See all the candidates appearing on NM’s 2024 presidential primary ballots

The political landscape in New Mexico is gearing up for the upcoming primary on June 4, 2024, and five candidates have been officially certified by the state’s major political parties for the presidency. The list of Democrats, Libertarians, and Republicans might just surprise you. Here are all the White House contenders who will appear on New Mexico primary ballots next year (click the NEXT PAGE button below):


7 thoughts on “See all the candidates appearing on NM’s 2024 presidential primary ballots”

    1. Good question. RFK, Jr. isn’t in one of the major parties since he’s an independent, so he won’t be on the primary ballot. That doesn’t mean he won’t be on the General Election ballot though.

      1. Are you sure? Why is Lars Mapdtead the only Libertarian? I honestly don’t know and thought you might know. I think primaries stink. There should be more candidates allowed on the ballot AND INDEPENDENTS should be allowed to vote in the primary of their choice, especially since there isn’t a Independent candidate?

    1. Have you heard Trump talk recently? He rambles and is basically incoherent. All you can get from what he says is that he is self-absorbed and care about nothing but his own situation. I don’t see how anyone would vote for him!

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