NM Redistricting Committee holding Thursday hearing at Highlands University in Las Vegas

On Thursday, August 5, 2021, the New Mexico Citizens Redistricting Committee will be holding a hearing in Las Vegas, New Mexico to discuss redrawing state House, state Senate, congressional, and Public Education Commission maps.

This redistricting year is the first in the state’s history where citizens are allowed to submit their very own district maps along with written testimony fo free.

According to the committee staff, “Use the public input portal to submit a map or written testimony.  The link to do that is here. Submit a Public Comment or Map – New Mexico Citizens Redistricting Committee (nmredistricting.org) This is the first time that communities have had access to this kind of FREE mapping technology during redistricting to help policy makers better understand and respect what we want and need in terms of representation.”

In order to ensure fair districts are drawn, New Mexicans are encouraged to submit their maps to keep communities of interest together and to ensure the maps do not give any side a partisan advantage. The Committee will listen to concerns from voters and make determinations based upon the public’s input, which makes attending these meetings extremely important.

Tomorrow’s Las Vegas, New Mexico meeting information is below:

New Mexico Highlands University, Student Union Building, Governance Room SUB 320

The Citizen Redistricting Committee will hold a public meeting on Thursday, August 5, 2021 from 3pm to 7pm or until adjourned, to provide members of the public an opportunity to share public comment and testimony with the Committee before they begin the development of district maps for New Mexico’s offices to be redistricted.

To submit a public comment, district plan, or community of interest online, visit the CRC’s Public Redistricting Portal.

For in-person attendance at meetings:

Masks are required for those who have not been vaccinated and encouraged for those who have been vaccinated. You are also encouraged to practice social distancing.

To attend the meeting virtually, please see the details below:  

Agenda & Meeting Materials: Click here

NMHU COVID notice 

Join Zoom meeting through internet browser: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87454457724?pwd=K0Jka0hLL1dYREYyTUlYODhYWGJBdz09 

Meeting ID: 874 5445 7724

Dial-in Number: 1 (346) 248-7799 

Passcode: 247365

CRC Rules of Procedure 

The Redistricting Committee meetings begin this week. The first round of eight meetings can be accessed here: Meetings & Transparency – New Mexico Citizens Redistricting Committee (nmredistricting.org) There will be a second round of meetings in late September and early October. All meetings should be Zoom accessible if you cannot attend in-person. 

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