House committee advances bill pushing abortion, ‘gender-affirming care’

On Friday, the state House Health and Human Services Committee advanced a radical piece of legislation, H.B. 7, which would force public bodies to facilitate abortions and transgenderism, dubbed “gender-affirming care,” or face lawsuits. 

The bill also explicitly bans municipalities and counties from passing local laws to protect children in the womb from being aborted, meaning places like Roosevelt County would be banned from enforcing their ordinances.

The bill would “prohibit public bodies from discriminating against persons based on their use or non-use of reproductive or gender-affirming care,” meaning it could push teachers and any other public workers to support body mutilation for all ages, including children, as well as abortion, according to the bill’s fiscal impact report. 

So-called “gender-affirming care” means “psychological, behavioral, surgical, medication, and other medical services to support a person’s gender identity,” while “public bodies” are defined as “state and local governments, commissions, or boards established by the state and any branches of state government, such as school districts and universities, that receive state funding.” It would also open up conscientious objectors to civil suits.

The New Mexico Family Action Movement wrote of the committee, “Although it was a great disappointment to see this bill move forward, we are thankful for the representatives who stood in opposition to it. With meticulous scrutiny of the bill, Rep. Jenifer Jones, Rep. Stefani Lord, and Rep. Harlan Vincent stood firmly against the proposed legislation.” 

Following the bill’s passage through the committee, Ranking Member Jenifer Jones (R-Deming) wrote, “During today’s discussion it became clear that this bill opens up the doors for any agent of any ‘public body’ or organization that receives public funding including [M]edicaid — to include doctors, teachers, firefighters, police, etc. — to be sued privately or by the Attorney General for ‘indirectly interfering’ with anyone seeking abortion or transgender procedures.”

“This means that if a child asks a teacher or doctor for help obtaining an abortion or transgender procedure, and they do not refer them to such a provider, or if they suggest alternative care, the teacher or doctor could potentially be sued for ‘indirectly interfering’ with access to these procedures for up to $5,000 or ‘damages’ including tens of thousands in attorney fees.” 

The bill ultimately passed 7-3 and now heads to the House Judiciary Committee, where it will continue to be scrutinized.


11 thoughts on “House committee advances bill pushing abortion, ‘gender-affirming care’”

  1. You could also label it the communist coercion act. Forcing people to do immoral things against their will through the power of the criminal State is totalitarianism/communism in its rawest form. Removing the ability of people to decide their own self determination is exactly what happened in Bolshevik Russia, Cuba etc. unfortunately through voter fraud and dark money we recycle the same evil people that have thrust NM into darkness. Only a handful of brave patriots and God fearing people stand for the constitution, liberty and human rights. The rest are a gaggle of whores and thieves.


    Evil is alive and well in New Mexico! I can’t understand how these people can vote to pass a bill such as this. How can you be for this and then jump on the bandwagon to ban weapons?? In my humble opinion if you are so worried about the amount of people being killed by guns, you should just as appalled by the number of people being killed in the womb! ( which is many more)

  3. I’m a public school teacher and I WILL NEVER support this evil no matter what they threaten me with! They can take my house, my care, whetever little money I have….they can take my life! I WILL NOT go along with the murder on innocents or the child mutilation and child abuse and add to their mixed up confusion that our Satanic society has indoctrinated them with! Calling out evil and standing up to corrupt public officials cost John the Baptist his head…..and I should be worried about a few dollars??? Also, the Roosevelt County and others should stand their ground. Let the try to take every penny in our county coffers. What are they going to do? Shut down each county? Make everyone move because of no funds? No, they won’t! We need to stand up to these evil satanic people! Call their bluff. And if it isn’t a bluff, then at least it was money well spent defending righteousness! If our money goes defending our children then what better cause?!! I hope were not willing to trade paved roads etc for allowing the slaughter of children!

  4. ICYMI: This is NOT related to this subject, but you should know about NM Election “Funny Business”
    There are two parts to this. Please share. Thank You

    NM’s Secretary of State, Maggie Toulouse Oliver, Paid NM Senator Daniel Ivey-Soto Nearly $1 Million in Taxpayer Money When She Was a County Clerk – Why?

  5. This is what happened when you combine rigged elections with weak Republican candidates and leadership. It is simply going to be up to the people to resist this nonsense. If enough people refuse to comply with these types of bills then it won’t matter.

  6. This bill just makes me sick! If you read the Bible…you’ll see that all the Satanic goings on are in it. Satan is desperate because he knows his time is coming to an end. Just remember that these people are following our reprehensible, contemptible, despicable (all other words that fit) governor who’s only goal is to “kiss Biden’s booty enough” that he will recognize her and give her a plushy job in his administration…and I don’t mean what he recently assigned her to. She doesn’t care about the citizens of NM and she proves it all the time. Heaven help us!

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