Dems advance anti-gun bills, kill Constitutional Carry proposal

On Tuesday, the New Mexico House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee considered two anti-gun bills sponsored by Rep. Andrea Romero (D-Santa Fe) and one pro-Second Amendment bill sponsored by Rep. John Block (R-Alamogordo).

H.B. 100 by Romero would institute a 14-day waiting period before any New Mexican can purchase a firearm. During the discussion, Block, who sits on the committee, proposed an amendment to exclude those who have filed a protection order and may need to get immediate access to a firearm for self-protection. However, the bill sponsor noted how the amendment was unfriendly to the bill.

After a discussion from Block and Rep. Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park) about how statistics show there is no evidence showing how such orders protect those who the bill intends to keep safe, the Democrats on the committee voted 4-2 to table the bill, with Block and Lord opposing it. 

Next up was H.B. 101, which would ban New Mexicans from purchasing “high-capacity” rifles over ten rounds or “high-capacity” pistols with over 15 rounds, as well as mostly any gun that has modifications, labeling them “assault” rifles or pistols. It would also “grandfather” current owners of such weapons, but only if they registered with the state on a list. 

During the discussion, Romero claimed that “no rights are absolute” and discounted statistics showing such bans have not worked in the past. Also, constitutional arguments were brushed aside. 

The committee proceeded to vote 4-2 to pass the extreme anti-gun bill.

The Constitutional Carry bill, H.B. 164, which Block co-sponsored with Reps. Lord, Tanya Mirabal Moya (R-Los Lunas), Jimmy Mason (R-Artesia), and Mark Duncan (R-Farmington) had much support from the public, with only a handful of comments made via Zoom opposing the commonsense, which is already implemented in 25 states including liberal Vermont and Maine. Despite the massive public support, the measure also died on a party-line 4-2 vote to table it. 

H.B. 100 and H.B. 101 now advance onward to the House Judiciary Committee, which will now examine the extreme anti-gun proposals.


25 thoughts on “Dems advance anti-gun bills, kill Constitutional Carry proposal”

  1. Shall not be infringed.
    What part of that don’t Republican understand when they’re making compromises with the Democrats. The Bill is Unconstitutional.
    Republicans should be affirming that the State doesn’t have the authority since it’s already written in Constitutional law to prevent governments from infringing in any way.
    This is why the Constitution continues to be whittled away.

    1. It must be fouridated brain power? we are trying to get the flouride out of our drinking water in the whole state.

      BTW, perhaps all should read the Constitution out loud in parts read by different reps. Yesterday the DC group of Repubs read the US constitution and many took turns while reading it from the beginning to end just as a refresher for all who ignore it. Perhaps our reps could do the same and have the group ready to read their section for all to hear it again since it has been many years they have not read it or have forgotten what it all means. thanks for what you do. We await our newsletters from our reps and their updates since we do not want to support Zucker Bucks on face book any longer. We hope and pray they do the right thing and awaken their minds with cleaner water for all.

      oh, and to find water do what DUBAI did for farming in their desert by going to and to know there is mantle water as in hot springs that never stop coming up from inside our beautiful earth.

      Be ThE CHANGe AGeNT

      1. Good one Carmen.
        Our courts in NM have been captured, but there’s still hope nationally.
        Meanwhile, local legislators that vote UNconstitutionally are, excuse me, should be, culpable. .
        malfeasance at the least.

      2. All of us can sit here and talk all we want to even till we die. The point is until we find a way to getting these people out of office. And doing just that and holding them accountable for those actions while in office including the governor then it’s just that. Talk. It’s time to stop talking and start doing. It’s time to show the state government we as citizens are tired of their drug infested city’s, their crime riddled areas and their unconstitutional beliefs. The constitution, the Bill of rights ,and the law of the land are absolute and that is why the founding fathers intended to be. And it should be enforced by legal means.

        1. the sheriffs are to remove these people from office who violate their oaths. There is only one supreme law of the land and no one has authority or jurisdiction to perjure their oath, nor change the law. the title of this article is ludicrous. every single member of legislature has committed treason and misprision of treason-yes i am talking to you block as well.

  2. Lord and Block spoke common sense, Romero pretty much said she did not care what the constitution states. I thought representatives took an oath of office to support the constitution? Whether they support the NM or Federal constitution, Romero and the 4 others failed their oath given. They are liars, these liars are typical of the folks NMs are allowing to ruin our government. NMs please get involved before we become a little California.

  3. Per the United States Constitution, the absolute law of the land, referring to 2A, “shall not be infringed upon”. What part of this do the democrats not understand? They do not have the power to change the Constitution. Maybe every democrat needs a civics lesson.

  4. Rep Block did a great job in pointing out the fallacies in the anti-gun bills that passed yesterday. Thank you Rep Block.

  5. What can we do here? They don’t care about the constitution nor law abiding citizens. They have. Their minds made up and the Judiciary committee seems the same way.

  6. It’s not that the democommies don’t understand, they understand very well what their masters have ordered. It is the shredding of the constitution to achieve their goals of making NM a communist state. The “representatives “ pushing those anti 2nd amendment bills are simply communist functionaries placed there by fraud and dark money. Research history of communism to understand that they must disarm you before they enslave you.

  7. How did we even let them get this far? How did we allow the gerrymandering? How did we allow the devil’s spawn to shut down the state without any backlash? Think of Hitler and how so many people did nothing because they did not think it involved them. Thank you to all of you who fought for our country’s freedom. It is so sad that we are losing it rapidly especially in this state.

    1. APATHY. why did everyone allow the state to shut down and destroy people’s lives and inject them with a bioweapon created by the pentagon? more than half of new mexico is compromised since the government is their sugar daddy, employer and jail warden.

  8. Concerned citizen

    There are two cases coming out of California regarding assault weapons bans and high capacity magazine bans. This is the case with judge Benitez who already declared them unconstitutional, so he’s going to do it again of course. The proposed NM gun rights infringement bills are also unconstitutional and will not survive in the courts after Benitez releases his opinion on the California issues.

    Now the question I have is in a state with no qualified immunity, can we sue state legislators for violating our rights?

  9. What’s up with NM legislators and senators, do they not read papers and magazines, and keep up with domestic affairs? Just the other day the Supreme Court ruled against NY concealed carry laws so her goes another waste of tax payer money to fight this in court. Have the lost there minds to the fact that the US September Court has ruled that the Second Amendment stands and that a person has the right to bear arms should not be infringed. Why don’t they do something to help the state to better itself, health care, employment not government assistance, education and child welfare just to name a few.

  10. My understanding is that the 2A was to protect We The People from an oppressive tyrannical government. What does that say about these lawless legislators? They have openly declared war on law-abiding gun owners and the Constitution. No doubt these communists want to confiscate our guns because they intend to do things they should be shot for. Sadly of late, it appears to me that Satan has gone “all in” in this state and country.

  11. I know a lot of gun owners who will not be willing to give up there weapons or be put on a list. It is unjust and stripping civilians of their protected rights just like Hitler. I think it’s funny how they think legal gun owners are just going to give up their firearms and be put on a list. I for one will not do that. There very well may be bloodshed and the blood will be on these politicians hands who tried to rob our rights. I for one will stand up to this tyranny by any means.

  12. The people of NM voted for this trash. A shame there is no organizing a sit in at the capital. An old fashioned MLK no violence sit in at the capital when in session. Writing letters is not working.

    1. The Citiots in a small geographical area are the idiots voting for these imbeciles. This area also survives off of the production from the rural areas of the state. This is the root cause of the problem that needs addressed.

  13. It’s a sad day when the law protects the criminals and not it’s citizens. Is there anyway to have a vote of no confidence to get them and the governor out of office rather than just having them tried for treason. It is within our rights to do that because that is in the constitution.

    1. go to qfs 1776 dot com and listen to the series regarding our founding, our constitution and the duties and responsibilities of American citizens. then share it with everyone you know and take lawful action.

  14. The Democrats who swore allegiance to the United States Constitution are hypocrites. Once in office ,the Constitution means nothing to them.
    I wonder how many of them have actually have read the document?

  15. go to qfs 1776 dot com and listen to the series regarding our founding, our constitution and the duties and responsibilities of American citizens. then share it with everyone you know and take lawful action.

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