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TAKE ACTION: Contact NM school boards and urge them to pass ‘mask-choice’ resolutions

The group New Mexico Freedoms Alliance (NMFA) is asking New Mexicans to reach out to their school boards to take after Floyd Municipal School District and pass resolutions to make mask-wearing optional. 

Despite the New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) trying to use Floyd as an example and “suspend” the five duly elected members of the board from service to the community that elected them, the Floyd School Board contends that the NMPED does not have the authority to do such a thing.

“This is State Government overriding the rights of parents to be represented by their local school board officials, who are closely familiar with the community, and elected by the parents,” NMFA contends

Here is a list provided by NMFA of people to contact to urge a “mask-choice” resolution:


  • Kevin Summers, Superintendent –, 505-334-9474
  • Fran Dobey – 
  • Jimmy Dusenbery – 
  • Laci Phillips – 
  • Paul Bandy – 
  • Amanda Miller – 


  • Dr. Gerry Washburn, Superintendent – 575-234-3300
  • Ron Singleton – 
  • David Shoup – 
  • Simon Rubio – 
  • Robbie Chacon – 


  • Ray Maestas, Superintendent –, 575-374-9611
  • Kim Leal – 
  • Rick Baker – 
  • Owida Franz – 
  • Levi Irwin – 
  • John Trujillo – 


  • Tana Daugherty –, 575-601-4416 ext. 177
  • Gerold Green – 
  • Kody Adams – 
  • Lance Wright – 
  • Dan Hughes – 
  • Danny Ward – 


  • Dwain Haynes, Superintendent – 575-394-2524
  • Rosendo Caballero – 
  • Matt Coy – 
  • Ashley Davis – 
  • David Gallegos – 
  • Kenneth Reed – 


  • TJ Parks, Superintendent –, 575-433-0100
  • Gary Eidson – 
  • Peggy Appleton – 
  • Patricia Jones – 
  • Joe Calderon – 
  • Terry O’Brain – 


  • LeAnne Gandy, Superintendent –, 575-739-2200
  • Dymorie Maker – 
  • Mara Salcido – 
  • Greg Maxie – 
  • Pattiann Ancell – 
  • Dale Dunlap – 


  • Jeff Gephart, Superintendent –, 575-533-6242 ext. 1023
  • Sharon Armijo – 
  • Sam Nicolds – 
  • Bobby Ricks – 
  • Linda Cooke – 
  • Jaqueline Fryar – 


  • Brian Luck, Superintendent –, 575-627-2500
  • Milburn Dolen – (575) 420-9018
  • James Edwards – (575) 420-0559
  • Mona Kirk – (575) 626-4049
  • Hope Morales – (575) 626-3437
  • Hilda Sanchez – (575) 317-3469


  • James Sanborn –
  • Mark Flores –
  • Whitney Goler –
  • Susan Trujillo –
  • Pascualito Maestas –


  • Rusty Henard – 
  • Travis Glenn – 
  • Daniel Palacios – 
  • Dan Partin –

Suggested talking points provided by the group are below:

  • Stand up for our children.  Vote to make masks and social distancing optional in our school district.
  • Local school districts need to be able to represent the families in their districts. We need to take back local control of our schools.
  • My children are suffering XYZ (PUT YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCE HERE) from wearing masks in school. Please vote to make masks optional in our school district. 
  • NM children are suffering from the mask mandates. Although some children have no problems wearing masks, there are others who are suffering from blackouts, nosebleeds, headaches, dizziness, and vomiting due to masks. You can see some NM children telling their experiences with masks here:
  • My child cannot learn properly while wearing a mask.  (ADD PERSONAL EXPERIENCE HERE)
  • Masks make it very difficult for children to learn reading and spelling.  They cannot hear the letter sounds properly when voices are muffled due to masks.
  • A German study of 25,930 school children found that 68% had negative health impacts from wearing masks, including headaches (53%), dizziness (27%), shortness of breath (30%), fainting (2%), vomiting (2%) and impaired learning (38%).
  • A recent analysis by a University of Florida lab, which tested facemasks worn by schoolchildren, identified 11 dangerous pathogens on the coverings, including bacteria that cause diphtheria, pneumonia and meningitis.
  • School districts around the world and in USA states such as Florida, Texas, South Dakota, and Idaho have demonstrated that mask mandates are not required for safe operation of schools or athletics.
  • Nationally, children have a 99.997% survival rate from COVID-19.  
  • In New Mexico, only 0.7% of child COVID-19 cases have resulted in hospitalization.
  • All students must be allowed to unmask, regardless of their immunization status.
  • Organizations, schools, school boards, school nurses, and government officials who impose mask mandates can be held personally liable for any injuries or damages that occur as a result of these policies.

NM Redistricting Committee holding Thursday hearing at Highlands University in Las Vegas

On Thursday, August 5, 2021, the New Mexico Citizens Redistricting Committee will be holding a hearing in Las Vegas, New Mexico to discuss redrawing state House, state Senate, congressional, and Public Education Commission maps.

This redistricting year is the first in the state’s history where citizens are allowed to submit their very own district maps along with written testimony fo free.

According to the committee staff, “Use the public input portal to submit a map or written testimony.  The link to do that is here. Submit a Public Comment or Map – New Mexico Citizens Redistricting Committee ( This is the first time that communities have had access to this kind of FREE mapping technology during redistricting to help policy makers better understand and respect what we want and need in terms of representation.”

In order to ensure fair districts are drawn, New Mexicans are encouraged to submit their maps to keep communities of interest together and to ensure the maps do not give any side a partisan advantage. The Committee will listen to concerns from voters and make determinations based upon the public’s input, which makes attending these meetings extremely important.

Tomorrow’s Las Vegas, New Mexico meeting information is below:

New Mexico Highlands University, Student Union Building, Governance Room SUB 320

The Citizen Redistricting Committee will hold a public meeting on Thursday, August 5, 2021 from 3pm to 7pm or until adjourned, to provide members of the public an opportunity to share public comment and testimony with the Committee before they begin the development of district maps for New Mexico’s offices to be redistricted.

To submit a public comment, district plan, or community of interest online, visit the CRC’s Public Redistricting Portal.

For in-person attendance at meetings:

Masks are required for those who have not been vaccinated and encouraged for those who have been vaccinated. You are also encouraged to practice social distancing.

To attend the meeting virtually, please see the details below:  

Agenda & Meeting Materials: Click here

NMHU COVID notice 

Join Zoom meeting through internet browser: 

Meeting ID: 874 5445 7724

Dial-in Number: 1 (346) 248-7799 

Passcode: 247365

CRC Rules of Procedure 

The Redistricting Committee meetings begin this week. The first round of eight meetings can be accessed here: Meetings & Transparency – New Mexico Citizens Redistricting Committee ( There will be a second round of meetings in late September and early October. All meetings should be Zoom accessible if you cannot attend in-person. 

NM Redistricting Committee meeting Monday to consider congressional, state House, Senate plans

On Monday at 3:00 p.m., the New Mexico Redistricting Committee will meet at the Santa Fe Capitol to consider congressional, state House, state Senate, and Public Education Commission plans, among other items.

Redistricting has become contentious in the state, despite the “independent” commission, with far-left Democrat lawmakers having a lot to gain by gerrymandering seats to favor Democrats. However, the redistricting process will now have the ability to at least hear the citizens’ petitions and requests for redrawing district maps. 

Speaker of the House Brian Egolf already noted how he aims to draw out Republican Congresswoman Yvette Herrell from ever winning the Second District again.

Previously on a Zoom call with a left-wing group, Retake Our Democracy, Egolf blasted the idea of an independent redistricting commission, saying, “I think that it puts at unacceptable peril a woman’s right to choose, environmental protection, fairness in taxation.” He added, “It puts at tremendous peril all of the progressive causes that we care about.”

During House floor consideration of the bill, the measure passed 64-2 with Rep. Eliseo Alcon (D-Cibola & McKinley) and now-disgraced former Majority Leader Sheryl Williams Stapleton (D-Bernalillo) voting against it. 

Fair districts are important for New Mexicans, especially to keep partisan extremists from influencing the process. To keep these political bad actors out of the process, the Committee must hear from everyday New Mexicans that want fair districts drawn to reflect the cultural, economic, and geographical communities of interest that our state deserves — not to meet partisan ends by far-left groups.

In order to join, you can either attend in-person or via Zoom. 

All the information you will need to attend is below, including the agenda, Zoom link, and rules of the committee: 

The Citizen Redistricting Committee will hold a public meeting on Monday, August 2, 2021 from 3pm to 7pm or until adjourned, to provide members of the public an opportunity to share public comment and testimony with the Committee before they begin the development of district maps for New Mexico’s offices to be redistricted.

For in-person attendance at meetings:

Masks are required for those who have not been vaccinated and encouraged for those who have been vaccinated. You are also encouraged to practice social distancing.

To attend the meeting virtually, please see the details below:  

Agenda & Meeting Materials: View or Download Here

Join Zoom meeting through internet browser:

Meeting ID: 858 2257 4375

Dial-in Number: 1 (346) 248-7799

Passcode: 247365

CRC Rules of Procedure 

Citizens are also encouraged to draw their own district maps and submit public comments via the New Mexico redistricting portal, which can be found here.

UPDATED: New Mexicans holding July 31 statewide school mask protest

While a majority of states in the country have no school mask mandate, New Mexico’s schoolchildren are still being forced to wear masks, even when playing outdoor sports in 100+ degree heat, according to the group New Mexico Freedoms Alliance.

“It’s not healthy for children to breathe through masks because the reduced oxygen and increased carbon dioxide is dangerous,” the group contends, adding that Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s “recent change to allow vaccinated athletes to be unmasked is not enough; ALL students must be allowed to unmask, regardless of their vaccination status.”

So, on Saturday, July 31, citizens are organizing protests against school mask policies statewide, from Albuquerque to Carlsbad. So far, seven cities are participating, but the list of areas joining in the effort is expected to grow.

  • ALAMOGORDO – 2pm – Corner of 10th Street and White Sands Blvd – Contact Ben at 575-921-5650 or
  • ALBUQUERQUE – 10am – 1005 Osuna, Vista del Norte Park – Contact Erin at or Karen at
  • ARTESIA – 10am – Corner of Main & 7th – Contact Stacey at 575-343-1234• BELEN – 10am – Corner of Main and Reinken – Contact Regina at 505-550-0918• CARLSBAD – 1pm – Eddy County Courthouse Lawn – Contact Christy Bryant at 575-361-7779
  • CLOVIS – TUESDAY AUG 3 at 11:30am – Clovis Municipal School Central Office, 1009 N Main St – Contact
  • DEMING – 10am – Deming Public Schools Emmett Shockley Building, 400 Cody Road
  • EDGEWOOD – 10am – Corner of Rout 66 and 344 – Contact Karisa at
  • FARMINGTON – 10am – Main Street, Grassy Area in Front of Applebee’s, Near the Mall– Contact Lorna at 480-589-3856
  • LAS CRUCES – 10am – Albert Johnson Park on corner of Main and Picacho – Contact Daniel at
  • LOGAN – 10am – Cowboy Chuckwagon Parking Lot, 122 HWY 154 – Contact Tonya at 970-396-2222
  • LOS LUNAS – 10am – Corner of Los Cerritos and Main Street, in front of Applebee’s – Contact Valerie at 505-261-2209
  • MORIARTY – 10am – Crossly Park, at corner of Route 66 and HWY 41
  • PORTALES – 10am – Courthouse on the square – Contact Nicole at
  • RIO RANCHO – 10am – Corner of Southern and 528
  • ROSWELL – 10am – 912 N Main St, in front of Roswell Convention Center – Contact Daniel at 575-937-8476 or
  • RUIDOSO – 10am – School House Park, 501 Sudderth Drive – Contact Shane at 575-937-4948 or
  • SANTA FE – 10:30am – Salvador Perez Train Park at 601 Alta Vista – Contact Kristi at 505-204-8261 or
  • SILVER CITY – 10am – Gough Park, Corner of 12th St and Pope St
  • TUCUMCARI – 10am – Corner of First and Route 66 Blvd, next to the old Hardee’s – Contact Fran at 575-403-5758 or

If your location is not on the list, the organization asks citizens to volunteer to lead a protest in their underrepresented area. “Select a high-visibility location, and then we will help spread the word, make a flyer for you to use, help with press/media outreach, etc. Please email Sarah at to get involved,” writes the Alliance.

The group has organized anti-forced school masking rallies previously across the state, with much success. But as the school year comes right around the corner, the added pressure on the governor is critical in stopping these mandates from continuing.

Sec. of State to hold hearing on stripping mail-in ballot verification protections, opening door to fraud

On Thursday, the Secretary of State’s Office will hold a hearing at the Roundhouse on proposed election rule changes to 1.10.15 NMAC regarding voting administration and mail-in ballot verification processes and 1.10.19 NMAC, a “new Secured Containers Rule.” 

These changes would directly impact the security of elections in New Mexico, especially with the proposed rule, written to take effect on August 24, 2021, which would flatly strip out section, which gives requirements for ballot verification with the last four digits of a social security number, signature matching, and notifications sent to voters of their ballots being rejected, giving the voter the opportunity to “cure” their ballot at their local city clerk’s office. 

Some of the portions proposed to be stricken by Secretary Maggie Toulouse Oliver  include:

A. Upon receipt of a mailed ballot, the county clerk shall remove the privacy flap to verify that the voter signed the official mailing envelope and to confirm that the last four digits of the social security number provided by the voter matches the information on the voter’s certificate of registration. 

B. If either the voter’s signature is missing or the last four digits of the voter’s social security number are not provided or do not match, the county clerk shall reject the mailed ballot and make the appropriate notation in the absentee ballot register and shall transfer the ballot to the special deputy for mailed ballots for delivery to the absent voter election board. Mailed ballots that are rejected must be secured and kept separate from the accepted mailed ballots.

C. If the mailed ballot is rejected, the county clerk shall within one working day send the voter a notice of rejection, in the voter’s preferred language, along with information regarding how the voter may cure the reason for the rejection.

In the 1.10.19 NMAC rule change, Toulouse Oliver  proposes the institution of “ballot drop box[es],” which would further weaken New Mexico election regulations by forcing New Mexico’s county clerks, unless granted a waiver, to install “a secured container to return official mailing envelopes” based on “a voting population-based formula determined by the secretary of state.”

Although the rule claims to be “secure” with the addition of “video recordings” at the drop-off locations, it would be unclear who is dropping off what ballot, opening up the process to voter fraud through ballot harvesting (taking other peoples’ ballots to the drop-off location for them, which could be altered or otherwise tampered with). Poll challengers tell the Piñon Post that at least in Bernalillo and Sandoval Counties during the 2020 election, the rule adding video recordings was in place, however, no precincts that they witnessed adhered to the video surveillance mandate.

With the Secretary of State’s proposed striking of NMCA ensuring verification of ballots for signatures and matching social security numbers, the addition of the ballot drop boxes would give free rein for bad actors to defraud New Mexico elections through ballot harvesting and the submission of illegal mail-in ballots.

New Mexicans are encouraged to attend the meeting and speak up against the rule change, which would make New Mexico’s elections even more susceptible to fraud with the lack of ballot verification and the addition of ballot drop boxes, leaving New Mexicans’ votes vulnerable.

Ballot harvesting is already happening in New Mexico, with even New Mexico’s newest member of the state House of Representatives, Pamelya Herndon, admitting to harvesting ballots from senior citizens.

Meeting details are below: 

A public hearing will be held on Thursday July 22, from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm, at the State Capitol Building located at 490 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, NM 87501 in Room 322.  Every effort will be made to ensure that this hearing will be live streamed on the Office’s website.  The public hearing allows members of the public an opportunity to submit data, testimony, and arguments in person on the proposed rule changes detailed below.  All comments will be recorded by a court reporter.

Before the public hearing, written comments may be sent to Kari Fresquez, Director of Legislative and Executive Affairs, via email at, fax (505) 827-8403, or by regular mail at Attn: Kari Fresquez – proposed rule, The Office of the New Mexico Secretary of State, 325 Don Gaspar, Suite 300, Santa Fe, NM 87501. The deadline to receive written comment is 9:00 am on July 22, 2021.  All written public comments will be posted on the website throughout the written comment period at:

[READ NEXT: Democrats just deny the existence of fraud, and poof it’s gone (in their minds)]

ALERT: NM Redistricting Committee holding first meeting Friday—public comment encouraged

NEVER FORGET Millionaire Santa Fe Attorney promised to rig CD-2 to favor Democrats!

On Friday, The New Mexico Citizen Redistricting Committee meets at 3:00 p.m. via virtual conference, and the public is invited to attend. “There will also be public comment near the beginning of the meeting on the online public mapping tool, dates and locations for CRC meetings, and rules of procedure,” according to the Committee.

The Committee has already embraced left-wing groups planning what they claim are “fair” redistricting maps. However, they erroneously claim an attack on “minority voting rights,” although New Mexico is a minority-majority state. Groups like the far-left “Common Cause New Mexico” claim to want “equitable district maps,” which is code for left-leaning.

Citizens are asked to specifically speak out against the proposed RULE 10, which would gag the public (including communities of interest) from having any conversations with the members of the committee. This would keep the people out of the process if they cannot attend one of the six set meetings. This is voter suppression. This is what the rule says:

A. A member of the committee may not engage in any private communication with
any individual other than committee members, committee staff, or committee contractors,
concerning any district plan or part of a district plan.
B. Committee staff and contractors, including any contract demographers, may not
engage in any private communication with any individual, other than committee members,
committee staff, or other committee contractors, concerning any district plan or part of a district

The NM Citizen Redistrict Committee has shared information from far-left groups on Twitter, such as liberal Princeton University’s “Gerrymandering Project” and the fringe group “NM Native Vote,” which spent many resources earlier this year to elect socialist U.S. Rep. Melanie Stansbury (D-Bernalillo). 

The Redistricting Committee is made up of the following members: 

HON. EDWARD L. CHÁVEZ, CHAIR – Retired Democrat Supreme Court Justice 

RYAN CANGIOLOSI, MEMBER – Appointed by Republican Leader Jim Townsend (R-Artesia)

LISA CURTIS, MEMBER – Appointed by Senate Pro-Tem Mimi Stewart (D-Bernalillo)

ROBERT RHATIGAN, MEMBER – Chosen by the Committee

JOAQUIN SANCHEZ, MEMBER – Chosen by the Committee

MICHAEL SANCHEZ, MEMBER – Appointed by Speaker Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe)

CHRISTOPHER SAUCEDO, MEMBER – Appointed by Republican Senate Leader Greg Baca (R-Valencia)

The meeting details for you to tune in are below:

Friday, July 2, 2021, 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Location: Virtually via Zoom

Agenda & Meeting Materials: View or Download Here.

Webcasting  link:

Join Zoom meeting through internet browser:

Meeting ID: 859 3072 6465

Dial-in Number: (669) 900-9128

Passcode: 430850

New Mexicans holding statewide #UnMaskNMKids protests, ‘LiZARD’ protest at Capitol Saturday

On Saturday, New Mexicans will gather in cities across the state to protest embattled Gov. Lujan Grisham’s continued school mask mandate in schools, forcing young children to sit for hours in classrooms and at playgrounds while fully masked. 

According to a press release from the organizers, the New Mexico Freedoms Alliance, “Although over half the states in the USA have no school mask mandate, NM school children are still being forced to wear masks, even when playing outdoor sports in 100+ degree heat.” The group contends that unmasking athletes who have had the virus jab is not enough, and that “ALL students must be allowed to unmask, regardless of their vaccination status.” 

“Parents, it is up to us to free our kids from MLG’s sports and school mask mandates. Our Governor knows how damaging masks are to our kids but continues her own agenda vs. protecting them. No one is going to step in and save our kids. It’s up to us. This stops when we stop allowing it to happen. This protest is our chance to expose her abuse,” said Artesia organizer Stacey Turner of Concerned Citizens for Artesia.

Las Cruces organizer Piper Gibson said, “Wake up New Mexico! It’s time to unmask our kids and ourselves!! The rest of the US is open; people are mask-free and there is no social distancing. Here we are still forcing our kids to wear masks, even outdoors in 100-degree heat. Kids in NM are not at risk and according to studies most of us have antibodies from previous infections. It’s time to cut out the nonsense!”

Here’s a list of all the NM localities holding these anti-masking of children rallies. All protests begin at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, June 26, 2021, although the Raton rally will begin at 11:00 a.m.

  •     ARTESIA – @ corner of Main & 7th @ 10am
  •     LAS CRUCES – @ Albert Johnson Park on corner of main and Picacho
  •     CARLSBAD – @ Carlsbad Waterpark; area between Water park and gazebo
  •     ROSWELL @ Courthouse 4th and Main in Roswell
  •     FARMINGTON – Animas Valley Mall Lawn near Applebee’s
  •     ALBUQUERQUE – Target/Lowes on Paseo Del Norte and San Pedro
  •     SILVER CITY – @ Gough Park 1200 N Pope Street
  •     DEMING – @ DPS Emmett Shockley Building, 400 Cody Road
  •     RATON – @ Corner of 2nd and Tiger drive
  •     RIO RANCHO- @ Southern & 528

Another protest is happening on Saturday at the Roundhouse in Santa Fe, which is both a combination between an anti-masking of children protest and a protest against Gov. Lujan Grisham’s name-calling of New Mexicans as “QAnon lizard people.” 

A press release from Leanna Derrick of Call to Action New Mexico reads, “We are publicly assembling as LiZARD People to stand united against illegal monetary incentives, discrimination, and masking our kids in schools and sport activities. WE have a Constitutional Right to Peacefully Assemble without reprisal by the government.” 

New Mexicans are meeting for a caravan at 10:00 a.m. from the Bernalillo/Placitas Exit US and I-25 exit going to Santa Fe.

At 11:00 a.m., cars are set to meet at the Capitol for the pre-event at 11:30 a.m, and the gathering begins at 12:00 noon. At 1:00 p.m., there is set to be a prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, the singing of the National Anthem, and then the main protest event with speakers. 

Conservatives holding counter-protest to Gov. MLG’s reelection announcement Thursday in ABQ

On Thursday from 4:45-8:00 p.m., conservatives are coming together to protest embattled Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s re-election campaign announcement being held at Albuquerque Museum on Mountain Road in Albuquerque.

At the Governor’s event, she is requiring attendees over 12 years of age to be fully vaccinated and anyone over the age of two must be masked. 

“This will be a limited capacity event due to COVID-19 restrictions. You must register in order to join us in person. Registrations are handled on a first-come, first-served basis and general admission tickets are sold out for now. By registering for a waitlist ticket, you will be notified as soon as spots become available. Vaccinations are required for attendees over the age of 12. Masks are requested for those older than two,” reads the Governor’s invitation.

It appears the counter-protest is in conjunction with multiple conservative groups, with Karen Larré leading the organizing. Larré previously organized a “freedom rally” in May to protest the governor’s harsh pandemic lockdowns.

Another flier shared by conservative activist Audrey Trujillo reads that the peaceful counter-protest is going against Lujan Grisham for “divisive medical tyranny” and “discrimination against the unvaccinated.” 

One concerned New Mexican who lives in the Albuquerque area recently wrote a letter to the Albuquerque Museum concerned over the event’s requirements, which go against the CDC guidelines. 

“It is particularly concerning that anyone over the age of 12 needs to mask and be vaccinated to enter. Children are considered at low risk for covid, both in terms of transmission, contraction and long-term effects. As a parent myself, I would not sign my child up for an experimental, non-FDA approved shot for a virus that likely would not affect them. I may reconsider once it is FDA-approved and/or research shows that it is risk-warranted. The governor has been recommending masking and vaccinating children against the advice of national experts, and by hosting her event, your organization is complicit in replicating this unethical recommendation,” they wrote. 

“I have long been a patron of the museum and am shocked and disappointed that you would tarnish your otherwise upstanding reputation by hosting this event under the present conditions. I urge you to either reconsider hosting this or revising the guidelines for it. As a taxpayer, patron and one who hosts visiting guests in my business work, I will not be visiting or recommending the museum to others any longer, should this go forward. Medical discrimination in a public facility, perpetrated by a political figure that should be acting in the best interests of her constituents is not something I wish to support,” the letter continued.

For more information about the counter-protest to the Governor’s re-election event, Karen Larré can be reached at Again, the event is from 4:45 to 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 3 at the Albuquerque Museum, 2000 Mountain Road NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87104.

Three NM cities participate in worldwide freedom rallies Saturday

On Saturday, three New Mexico cities will participate in worldwide freedom rallies against stringent lockdowns due to the pandemic. The rallies will be held in Albuquerque, Las Cruces, and Silver City. Freedom rallies are taking place globally, including Canada, England, New Zealand, South Africa, Denmark, Australia, Lithuania, Ireland, Poland, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and Norway, according to the organizers.

The rallies are being organized by three groups, including “Free People of the Southwest,” the “New Mexico Freedoms Alliance,” and “New Mexico Stands Up!”  

Sarah Smith of Free People of the Southwest, who is organizing the Las Cruces rally, said, “New Mexico is still under some of the harshest lockdown measures in the country. We have the 5th highest unemployment rate, and our businesses are still failing under unnecessarily strict mandates. The lockdown isn’t working, as evidenced by the fact that New Mexico has a worse COVID death rate than 36 states, including states that are wide open such as Florida and Texas. It is time for New Mexico to end the 14-month lockdown.”

A lawsuit to end the lockdown filed against embattled Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham by New Mexico Stands Up! is currently in process in federal court. Ana Garner, the lead lawyer on the case, said, “The lockdown and other mandates in New Mexico are causing vast harm, are ineffective, and are medically unnecessary. We have overwhelming evidence and testimony to prove it. It also violates the U.S. Constitution, the New Mexico Constitution and all precedent of human rights and civil liberties. We call upon our elected representatives and justices to end this crime against New Mexico now.”

Organizer of the Albuquerque rally, Karen Larré said, “There is no good reason for New Mexico to continue to be as locked down as it is. States around us are all more open than we are, and the numbers just don’t justify it. It’s time to fully reopen New Mexico!”

The rallies will take place at 10:00 a.m. and participants are encouraged to bring “General freedom signs, vax, lockdowns, etc.,” according to the New Mexico Freedoms Alliance. In Albuquerque, participants will meet at San Mateo and Central, in Las Cruces, participants will meet at Main and Picacho, and in Silver City, participants will meet at Swan and 180.

For more information, please reach out to the following: Albuquerque, Las Cruces, and Silver City

TODAY: NM House considering 20+ cent per gallon gas tax on the poor—sign up to testify

On Tuesday, the New Mexico House Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources Committee, chaired by Rep. Matthew McQueen (D-Bernalillo, Santa Fe, Torrance, and Valencia) will hear radical gas tax on the poor bill S.B. 11 sponsored by Sen. Mimi Stewart (D-Bernalillo). Your testimony is requested to stop this anti-worker, anti-energy bill.

S.B. 11 puts extreme clean fuel standards on businesses that produce or import transportation fuels and fuels used in motor vehicles. The restrictions on these companies would force them to invest in costly upgrades to their fuel standards, meaning these costs would transfer to the consumers. The bill also adds vague and sweeping “enviro-justice” provisions to state law.

In California and Oregon, where clean fuel standards are already in place, there are already increased costs of up to 24 cents per gallon on gas, which directly hurts poor consumers. Similar bills have been enacted in Oregon and California, states where the gas prices are 119% and 135% higher than the national average, respectively, according to AAA.

In Senate Tax, Business and Transportation Committee, Stewart got flustered with people calling her bill out for harming poor New Mexicans, where she insisted, “You know what gas costs in Europe? It costs $6-7 a gallon!” She said people drove smaller electric cars in the region and said she didn’t appreciate “the sky is falling” arguments regarding concerns attributed to her bill. Stewart also complained about the committee hearing nearing two hours long on her bill. 

However, senators from rural areas did, indeed, have concerns about her bill since many people in more remote areas have to drive farther to go to work and to get basic needs from neighboring towns. This de-facto gas tax would harm the poorest New Mexicans. 

But despite any logical argument otherwise, Stewart insists her bill will bring industry to New Mexico, while poor citizens foot the bill for her pipe dream. S.B. 11 was rammed through the Senate and now is being fast-tracked through the House of Representatives. The bill is a priority of far-left Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham.


The New Mexico House Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources Committee will meet today (Tuesday, March 16, 2020) at 8:00 a.m to consider the bill. Please attend and give your testimony against the radical measure which will hurt the poor and middle classes. You can join the meeting with the below information:

Please click the link below to join the webinar:  Or iPhone one-tap : US: +16699009128,,88692377623# or +12532158782,,88692377623# Or Telephone: Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location): US: +1 669 900 9128 or +1 253 215 8782 or +1 346 248 7799 or +1 646 558 8656 or +1 301 715 8592 or +1 312 626 6799 Webinar ID: 886 9237 7623

Please reach out to members of the committee and urge them to oppose S.B. 11:

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