Lujan Grisham’s anti-gun attempts again make national news

New Mexico’s far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who is intent on yanking guns from law-abiding citizens, is again making national headlines for her screeds against guns.

“The constitutionality questions are beginning to be very complicated in the arena of gun violence,” Lujan Grisham said at a press conference Friday, which was reported on the front page of Fox News on Saturday. The far-left governor added, “We are going to continue this effort, following what is going on around the country.”

“There will be others who will follow in our footsteps, creating their own public safety corridors, which in effect also make New Mexicans safer,” she said of her rabidly anti-Second Amendment proposals.

According to the New Mexico Shooting Sports Association, the governor wants to bring forward the following during the upcoming 30-day session.

  • A semi-automatic rife ban modeled after the failed federal proposal from Senator Heinrich
  • Banning the carrying of firearms in parks, playgrounds, and near polling places
  • Raising the age limit to purchase firearms to 21
  • A 14-day waiting period when purchasing a gun
  • Expanding New Mexico’s “red-flag” gun confiscation law (HB27)
  • Making it easier to sue gun manufacturers and retailers

On the other side, Republicans are launching pro-Second Amendment proposals, including Rep. Stefani Lord’s bill to create tax incentives for buying firearm safes, Rep. Block’s proposals to institute constitutional carry and reduce gross receipts taxes on guns and ammunition, as well as other proposals to incentivize gun safe ownership.


22 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham’s anti-gun attempts again make national news”

  1. Thank you Sheriffs for doing nothing. She should be expelled from multiple NM counties if the Sheriffs DID THEIR JOBS and upheld their oaths.

    1. What exactly do you mean by “expelled”…? I am very curious and on the point about the Sheriffs doing nothing have you not been paying attention? Sheriff Ferrari has launched an investigation of NMAGV for their illegal gun “buyback” activities. The Sheriffs are perhaps the most supportive group of the 2A. What are your plans for the upcoming session? Are you going to attend and speak at hearings? Are you going to the rally on February 3rd?

      1. Expelled meaning don’t allow her to set foot in each one’s County. She has broken Constitutional Law and is a threat to livelihoods of NM business owners and families. Criminals need consequences for their actions, not petitioning her to stop committing crimes. She has broken the law out in the open, so protect the citizens from her crimes just as any other criminal.

        1. Good luck with all that. There are other ways to address this but vague and wishful thinking isn’t going to help anyone.

  2. She didn’t even follow public health rules when she showed up at the press conference suffering from the flu and wearing a mask. Public exposure trumps health safety.

  3. She speaks with a forked tongue

    She keeps talking out of both sides of her mouth. Banning guns to protect children in parks, etc. is a public health order, but banning abortions is not. And considering there are so many Catholics in NM, which I think she also claims to be. Further, the general public is in a position to defend themselves and homes against criminals she is allowing to walk the streets. So how many Constitutional Rights can she violate?

  4. Who is going to enforce these unconstitutional laws? I hope police officers know that last year the little tyrant took there protection away. We have the right to personally sue any law enforcement for violating our rights. I support the blue but if the violate my right I will sue the crap out of them and there kids family.

  5. The crazy evil governor is at it again. She’ll never stop trying to take away our rights and why hasn’t she been impeached yet? Oh wait… that’s right, the Democrats her comrades owned the house a.k.a. the Roundhouse. It’s pretty disgusting. I don’t know why people voted that crazy evil woman into office in the first place let alone a second term, she’s killing New Mexico that’s for sure. She’s barking up the wrong tree when it comes to taking away our guns.

  6. The sooner the piglet is marched out of the roundhouse in handcuffs the better off New Mexico will be!!! The issue she fails to act on is the punks.thugs, and druggies she and the NO CAJONES` judges ,and NO MORALS lawyers keep letting out of jail to run the streets!

  7. This will not stop when this POS is gone. They have brainwashed the younger voters and probably cheat in some districts. All ederal Court informs her what she is doing is illegal. Returning part of NM to the Texas Republic is a choice or move to OK and turn that State even more “RED”. Just some thoughts.

  8. I challenge everyone to talk to their neighbors, co-workers, anyone that will listen. Ask what they think about the 2A, cutting of our kids sexual organs, the killing of babies. I bet you will realize many more NMs are conservatives than you relieve. Once you get folks talking explain to them what a POS our governor is along with other elected official that are for that are against what the people want. Eyes need to be opened so folks vote conservative. (yes conservative happens to fall in with republicans but that is our next step, to get rid of RINOs.)

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