ABQ nightmare — young child’s death reveals horrifying abuse

​​The state of New Mexico, and particularly its city of Albuquerque, has recently been grappling with a disturbing increase in violent crimes, a situation highlighted by a harrowing incident involving the abuse and subsequent death of a three-year-old girl. This tragic case not only underscores the growing concern over crime in the region but also brings to light the complex web of issues, including domestic violence and child abuse, that law enforcement agencies must navigate.

In a recent distressing event, the Albuquerque Police Department’s Crimes Against Children Unit (CACU) was compelled to take action following the death of a young girl. The investigation led to the arrest of four adults, including the mother of the deceased child. The suspects, who had recently migrated from Massachusetts to New Mexico, were found to have a history of violence in other states. This incident points to a larger pattern of violence migrating across state lines, contributing to the safety concerns in New Mexico.

Kerri Anne Santos, a 33-year-old mother, presented a chilling narrative when she arrived at the University of New Mexico Hospital with her three children, one of whom was already deceased. Santos claimed that after leaving Massachusetts and traveling through New Mexico, she noticed her daughter was unwell. According to her account, the child sustained injuries after falling from a toilet at a gas station. However, the hospital staff quickly recognized signs of foul play and alerted the authorities.

Upon examination, the child was found to have multiple bruises and ligature marks indicative of abuse. This prompted a thorough investigation by the APD’s Crimes Against Children detectives. The involvement of law enforcement in Massachusetts revealed a troubling history of domestic violence and concerns about Santos using drugs in the presence of her children.

Further investigation unraveled a more sinister scenario. Two other adults, Christina Hopkins Pena-Cantor and her son, Austin Bing, along with James Welch, were implicated in the case. It was discovered that these individuals, together with Santos and her children, had been staying at Welch’s residence in Albuquerque. Alarming details emerged, including allegations of the children being sexually molested and the deceased child being bound with shoelaces.

This case is not isolated in its severity or nature in New Mexico. The state has witnessed a series of violent crimes, contributing to a growing sense of unease among its residents. From domestic disputes escalating into fatalities to incidents of child abuse culminating in tragedy, the pattern of violence in New Mexico paints a grim picture.

The collaborative efforts of various agencies, including CYFD, the Office of the Medical Investigator, University of New Mexico social workers, All Faiths Safehouse, the District Attorney’s Office, and the FBI, were instrumental in responding to this case. Their involvement highlights the multifaceted approach needed to address such complex and deeply rooted social issues.

The arrest warrants issued for Santos, Pena-Cantor, Bing, and Welch signify a step toward justice for the young victim. However, this incident serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing struggle against crime in New Mexico and the need for concerted efforts to safeguard the most vulnerable members of society.


14 thoughts on “ABQ nightmare — young child’s death reveals horrifying abuse”

  1. Back in the late 60’s and early 70’s, we were promised by the pro-abortion lobby that abortion on demand, “every child a wanted child” would eliminate child abuse. Instead, after 60 million abortions, we see more horrific child abuse than ever, not including the horrific deaths by dismemberment of those 60 million unborn babies. In NM, child abuse cases have increased even as abortion access through all nine months of pregnancy has been available to all. Added to this war on children is the trans movement to multilate and permanently disfigure and harm children before they have a chance to grow up. And the commercialization of child sexual abuse has hit record levels of even known abuse. We cannot survive if we continue to slaughter our own children.

  2. Absolutely disgusting and shameful. Nothing will be done about this. The DA in Alb. will do nothing, no one will be punished. The Marxist midget in Santa Fe will not utter a word because it doesn’t fit her agenda. She does not care about any child, not the thousands that are aborted here every year or the ones that are abused in custody of CYFD or the ones who die from drug overdoses. She “cared” about one, the 9 year old that was shot, which gave her the opportunity to take away your right and ability to defend your children from these predators. Clown world!

    1. Mike, I kindly disagree with you on the DA’s work on child abuse victims. The issue is with the courts. Judges being the liberal minded nonsense enter the judgement. These District and Federal judges look at the spirit of the law instead of the strict meaning of the law and use their wide discretion to allow these monsters to get out of jail, instead of sentences that should be proper and meet the crime. It is George Soros doing by spending millions upon millions giving money to elect these brain-dead judges and Da’s around our country. I have been a lifelong Republican since I first voted. Sam Bregman would be one democrat I would vote for.

  3. Forget keeping an eye out for child abusers, Your Thighness, you’ve got to concentrate on shredding our rights and disarming us Deplorables. That’s where the big money is and that’s who you hope to hitch your plump “little” star to. You’ve got your snout fixed on that Yankee carpetbaggers senate seat for your next government meal ticket, Although you deserve a cell at Terra Haute for your treason maybe Lurch Kerry will hire you for a gofer on the Global Change Climate Warming scam.

  4. The lack of action on behalf of APD, the NM representatives, the mayor of Albuquerque should tell you enough. They are all part of one click, who support pedophilia, murder, abuse, drugs, etc. Or, they are unable to move against this corrupt monster.
    The only answer is pray, pray, fall on your knees and beg God to wake up everyone, and to judge evil that day.
    ” Ask, and it shall be given…”

  5. I do not see how anyone can condone child abuse. However, the policies of the progressive left Democrats over the last 60 years have created the setting for increased child abuse. They have destroyed the family, devalued life and have excused the use of drugs. All the problems in our society/culture can be blamed on their sick idea of a society. Go ahead people. Keep electing liberals and you will only get more of this rot.

  6. Agree with most of the above, and folks do go to prison and they come out so they are no longer taken care of while in prison. I say change your voting habits, NM is mostly conservative but folks vote democrat. Let vote right.

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