MLG’s draft PED social studies rules full of CRT, anti-Hispanic, anti-police sentiments

The New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) recently published its draft social studies standards for teachers, which are chock-full of racist Critical Race Theory (CRT), anti-Hispanic hate, the “LGBTQI+” agenda, among other frightening curricula. 

The Michelle Lujan Grisham’s NMPED claims the current social studies standards “do not address the increasingly diverse perspectives and histories of the peoples of New Mexico.” The rules want students to demonstrate “respect for the feelings of people who are similar and different from me.”

The proposed rules weave in socialism, racism toward non-minority groups, extreme environmentalism, and globalism. These benchmarks have students “develop pride in his/her/their identity, history, culture, region by incorporating a community based approach while preparing students to be a part of a global environment.”

Students are to “[a]ssess how social policies and economic forces offer privilege or systemic inequity in accessing social, political, and economic opportunity for identity groups in education, government, healthcare, industry, and law enforcement,” writes one of the proposed rules, a key tenet of the racist Critical Race Theory. The rules ask students to assess this and to “Identify and analyze cultural, differently abled, ethnic, gender, national, political, racial, and religious identities and related perceptions and behaviors by society of these identities.” 

CRT is blatant in the rules, especially where the students are to learn how America is supposedly racist in its very framework. Students are to “[d]escribe how inequity in the United States laid the foundation for conflict that continues today.” 

The standards include alarming new benchmarks, specifically targeting Spanish settlers in the United States, writing regarding historical thinking that students should “Compare the patterns of exploration, destruction and occupation of the Americas by Spaniards.”

The proposed draft notes that it wants to “Demonstrate how diversity includes the impact of unequal power relations on the development of group identities and cultures” Regarding the territorial period of New Mexico, the rules aim to “Determine the role of race and racism in the acts of land redistribution during the territorial period.”

Also, students are to use “evidence from primary and secondary sources to compare and contrast the impacts of European colonization on Indigenous populations.”

The proposed curriculum appears to attempt to demonize conservatives, having students “Assess the short- and long-term social and political impacts of conservatism in the United States on diverse groups of people.” 

Also apparently demonized in the new curriculum are guns and gun owners. The rule states, that students are to “Examine the history of guns in America as compared to other world powers and the consequences of gun violence on American society past, present, and future.” 

Included in the proposed rule is a move to have students examine “anti-immigrant sentiment in the United States over time and the experiences of diverse immigrant groups past and present.” 

Action steps urged for students to take through the new social studies curriculum include the following: 

Create an action plan for a more just and equitable America for diverse groups of people including Native Americans and African Americans.

Evaluate the effects of the representation of diverse people in the US government including race,
gender, sexual orientation, and disability

The “civics” section of these rules includes benchmarks for students to “cite evidence investigating the relationships between equality, equity, justice, freedom, and order in American constitutional democracy.” The United States is a constitutional republic, not a “democracy.”

The Constitution is demonized for what groups are allegedly left out of it and students are to “determine which narratives were excluded from the original document; and use text evidence from the Bill of Rights and supporting texts to support a student developed argument by citing specific evidence to track whose rights were added over time.” 

Students are also to “Explore the movement against police brutality.” Also, they are to evaluate the “effects of diverse ideologies and the process of political socialization on oneself and society.” 

Regarding the environment, among many other factors, students are to analyze “US government policies to reduce climate disruption.”

As well, students must evaluate the economic framework of America, which the curriculum sheds in a bad light for its capitalist structure. They are to “[c]ritique inequalities that exist in economic systems.” while using “economic data to evaluate the positive and negative aspects of American capitalism in relationship to other economic systems.” 

These policies are full of new racist, anti-capitalist, anti-police, anti-gun, anti-conservative, anti-Hispanic, and anti-American sentiments while only mentioning the Constitution to claim it is a racist document full of “inequities.” This is the latest assault on education by the Lujan Grisham administration, but parents are urged to take action.


Comments are to be taken electronically by email to,  by fax to 505-827-6520, or by regular mail addressed to John Sena, Policy Division, New Mexico Public Education Department, 300 Don Gaspar Ave., Room 121, Santa Fe, NM, 87501.

Please take action and make your voices heard about the bad policies enclosed in this new proposed social studies rulebook. New Mexicans have until 5 p.m. on Nov. 12 to provide commentary and to make their voices heard before the rules are adopted in December.


15 thoughts on “MLG’s draft PED social studies rules full of CRT, anti-Hispanic, anti-police sentiments”

    1. I don’t either, but we need to fight this because it is our tax dollars that fund the schools and we don’t want this type of hateful indoctrination filling our future leaders heads.

  1. I hope all parents and teachers will fight against this!! STAY STRONG PATRIOTS!! Think of your children and grandchildren and great grandchildren future.

  2. MLG Spanish Racist Of NM

    I emailed John Sena. I hope he has some sense. Isn’t MLG part Spanish, or is her last name a lie? What a hypocrite, does she hate herself? Racist evil witch of New Mexico. I wonder if the Spanish council of Santa Fe knows what she is doing? If the people of New Mexico vote her back in, they are racist too.

  3. MLG Racist against her own people

    Have the parents of NM been notified? Time to protest. Every NM schoolboard needs to hear our voices. Proud of my heritage and my country. Nobody should apologize for crap their ancestors did. MLG IS EVIL SHE HAS NO SOUL.

  4. They can cloak it any way they want but it is really just communism poorly disguised. The intent is to fragment students and prepare them for the new satanic world order currently being ushered in by the anti God liars and murderers of the “ United Nations ““ . The article itself states that their mission is to prepare children to be “global citizens “. MLG is complicit in this crime and certainly a vile globalist.

  5. In my opinion, MLG is not just a racist, but plain stupid. I am assuming that her parents are just as corrupt as she. How could you support such an evil child???
    There is not one ounce of goodness in her heart. Just plain azz evil!!!!
    She has reached the stage of “criminal mind” and is now on the path to act on that. How sad to hear that this person, has achieved the highest office of the state, and is tearing down the structure of “the american dream”.

    I have “Lujan” as a great grand father, and I am not too sure if he were alive today, on how he would feel about his last name being ran through the mud.
    Without his teachings from over 100 yrs ago, I wouldn’t be an American, I’d be a “socialist, racist, communist” without the values of being “American”. His service to the military made him a better man. With that said, handed those traits to his children and grandchildren.

  6. MLG has taken campaign cash from George Soros and is now in bed with the devil. She is no doubt pushing his racists, divisive, destructive, communistic takeover of America. There is a way based on our NM constitution that we can recall her. Conscious Action For Truth is a NM podcast that had a gentlemen interviewed on how he is trying to get sponsors for petitions in each county on recalling her. I cannot remember his name but it is a recent episode. I think it is time to get rid of Lujan Grisham.

  7. I think it’s a joke that they only mention the the settlement of Spaniards and there conquest of the Indigenous peoples land. Years after that the U.S. Army enacted the Indian Wars and ruthlessly killed Native Americans and by ordering mass killings of buffalo wiped out their food source and religion. One only need to look at Sand Creek Massacre and Wounded knee Massacre and see the travesties of those murdering of women, children, and elderly brutally murdered by the U.S. Army. Acts so heinous I cannot mention them here. No one will talk about this but they will talk about how evil the Spaniards were.

    1. Have you ever read about the mass killings by Native Americans against other Native Americans? They mutilated their victims. Why do you think the BIA never gets anything done now? These tribes still do NOT get along. Come on, the idea of hatred is NOT limited to just the Caucasians alone!

  8. I don’t have Kids, but I sent my e-mail, placed it on Facebook & Twitter. Hope that helps to STOP this nonsense.
    Bless you John.

  9. After looking at the entire document, it is obvious the intent is to divide kids by race, to foster large scale resentment, and to expand socialist goals. Look at the FAQs for some more revealing information, such as NO local school boards were even consulted when doing this.

  10. I attended the NMPED Social Studies curriculum meeting and after four and half hours ONLY 2 representatives asked questions or challenged any of the assumptions stated as fact. In fact, NMPED stated that children would be left behind. Since only 2 representatives spoke up it appears to be a state and uniparty deciding what are children are allowed to think and discuss regarding NM’s social history, structure and accomplishments.

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