MLG praises ‘brave’ rioters after thrice being interrupted by racist chants

In Santa Fe on Tuesday, far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham delivered the State of the State address outlining her legislative agenda. This agenda includes a few measures to combat violent crime, enhance public education, expand affordable housing, and tackle “climate change” and drought issues while snatching New Mexicans’ gun rights. The speech coincided with the commencement of a 30-day legislative session focused on allocating a budget surplus for the next fiscal year.

During the address, Governor Lujan Grisham proposed embedding specialists in underperforming schools to boost student support, addressing the state’s educational challenges. She emphasized the need for accountability in the use of funds allocated for public education to improve outcomes.

Protests disrupted the session three times, shouting about climate change and shouting the antisemitic chant, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” interrupting official proceedings. They were all escorted out, but not without Lujan Grisham applauding them for their “brave” protest while saying, “That takes courage.” 

The governor also mentioned she wants $170 million for energy storage projects, including batteries, geothermal electricity, and hydrogen fuel. This comes amid expectations of a record $13 billion state income for the upcoming fiscal year.

Democrat leaders in the state legislature have proposed a moderate 5.9% increase in general fund spending, prioritizing sustainable government programs and cautioning against overreliance on fluctuating oil and gas revenues, despite legislation passed by the Legislature in the last few years to cripple the oil and gas industry.

Gov. Lujan Grisham, however, is advocating for a more substantial spending increase, with plans including a $500 million housing initiative and a $40 million program to combat homelessness.

The governor also highlighted her anti-gun agenda, including extending background check wait periods, regulating “assault-style rifles,” and raising the minimum age for purchasing semiautomatic rifles and shotguns to 21.

In response to “climate change” concerns, the governor proposed tax incentives for electric vehicle purchases and the development of alternative water sources from the byproducts of oil and gas drilling.


22 thoughts on “MLG praises ‘brave’ rioters after thrice being interrupted by racist chants”

    1. I don’t think she’s dumb, but rather she’s just spouting the Marxist agenda of the far left. It’s all about subjecting as many as possible to government implemented.

  1. MLG might as well have congratulated Hamas for raping, mutilating, beheading, and burning over a thousand innocent Israelis.

  2. Ok, so actual citizens were “walled” out of the Roundhouse a few years ago, yet MLG will “allow’ this behavior during her speech. Perhaps MLG listens to that roar as cheers and applause of support for the stance her and her democrat cronies are pushing on New Mexicans.
    Thank you Mr. Block for sharing this from your perspective, however New Mexico (Gente) is this what you want leading this state in a few years?

  3. MLG won’t listen to the average citizen but “condones” this. By the way, who is the “representative in the red “hat”?

    1. I commend the “Honesty” in this video, but in this video I denounce the opportunistic opportunity for “Trump Derangement Syndrome”!

  4. The haters at protests across the US overstep their free speech rights in inappropriate locations and times.

    Time to quit coddling them.

    1. Paul, herein is the actual issue. MLG is not the only one in the roundhouse, or other National leadership who feel just as she does. This is the reason her party needs to be voted out!

  5. The Marxists are in charge of the NM government. The question is, what are we going to do about it? If you do not talk to folks and inform them without insulting them, you are doing our state a injustice. Spears the word of the bad deeds of the NM government such as the supporting of killing and raping of babies and girls in Gaza, the cutting off sexual organs of our children in NM, the spending of your tax dollars to make the CCP rich on things that do not help NM, information about NM which has the worst schools in the nation, the forcing of NMs to buy electric cars which many cannot afford nor will electric cars work for where we live in NM. Please speed the word in our stores, in our supermarkets and restaurants. Most NMs have conservative values. We just have to remind NM or who they really are.

  6. She also said she going to have abortion clinics all over the state. She went to St.Michaels and is apparently a Catholic and said God Bless. She is not Catholic if she’s supports abortion up to birth. Archbishop John Wester said she should not even take communion. I have gone to Church for 20 yrs. My Father always talks about abortion. I attend Bible Study. How often do you think she goes to church. It’s probably because people she would definitely get voiced displeasure. She obviously doesn’t care about the Roe and Wade judgment and basically like Hitler slamming her philosophies. She started saying that and everyone was clapping.

  7. Antisemitic Govenor. Citizens of New Mexico must have cotton or ear plus in their ear’s not to hear this. The Jewish community has contributed more for this world then the Palestines has ever done.

    These students are nothing but “useful idiots” to the Marxism ideology.

  8. Absolutely pre-planned and contrived – a set up so that the tyrant could call them “brave” and demonstrate her agreement with their words without speaking the words herself.

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