America’s most deadly abortionist stops offering late-term abortions at ABQ location

According to the pro-life legal group Abortion On Trial, Curtis Boyd’s Albuquerque late-term abortion mill, Southwestern Women’s Options, is no longer performing late-term abortions, only offering patients abortions throughout 23.6 weeks.

Boyd, a former Baptist minister, left the church to commit abortions at a back-alley abortion mill in Athens, Texas. 

According to reporting by Life News, “Before Roe v. Wade in 1973, the Supreme Court Decision that decriminalized abortion in the United States, Boyd was aborting children by the hundreds. Though illegal, Boyd felt that performing abortions was more important than abiding by the law of the land. When word got out about his chop shop, he was forced out of Athens and reopened in Dallas, where he continued to rally support for ‘abortion rights.’”

Boyd said, “Am I killing? Yes, I am. I know that.”

In total, he has personally killed 250,000 children in the womb, according to attorneys who have interviewed him. Throughout his abortion mills, he has committed over 700,000 abortions, or around one percent of all babies aborted since Roe. He is the single biggest abortionist in history. 

Previously, Boyd’s website reflected that he aborted babies “through 32 weeks – Late Term Abortions After 32 Weeks on a Case by Case Basis.” 

Now, Boyd no longer performs the deadly late-term abortion practice, although he continues to kill babies through his abortion centers.

Abortion On Trial reported on Twitter Monday, “We’ve confirmed via scheduling attempts that Curtis Boyd’s infamous SWO abortion facility in Albuquerque is no longer providing late term induction abortion and is now referring out of state.”

Recently, multiple ambulances have been spotted leaving Boyd’s abortion center with patients who had apparently botched procedures. It is not immediately clear if the ending of the late-term practice at his abortion mill is due to unsafe late-term abortions.

The news comes as New Mexico considers radical anti-life legislation with H.B. 7, which would force New Mexico public bodies and employees to aid in abortions and “gender-affirming care.” This comes two years after the legislature legalized unlimited abortion up to birth while stripping all protections for women, medical professionals, and babies in the womb.


9 thoughts on “America’s most deadly abortionist stops offering late-term abortions at ABQ location”

  1. Maybe we should all refuse to pay state taxes if they are going to murder mills. If enough people refused to pay and we got a couple of lawyers with enough huevos and scruples to represent life it could be done……Yeah, I know were living in the evilest run state in in the country, but much more pushback is needed. The demoncrats are absolutely out of control . No pun intended.

  2. Maybe if TST paying for it, it’s ok- Republicans have long held that faith based organizations have a roll in providing services to the community. The faith organization would not receive government money buy a tax break. This also serves to reduce the government footprint and overreach. Sounds like a win/win.

    1. The church of satan is not faith based, but are rather anti-faith. They believe they are their own gods. This is not the kind of faith based operation the Republicans are talking about.

    1. I doubt he’s had an epiphany or that it’s being done out of the goodness of his black heart. If there have been botched abortions (e.g. ambulances there recently) he may be looking @ a bunch of malpractice actions

  3. Boyd should be concerned with breaking Yahuah’s Law and the consequences he will face when he has to stand ALONE in front of the Judge.

  4. MLG is letting the church of satan come into New Mexico to perform abortions and abortion rituals. One would think that since that church is getting involved that it would demonstrate how evil the practice of abortion really is but our governor has hardened her heart and is in league with them instead. She’s inviting God’s rath upon her and the government of our state. I wonder what the future will hold.

  5. I’m not surprised that nothing has been mentioned on the local news about Dr. Carmen Landau, one of the abortion doctors at SWO, died in Puerto Rico in October 2022. According to Abortion Free NM she was found dead in her hotel room. No cause of death was given.

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