Anti-gun org that broadcast it breaking law blocks critics after taking heat

In a post made on X, formerly Twitter, the anti-gun group New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence (NMPGV), run by Democrats’ anti-gun darling Miranda Viscoli, announced in so many words that it was breaking the law — then kept on digging itself in a hole when challenged.

“Pictured are unwanted firearms from one household in Farmington, NM.  Our gun buyback was [canceled] by the City, but local residents asked us to show up anyway. So, we spent today dismantling guns house by house,” wrote the group, with a photo accompanying the post. The post immediately sparked a fierce response.

“The @NMStatePolice should investigate a private party going door to door and sawing people’s guns in half without doing a background check as required for a transfer in New Mexico.  The @FBI and @ATFHQ (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) should also look into this since a private group does NOT have the ability to check NCIC to see if they are now in possession of a stolen firearm. So many crimes committed by this anti-gun group” posted state Rep. Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park).

In 2019, the state Legislature passed S.B. 8, which Viscoli advocated in support of on behalf of her group. The group holds ineffective gun “buybacks,” which pay people for willingly giving up to the group, which then turns the firearms into gardening tools.

New Mexico Shooting Sports Association (NMSSA) wrote to NMPVG, “Shoutout to @NMPGVnow for joining forces with the ‘rogue sheriffs’ and ‘bad-faith critics’ by refusing to comply with laws criminalizing private firearm transfers in NM,” referencing a social media post by Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham who lambasted many of the state’s sheriffs for refusing to enforce the anti-gun law.

San Juan County Sheriff Shane Ferrari has since initiated an investigation into the activities of the group, saying, “I have reached out to ‘New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence’ with questions. They have referred me to Attorney General Torrez. Both the San Juan County District Attorney’s Office and the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office are reviewing my assessment.”

On Tuesday, NMSSA and Rep. Lord announced that NMPVG had blocked them on X following their support for the group bucking anti-gun laws.

Lord wrote, “I guess drafting a bill today in @NMPGVnow ’s honor rescinding the Universal Background check struck a nerve. Either there is an investigation into your alleged violations of New Mexico guns laws, and federal violations, or the laws are worthless and should be removed. ‘All are equal before the law, and laws should be equally enforced.’ There can’t be ‘laws for thee, but not for me.’ That’s not how this works.”

“And they blocked us,” wrote the New Mexico Shooting Sports Association.

The group also blocked a plethora of other pro-gun accounts, as they posted on X:

On Wednesday, the anti-gun group blocked state Rep. John Block (R-Alamogordo):

It is immediately unclear the status of the investigation into Viscoli and NMPGV, but as soon as more information comes in, we will bring you the latest in the saga of the anti-gun group breaking the law.


6 thoughts on “Anti-gun org that broadcast it breaking law blocks critics after taking heat”

  1. Amazing…no one has responded yet…

    One thing for certain, Rep. Lord has named the issue with spot on language… aka… “Laws for thee but not for me”… A democratic political party guideline in their newest political rulebook on how to run a campaign in NM “How to screw your neighbors without them knowing it”…

    I think its on page 3, paragraph 1.

    1. All the democrats & judges buried it! None have the balls or backbone to stand for what is right. Want to read about our judges? There was an ad in Sunday’s Roswell Daily Record.

  2. A- are there people with criminal records in the NMPGV now?
    B- “dismantling” is not destroying – is this organization buying (likely stolen) guns and stockpiling them?

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