New Mexico’s $49 billion investment portfolio just got a new manager

The State Investment Council’s quest for a new state investment officer in New Mexico concluded without the need for an out-of-state search, as Jon Clark, an Albuquerque native and Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s current deputy secretary of the New Mexico Economic Development Department, emerged as the chosen candidate. He will oversee $49 billion in savings and trust accounts for the state.

Clark, who has been serving as the acting secretary following the departure of Alicia J. Keyes earlier this year, has been offered the prestigious position with an annual salary of $285,000, per the Santa Fe New Mexican. This marks a decrease of approximately $34,000 compared to the previous state investment officer, Steve Moise, who retired in October after a remarkable 13-year tenure.

Jon Clark via Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s office:

While there were discussions about the possibility of increasing the salary to attract a qualified replacement, the State Investment Council, chaired by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, did not delve into this issue during a special meeting held on Wednesday.

The council, in a unanimous 8-0 vote, Jon Clark was approved as the next state investment officer, contingent upon the finalization of all administrative processes associated with the hiring requirements for the state of New Mexico.

Following an executive session, council members provided limited comments, indicating that their decision had been predetermined. Catherine Allen, chair of the council’s governance committee, expressed excitement about the appointment, stating, “We’re very excited about the new state investment officer and the process that we used to get them.”

Acknowledging the efforts of Hudepohl and Associates, an Ohio-based executive search firm, Allen extended gratitude for finding “such great candidates” for the position. Clark, among 86 applicants, stood out as one of the 25 individuals meeting the minimum qualifications. After interviewing six candidates, the council narrowed the list down to two finalists, ultimately selecting Clark for the role.

In his cover letter, Clark emphasized his unique qualifications, noting his finance degree and experience in leading venture capital investments. He highlighted his role as Chief Economist for the Legislative Finance Committee, asserting that the position doesn’t demand a traditional investment background but rather requires someone skilled in managerial decision-making with sufficient understanding of the investment landscape.

The next steps include clarifying who will assume leadership at the Economic Development Department if Clark accepts the offered position.


11 thoughts on “New Mexico’s $49 billion investment portfolio just got a new manager”

  1. Wonder if his fiscal wisdom extends to stopping the Southern Invasion as a GREAT investment…

    Wonder if his fiscal wisdom extends to investing in-state versus playing the stock market…

    Wonder if like other states — he will divest all investments that support and sustain China…

    1. Are you kidding? You knew the answer already…NO.

      He is a DNC communist supporter of MLG. Everything she touches turns into socialist/communist/faicism/ dictatorship proven leadership.

      1. This is an absurd stereotypical, opinionated statement that implies that it connected with her or his political leanings are going to make him a poor financial Manager. You know, it’s really not going to be that hard if you run the show there because with that kind of portfolio you can get expert advice anytime you want (if you don’t have the knowledge yourself). The only problem would be some self-important fool that thinks they know more than the real experts which is the way you lose a lot of f****** money.

  2. Who is he- his political leanings?

    Does he adhere to or is swayed by ESG and the woke elite establishment with the good chance of ruining investments and credit ratings?

    Does he believe in administering existing statues and upholding the constitution, both state and federal, regardless of party affiliation?

    1. Sounds like you’re looking for a right wing Republican politician rather than a financial expert. That kind of ignorance would really sink this portfolio.

  3. Jon Clark you have a fine line to walk,and since you already have 2 black marks beside your name you best keep your nose clean and serve the people of New Mexico-not just cower to the piglet Loserjan and blow money on useless ideologies or boondoggles out of the country! The BEST investments for New Mexico involve securing the border, protecting New Mexico ,(to include scammers from abroad-like Washington), and rebuilding our standalone economy that gas and oil provides!

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