Vasquez’s ties to pro-Palestinian extremists revealed

In a recent development that has sparked widespread debate, Democratic politician Gabe Vasquez has been linked to radical pro-Palestine groups, raising questions about his political alliances and beliefs. This connection surfaced following the discovery of Vasquez’s participation in a 2018 rally, where he was photographed speaking in front of a poster bearing the slogan, “From Palestine to Mexico, all walls gotta go.” This phrase has become a controversial rallying cry for various advocacy groups that are critical of immigration policies and Israel’s actions in Palestine. 

The slogan has a history of association with extreme advocacy groups and has been notably used in protests against U.S. immigration policies and in demonstrations against Israel. It made appearances in 2017 during airport protests, at UC Santa Barbara, and was prominently chanted at a 2016 protest outside the AIPAC Policy Conference. The recent resurgence of the slogan, especially in light of the latest Palestine-Israel conflict, has been evident at events such as the disruption of Anthony Blinken’s Capitol Hill hearing, a march in Washington DC, and a Baltimore Harbor Christmas Village event.

The U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR), known for its strong criticism of Israel, has been credited with popularizing this rallying cry. The USCPR has made several controversial statements, labeling Israel as an apartheid state and accusing it of genocide and occupation.

Other radical and antisemitic groups have also used the slogan. Code Pink, a Left-wing international advocacy group, has utilized similar phrasing in their discussions of the Gaza security fence and the Mexico border wall. United We Dream, a youth-led organization, has echoed the sentiment on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Amid these revelations, questions arise regarding Vasquez’s stance. Does he align with these radical groups and their advocacy against securing the southern border?

National Republican Congressional Committee Spokeswoman Delanie Bomar commented on the matter, saying, “Whether it’s supporting open borders, defunding law enforcement, or rallying behind antisemitic causes, there’s always a new radical low for Gabe Vasquez. His extremism is out of control, and he’s massively out of step with hardworking, commonsense New Mexicans.”

This controversy emerged just days after Vasquez downplayed the significance of border issues, prompting CNN anchor John Berman to challenge his perspective. In addition, Vasquez’s call for a ceasefire in the Palestine-Israel conflict aligns him with other groups labeled as extreme. His previous statements regarding the southern border crisis and efforts to secure the border have been contentious.

With a recent influx of 302,000 illegal immigrants crossing the southern border in December, which directly affects Vasquez’s district, these connections and his past remarks have become a focal point of concern and discussion.


20 thoughts on “Vasquez’s ties to pro-Palestinian extremists revealed”

    1. Isn’t it interesting stuff when the secrets get exposed…?

      He simply has the same globalist ideals that MLG has. If New Mexicans do not open their eyes and see clearly that agenda, then the New Mexico we once knew and loved will no longer reflect the history and tradition we currently hold so dear.

      Walls work and the border wall effort should be completed.

      1. I wonder how many people have ever heard of the Holdomor. How many have heard of the Nakba? Is it that the Socialist murders of millions of Jews, Catholics, Gypsies and others in the 1940s is the only example in world history of a genocide? Is it that it was responsible for more deaths than any of the others? Or is it because of better marketing?

        Was there a “Master Race” in Socialist Germany? Is there a “Chosen People” in Palestine? Is there a substantive difference? Did the west largely ignore the Shoah? Is the western press doing what it can to ignore a similar genocide going on at this moment? Is this willful ignorance one of the factors that allowed the Shoah to continue? Will we one day wring our hands concerning the current genocide and plead, “but we didn’t know”? So many questions.

          1. One of the great problems we have today is that people simply repeat what they watch on TV or hear on their radios. No one wants to learn for themselves. So rather than tell someone what something means, I would prefer to see that person inform themselves. In that manner they can cure themselves of “ill-informed yokelism”.

        1. “One of the great problems we have today is that people simply repeat what they watch on TV or hear on their radios. No one wants to learn for themselves. So rather than tell someone what something means, I would prefer to see that person inform themselves. In that manner they can cure themselves of “ill-informed yokelism”.”

          Very weak deflection, Baruch. This is to be expected from true “heroes” of the cause. Or something.

  1. Why don’t we advocate for both the October 7th victims of Hamas as well as over 20,000 Gaza citizens that Netanyahu killed in response, instead of making it a stupid political issue. How sick to exploit murder for an agenda.

    I am sick and tired of the conditional politicization of human lives! This is why America is under judgement. DC murders people around the world and we don’t pray for the PEOPLE. We make it about politics.

    500,000 dead in Iraq and Syria and where are the prayers of repentance over this sick nation?

    1. Amen JT thank you for your insightful message. Most Americans have no concept of fairness nor history, they simply regurgitate the lies that their masters have fed them! It seems that supporting murder and genocide is now the pastime of Americans regardless of what label they give themselves ie “conservatives “ , neocons or progressives.

      1. Felicitaciones, Norteno! You said it. Americans are brutally ignorant regarding history and ready to adopt whatever talking points their perceived “side” offers them, not understanding that these “sides” are managed by the same people and all lead to the same place. Everybody is just four years, at most, from “throwing the bums out” and electing the “right” people to office.

  2. Vasquez is just another ‘useful idiot’ for Islam…no doubt he loved Obama, as MLG and Heinrich rubber-stamped all his pro-Mohammad policies. This will never end, as the ignoramuses adore the ‘swarthy dark men in white robes’ who follow their Eternal Jihad. There is only one ‘final solution’ and nobody has the gut to say, much less do it.

    1. You do realize that Arabs are Semitic in origin, right? To suggest that their elimination is necessary is, then, a perfect example of anti-Semitism. Genocide against one group is immoral but against another group it is necessary. I sure hope we can pick the right group to be a part of ourselves.

  3. 14 Democrats joined with the Republicans in Congress to condemn Biden’s border policies. House Resolution 957, January 11, 2024.

    Neither Vasquez nor the other 2 NM Democratic Representatives joined them in this opposition. None of them are representing New Mexicans whom, I believe, the majority also do not support Biden’s open border policies.

    These 3 NM Reps must be replaced.

  4. His mother was a single parent I’m guessing because he would hang out with his Grandfather in Juarez whom owned a television repair shop there. He would have been better served by running for some position in the Government of Mexico or Chihuahua . He should be stripped of his American citizenship and sent packing just like Mayorkas should have done to him.

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