Ronchetti once again outraises Lujan Grisham

As Election Day nears, Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is getting even worse news about her toss-up reelection bid against Republican gubernatorial nominee Mark Ronchetti. 

Ronchetti once again bested Lujan Grisham in fundraising for the third General Election fundraising period by around $80,000. Ronchetti brought in $1,414,005.53, Lujan Grisham raised $1,334,096.93, while Libertarian candidate Karen Bedonie brought in $10,242.74. 

Ronchetti spent $3,562,545.45 during the period, while Lujan Grisham doled out $2,669,831.35. The Republican’s cash on hand is $346,248.08 compared to Lujan Grisham’s at $351,716.53. Bedonie spent $10,616.23 during the period, with $3,042.45 cash on hand. Ronchetti spent most of his money on television advertisements and production costs, as did Lujan Grisham. Other large expenditures included those for postage and mailings. 

This is the third time Ronchetti has outraised the governor. His strong fundraising shows his viability, which is now reflected in many recent polls.

The latest Emerson College poll showed Ronchetti trailing Lujan Grisham by a mere three points, which was within the margin of error. A Trafalgar Group poll released late last month showed Ronchetti leading the governor by 1.1 percent.

The Republican has been blasting Lujan Grisham on the airwaves, in the mail, and in other forms about her constant scandals as chief executive. These include the early release of violent criminals who later ended up committing heinous crimes. 

One case, in particular, that of a twice-released man named Chris Beltran, ended up with the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Domonique Gonzales, who he threatened to kill while still behind bars. Despite this, Lujan Grisham’s regime repeatedly released him. 

Another scandal being brought into focus is Lujan Grisham’s $150,000 payout to a former staffer over sexual assault claims that she poured water over his crotch area and then groped his penis through his trousers. 

Early voting continues in New Mexico until this Saturday, November 5, while Election Day is next Tuesday, November 8. 


16 thoughts on “Ronchetti once again outraises Lujan Grisham”

  1. Ronxhetti doesn’t know how to run a dog catchers office
    How can he run. State
    Oh I know he’ll lie his way like trump

    1. The truth is no one actually knows how Ronchetti will act as governor; so, your statements are patently false until proven otherwise. An actual fact is we have seen how MLG has run this state and we have direct evidence of the effects of her governorship. People should not vote based on hyperbole nor conjecture, but on facts. A vote for MLG is a vote for more of the same that we experienced over the past four years. A vote for either of the other two candidates is a vote for a different direction for the state. It is as simple as that.

    2. OMG grow up. The orange man is the only thing you people can focus on. Is it limited mental ability, are you just programed by what you watch and read, or are you just a bored ssi recipient with nothing more to do then post the same old dribble ever other low rent looser does. Tell me what Gov Dick Grabber has done for us. And the free handouts do not count.

      1. You’re whining about “the orange man”, and screaming at other ‘OMG grow up’ ..?

        Before you cast stones at other houses; clean your own house up.

        1. Michal has a point. Stating facts has nothing to do with “cleaning up your own house”. If the truth isn’t spoken then lies reign. Read up on the history of Nazi Germany and their media coverage. Germans stuck their heads into the sand and boy did they pay a price!! My family came from there. Do you really want to pay that kind of price? If so, then vote Democrat!!!

  2. …and now we know that MLG cheated by having been given the questions to the debate with Steve Pierce prior to the debate. Surprised?

  3. Without a doubt…any doubt… The DNC through its leadership in the Governors office, the queen currently sitting on the shit**r seat in Santa Fe, believes:
    #1. Cheating ok even if you get caught blame the other guy.
    #2. Killing infants in the womb is perfectly fine with God and Jesus Christ…and having the “Birthing Parent” wait until the moment of birth is an added bonus to murder for acceptable entry into the gates of hell as there is no hell nor heaven in the Democratic Political Parties mindset. Killing must be done to protect the “My body, My Choice” the psychotic’s mental health syndrome affecting all current and existing DNC political Party members.
    #3. “Your body, Your Choice” only applies to a “Birthing Parent”… all other humans must comply with every mandate the Queen of the sh**ter seat of Santa Fe pronounces. You earn, when I tell you you can earn, and I’ll pay you shi* wages of unemployment to stay out of work.
    #4. Gas and oil exploration is not required. The DNC’s entire economic platform is based on YOU being sub servant too THEM.
    …. I can go on, but lets see if the Pinon Post will let this stay up…lol…

  4. I’d vote for any dog catcher before giving it to MLG.
    MLG’s zombies are Trolling so they are desperately trying to throw their BS around. Anyone can see what her policies have done to hurt the good people and the history of NM.
    It’s not working you stupid lying trolls. NM is going to the bottom of the toilet like California thanks to MLG. get rid of her Vote her and the real people that hate out. don’t retain the NM left wing judges either.

  5. A couple of random thoughts….according to the tv ads, the only abortions are rape, incest and danger to the mother. With the exception of danger to the mother, can’t these women determine if they have been raped or they had sex with a family member before a 15 week period.
    Secondly, do any of these women give a second thought to these babies being aborted?

  6. Once again John you are blind for not seeing the agenda of the left. It is so sad that good people have to suffer for all the idiot progressive voters such as you. Do your homework man. Wake up. God bless you and enlighten you and all who believe in the evil propaganda.

  7. It’s ok to murder babies in the womb. I guess it’s ok to horses up by Taos per Grishams BLM. Babies who we will never know. Idiot women who are too lazy to use birth control they use abortion. Horses shot and left to die even though the were pivitol in settling our country. They carried our soldiers to battle. Grisham and liberal buddies are not even human. Once a beautiful state now just a shit house.

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