Taxpayers pay UNM’s $350K legal bill in death of mother during late-term abortion

On Wednesday, the legal group Abortion On Trial released information about a years-long legal settlement after a referral from the University of New Mexico that resulted in the death of 23-year-old Keisha Atkins of Albuquerque.

“According to [a] public records request, The University Of New Mexico has agreed to pay the Estate of Keisha Atkins a settlement of $365,000.00 over the claim of negligent referral to an abortion provider leading to the death of 23-year-old Keisha Atkins, who died of sepsis during her elective 24-week abortion,” wrote the group in a news release.

“UNM should have never referred Keisha to Curtis Boyd’s outpatient abortion facility, Southwestern Women’s Options.” said Jamie Jeffries, Executive Director at Abortion On Trial. “It is unacceptable medical care to perform an induction abortion outside of a hospital. Practitioners everywhere should be aware that referring women to private abortion clinics can result in legal action and subsequent liability.”

The group’s news release continues: 

Not only was Keisha Atkin’s elective 6 month abortion taxpayer funded through New Mexico Medicaid, the $365,000.00 settlement agreed to by UNM, a publicly funded university, will be paid for by New Mexico taxpayers. The Decision by UNM to participate in referring women to Curtis Boyd’s Southwestern Women’s Options abortion facility in Albuquerque is a decision taxpayers are now force to be involved in. While public university funding should be going toward further education needs, this case and settlement has redistributed hundreds of thousands of dollars away from New Mexico students.

Attorney Mike Seibel, who was involved in securing the settlement, wrote to his friends, “Of the attorneys fees generated from the UNM, $365000 settlement I donated a good amount to pregnancy centers, sidewalk advocates, pro life candidates and pro life causes.  The money man intended to use for evil God turned to good.  It’s time to win this battle.”


3 thoughts on “Taxpayers pay UNM’s $350K legal bill in death of mother during late-term abortion”

  1. This girl elected to kill her child, The fact that in doing so, this was on her. In essence killing her child, ended her life as well. Poetic Justice. This is my opinion only.

  2. This settlement should never have come out of tax payers money. A lot of $ going places it shouldn’t like sec of state paying a state rep. Unbelievable.

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