Trump’s amazing Iowa performance triggers Melanie Stansbury

In a striking display of political momentum, 45th President Donald Trump has decisively dominated the Iowa caucuses, outpacing his nearest GOP rival by over 30 points. This commanding lead has not only cemented the Republican primary landscape but has also sent shockwaves across the political spectrum for far-left Democrats, stirring reactions from various quarters, including New Mexico Democrat U.S. Representative Melanie Stansbury of the First District.

Stansbury, known for her extreme progressive viewpoint, expressed significant concern following Trump’s overwhelming victory in Iowa. Her reaction mirrors the broader apprehension among progressives, who view Trump’s resurgence as a challenge to their policy goals and a potential shift in the national political dialogue.

“Donald Trump is the biggest threat to our democracy. We must beat him in November,” wrote Stansbury, proceeding to beg for campaign donations following the massive victory by the 45th President.

Trump’s triumph in Iowa is more than a mere numerical victory; it’s a potent symbol of his enduring influence within the Republican Party and his ability to mobilize a substantial voter base. His more than 30-point lead over competitors like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is a testament to his continued appeal among GOP voters, despite the controversies and debates surrounding his presidency and subsequent political activities.

For progressives like Stansbury, Trump’s performance in Iowa is a call to action. It highlights the need for unity and strategic planning within the Democratic Party to counter the Trump-led Republican momentum. The far-left factions, in particular, see this as an imperative moment to reassess their positions and strategies in anticipation of a potential Trump candidacy in the 2024 presidential race.

Businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, who claimed to be one of the two “America First” candidates in the race, called it quits shortly after Trump’s victory.


18 thoughts on “Trump’s amazing Iowa performance triggers Melanie Stansbury”

    1. I hope so, too, and that’s what the progressives want. Their game is just beginning and getting us to relax and be complacent once more is crucial before they finally deliver the final blow to our republic.

  1. A typical Libtard comment and reaction
    News flash ( Fake news morons) Donald Trump is exactly what our great nation needs at this time
    I hope he guts all the liars haters and god bless him and our great nation

    1. I say it a lot on here: Santa Fe needs a REAL insurrection, because they clearly don’t know what that word means, plus, it’s way past time. The kind that Marie Antoinette got…with throngs of torch-armed citizens, dragging a guillotine into the square. Wipe out every office in that building, then go for the Governor’s mansion.

      This state isn’t going to get better until the trash is taken out, and it’s not going to take itself out.

  2. Stansbury is a radical and rabid Leftist…as exhibited by her recent performances in the numerous Congressional hearings….How can such a lying hypocrite be elected by New Mexican DemocRats? It illustrates their ignorance and brainwashing by our local Media.

  3. She’s one of the two types of snakes we in New Mexico do not trust! The other snake is the calm rattlesnake that doesn’t seek you out to attack. The corruption of New Mexico politics needs shut down NOW!! Arresting,handcuffing and dragging the piglet out of the roundhouse will be a good start!

  4. The democrats democracy is a code word for communism/nazism.. they don’t have a clue that we are not a democracy but a representative republic. Which means we are supposed to be represented by our legislators. But our elected officials don’t represent us the follow the party line.

  5. Don’t jump the ‘gun’. The election isn’t over yet… the other idiom, “Don’t put all your eggs into one basket.”

  6. The Democrats use the word Democracy to scare the naive and uneducated into believing that their freedom is in peril. Unfortunately, the Progressive Left’s definition of democracy is Socialism. Our state, and most of our country, has been brainwashed, and they are now indoctrinating our children, to believe that conservative values and capitalism are evil. Trump possibly could squeak out a win against Biden, but there is a very good chance that Biden will drop out of the race after winning the Democrat primary. The Dems don’t want Kamala, so they will appoint a candidate who will appeal to the Left and Moderates. Conservative Republicans will lose again because although Trump is the best candidate, he is the least likely to win the General election in November.

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