See all the candidates appearing on NM’s 2024 presidential primary ballots

Republican: 45th President Donald J. Trump

According to the Associated Press, “Little-known presidential candidate John Anthony Castro has challenged Trump’s eligibility to appear on the ballot in New Mexico and Arizona in federal court based on anti-insurrection provisions of the 14th Amendment.” Despite that, Trump will appear on New Mexico’s ballot.

Donald Trump speaking with supporters at a campaign rally at the South Point Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Gage Skidmore via Wiki Commons.

6 thoughts on “See all the candidates appearing on NM’s 2024 presidential primary ballots”

    1. Good question. RFK, Jr. isn’t in one of the major parties since he’s an independent, so he won’t be on the primary ballot. That doesn’t mean he won’t be on the General Election ballot though.

      1. Are you sure? Why is Lars Mapdtead the only Libertarian? I honestly don’t know and thought you might know. I think primaries stink. There should be more candidates allowed on the ballot AND INDEPENDENTS should be allowed to vote in the primary of their choice, especially since there isn’t a Independent candidate?

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