from local law enforcers, as well as shame small businesses and citizens she deems as threats to her political plans. 

On Friday. Lujan Grisham claimed she had a “heartbreakingly hard” decision to stave off opening New Mexico’s public schools, despite not seeming remorseful or heartbroken in the slightest in her Thursday press conference. 

City of Roswell passes directive telling city manager not to enforce MLG’s public health order

On Thursday evening, The Roswell City Council passed a directive to the city manager directing him not to enforce Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s emergency health order. 

City Councilor Jacob Roebuck said, “While we certainly have a continuing crisis on our hands, the emergency part has passed. There has been ample time for the governor to make her case to the people, to get their support through the lawmaking body,” he said.

He also said his reason for supportng the measure was not partisan in nature. 

“I think there’s a clear line between political and partisan. This is a political process,” said Roebuck. “I think one of the reasons we need to do this is because it needs to be on us, the political body, and not the staff to decide.”

City Councilor Jeanine Best said, “I think we have more important fish to fry. You know, (the governor) she wants us to pay $100 or go sit in jail for six months when she’s letting people out of jail in Santa Fe that shouldn’t be let out of jail,” regarding the strict mask mandate imposed by the Governor. “She’s not making sense in the decisions that she’s making,” she continued.

Councilor Barr Foster said, “I’m not sure the governor is acting in the best interest of our state, more in the best interest of her party,” he said. “Her actions by not responding to the restaurant association shows me she has contempt for our system and she doesn’t care about our Constitution, so that is why I’m for this.” Foster was referring to Lujan Grisham not responding to a lawsuit from the New Mexico Restaurant Association, which was decided in favor of them, but overturned just hours later by the New Mexico Supreme Court.

After an hour and a half discussion, the Council voted 6-4 to pass the order.

Governor releases new video urging citizens to ‘protect New Mexico’ by wearing masks

On Wednesday, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham released a new ad pushing for her mask mandate, which comes with $100 fines and up to 6 months in jail for non-compliance. 

The lighthearted video featuring a female voiceover shows people of all different ages — including a New Mexico State Police officer and a child — wearing masks. 

The ad says, “Masks are mandatory in New Mexico. The men and women called to serve and protect you want to thank you for wearing one. For those of you who are diligently wearing a mask everywhere you go, during every activity… keep up the great work! You’re setting an example by doing your part to stop the spread of COVID-19 and you are appreciated. When you wear a mask, you show support and respect for others. That’s the New Mexico way.” 

The video then shows a young man wearing an American flag cap being cited for not wearing a mask, as the police officer holds up a blue mask and a citation. “Please don’t waste law enforcement’s time. They have more important things to do than cite you for not wearing a mask. Do the right thing. Always wear a mask. Protect New Mexico,” says the ad. 

This is just the latest attempt by the Governor to try and build public opinion for her strict mask mandate, on Tuesday, retweeting a post talking about President Trump touting the use of masks as “patriotic.” She wrote in a presumably sarcastic tone, “Thanks for joining us, Mr. President.”

Leftists demand BernCo Sheriff Manny Gonzales resign over planned meeting with Trump

On Tuesday, it was revealed that Bernalillo County Sheriff Manny Gonzales was meeting in Washington, D.C. with President Donald Trump to discuss the implementation of the President’s “Operation Legend,” which according to the Department of Justice, will be “a sustained, systematic and coordinated law enforcement initiative across all federal law enforcement agencies working in conjunction with state and local law enforcement officials to fight the sudden surge of violent crime.”

Upon news of the Sheriff’s upcoming meeting with the President to discuss a benign measure to ensure safe streets, the far-left Democrats in New Mexico’s Congressional delegation and at New Mexico liberal groups exploded with immediate fits of rage.

Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM), who has a permanent residence in Maryland, said in a statement, “Sheriff Gonzales wasn’t representing Bernalillo County when he opposed body cameras. He wasn’t representing Bernalillo County when he opposed efforts for common sense gun violence reforms. And he isn’t with us now.”

Heinrich demanded, “Instead of collaborating with the Albuquerque Police Department, the Sheriff is inviting the President’s stormtroopers into Albuquerque,” continuing to say, “If we can learn anything from Portland, it’s that we don’t need this kind of ‘help’ from the White House. The President is currently using federal law enforcement agents like a domestic paramilitary force. That’s precisely how fascism begins and none of us should ever encourage or accept it.” 

The junior senator is referring to the arrests made in portland of Antifa domestic terrorists which sparked fire on Twitter after videos showed Federal agents calmly arresting provocateurs 

Far-left Rep. Deb Haaland who represents Albuquerque in the First Congressional District wrote on Twitter, “President Trump and AG Barr are trying to deploy federal law enforcement officers into Albuquerque to harass our communities & divide us. Sheriff Manny Gonzales is their accomplice. We will stand united against this threat.” 

Far-left fringe group “ProgressNow NM,” which has actively supported the local Antifa chapter, started an unhinged petition demanding Sheriff Gonzales resign, claiming he is letting in “Trump’s Gestapo.” ProgressNow previously endorsed a series of tweets from Antifa doxxing fellow citizens they disagreed with on political views.

Law and order by the Bernalillo County Sheriff appear to be universally rejected by the leftist mob, hell-bent on destroying the Police Department, the Sheriff’s Office, and any other type of peace-keeping agency from doing their job. If merely meeting with President Trump can trigger such a response, it is inconceivable what lengths these people will go when the Sheriff begins implementing “Operation Legend”

Study: MLG’s ‘universal health care’ plan would devastate budget, require tax hike

On Monday, the 2019 Legislature-sanctioned study into the cost of Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s “universal health care” proposal was released. The study which was conducted by Maryland-based KNG Health Consulting reportedly cost the state $390,000 in taxpayer funds and showed multiple red flags to the Governor’s plan.

The study found that it would “improve affordability for low-income households,” while skyrocketing premiums for other families, and employer contributions. Payroll taxes likely would go up to pay for what could be as much as a $5.8 billion shortfall for the program over the first five years of the program.

“Still, additional funding sources may be needed to fully cover the cost of the program, depending on the structure of the plan,” the report states, despite it taking away funding from “duplicate” funding programs to help pay for it. 

According to the Associated Press, the report “also states that the use of health care services would likely increase as the vast majority of residents turn to public insurance.” 

“Under a state-administered plan, some segments of the private insurance industry would disappear, resulting in financial hardship to New Mexico households and businesses that are dependent on the industry, the report stated,” writes the AP. 

Despite the deficit the plan would create, as well as the massive ramifications to working families and small businesses, which includes an increase in taxes, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham insists that the universal health care program is “a non-negotiable priority” for her administration.

Hours after Judge’s ruling overturning MLG’s restaurant health order, NM Supreme Court kills it

On Monday, it was reported that the New Mexico Restaurant Association had won their lawsuit against Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, which accused the Governor of targeting the restaurant industry. 

According to KRQE News, “The lawsuit requested a temporary restraining order that now stops the governor from carrying on with the recently amended public health order. This means for the next 10 days, restaurants can open for indoor dining at 50% capacity. The reason the judge permitted restaurants to reopen for the next 10 days was because the State failed to file any response by the set deadline of July 20.” 

New Mexico Restaurant Association’s attorney Antonia Roybal-Mack said the Governor “is making decisions without fact and as a result of that, those decisions are void,” also saying that the Judge’s order “is the right decision for restaurants.” 

“After the July 30 hearing hopefully (the injunction) can be extended. I think the evidence is going to be clear to the judge and to everybody else that restaurants are not the cause of COVID-19 spread,” said Roybal Mack.

It’s unclear what will happen after the 10-day mark, however, the public health order in question expires on July 30th.

Previously, New Mexico Restaurant Association CEO Carol Wight estimated that the health order would plunge the state’s restaurant industry into further decline possibly wiping out 20% of all restaurants in the state permanently.

After the Court’s decision, New Mexico House Republican Leader Jim Townsend applauded the injunction, saying, “One person cannot make all the decisions for New Mexico, the Governor was elected to work for the people and unfortunately some of her decisions have really hurt New Mexicans.” He continued, “If the Governor and her staff had not made this political, I believe that our state would have continued to slow the spread as we were just a few weeks ago.”

UPDATE, 5:25 P.M.:

Gov. Lujan Grisham petitioned the New Mexico Supreme Court to grant a “Stay of Temporary Restraining Order” following a lower court judge allowing restaurants to reopen indoor dining.

According to KOB 4, “The state Supreme Court granted the stay, and ordered the governor and the suing parties, which including the New Mexico Restaurant Association, to submit their arguments by next week.”

MLG raises campaign cash off of coronavirus-related email and survey

On Friday, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s campaign sent out an email touting the Governor’s supposed work she’s done to “mitigate COVID-19.” It then goes on to say, “So first and foremost, welcome to this online community. Now let’s hit the ground running – with a face mask!” 

The email also boasted about the Governor’s penchant for pursuing “moonshot” spending on public education, the state’s raising of the minimum wage, and the passage of New Mexico’s “Energy Transition Act,” also referred to as the state’s “Green New Deal” to combat the “climate crisis.” The email then asks respondents to “take a survey” to let Lujan Grisham know what the email openers’ “top priorities” are, closing with “I’m dreaming big in these trying times because I know my work won’t end anytime soon, and there’s so much I can do to help.”

Once respondents click the survey, they are met with the question, “During the COVID-19 pandemic, do you think Democratic Governors have led where national leadership has failed?” The confusing-sounding item appears to checkmate people into either agreeing that every Democrat governor is leading during COVID-19 or not.

The next question asks, “Under Democratic leadership in New Mexico, we’ve passed so many important pieces of legislation. Which ones are you most excited about?” Multiple vague choices are given, such as “protecting our seniors” and “creating new job opportunities,” which also appears to be another catch-22 for respondents. None of the options show specific bill names, and they trick the respondent into thinking the Governor has done close to miraculous things. However, the jury is still out on the options given — especially on job creation — as families are suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The next page says, “New Mexico Democrats are on a mission to deliver a moonshot for our public education system. We’ve already passed several landmark bills that will invest in public education, increase educator salaries and establish a framework for community schools that will serve New Mexico’s families.” Then the question “Do you think it’s important that we keep fighting for our children and educators” is posed, forcing the respondent to either be against children and teachers by clicking “no” or agreeing that Democrats have somehow created an education paradise with “yes.” 

After the education question, the next page gives a blank box for respondents to answer what their priorities are, with the final question asking, “How important is it to you that we have a Democratic Governor leading New Mexico and fighting for our communities this year?” The answer choices range from “extremely important” to “not at all important.” 

Then, a page pops up asking — or more accurately — begging for a $5 donation, even though the survey says “times are tough.” No option is given to opt-out of giving, with either the option “Yes, I’ll give $5” or “Yes, and I can give more!” 

The Donation page features a photograph of Lujan Grisham with her arms crossed and the text “Donate now to help Michelle Lujan Grisham defend New Mexico values.” It is unclear what Lujan Grisham believes are “New Mexico values,” however, using COVID-19 in a hook to get people to donate to one’s campaign in a non-election year doesn’t appear to be a value shared by many New Mexicans. 

As Lujan Grisham has closed down the state with crippling bans on most activities, including restaurants, the ramifications of the strict mandates are increasing rapidly. The New Mexico Restaurant Association estimates that 20% of restaurants in the state will close for good due to the Governor’s ban on indoor dining and only 50% capacity outdoor dining allowed, while hotels are facing abysmal occupancy rates due to the governor’s strict 14-day quarantine mandate for out-of-state visitors. Massive demonstrations have erupted across the state in protest to the Governor’s lockdown.

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