Lujan Grisham, Biden lie repeatedly during ABQ campaign stop

On Thursday, Joe Biden flew to Albuquerque to campaign for Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who faces a tough reelection against Republican gubernatorial nominee Mark Ronchetti. The latest polls show the race within the margin of error. 

During Lujan Grisham’s remarks to the crowd, she lied about her record, including claims that New Mexico is “the only state in the country” that is “moving children and families out of poverty.” In actuality, New Mexico ranks at the bottom for child well-being and is third-worst for poverty while being the most federally dependent state in the union.

She claimed, “The only thing my opponent stands for today is repealing and taking from you every single educational investment, every investment in free childcare, every investment in your sons and daughters, in your family. Every single one.” New Mexico remains at the bottom for child literacy, mathematics, and education in general, according to federal statistics. The state only ranks higher than the territory of Puerto Rico and even trails the District of Columbia.

Lujan Grisham also chided Ronchetti for not sitting down along with her during a televised debate, claiming he wasn’t being kind.

She then said she stands for “doing right for people, telling the truth, being who you are.” This comes as newly released texts appear to show she and her staff cheated during a 2018 KOB 4 debate, where an official from the television station gave the governor the questions.

During Biden’s speech, he stumbled upon his words and had trouble pronouncing the names of all three Democrats running for the U.S. House of Representatives. He pronounced Democrat candidate Gabe Vasquez as “Vas-kwez” while having a difficult time with Reps. Teresa Leger Fernandez’s and Melanie Stansbury’s names.

Biden gave his full endorsement to Vasquez, who is rabidly supportive of defunding the police. 

He chided Republicans, repeatedly saying “MAGA Republicans” and “trickle-down economics” are the bane of the country. 

Biden touted his order to wipe out $10,000 in student debt per borrower and $20,000 total for those with Pell grants. He asked the crowd, “How many of you have student debt? Say goodbye. Say Goodbye.” He said, “We’re giving up 20 billion… 20 thousand to everyone with student debt.” 

He also lied about his work to supposedly “cut the federal debt.” He said, “We cut the federal debt in half. Fact!” The debt is currently $31.1 trillion, with the Biden regime adding nearly $10 trillion in new spending. 

Biden also said, “So the economy is up, price inflation is down, real incomes are up, gas prices are down!” All of these statements are untrue, as well as a claim that he “created” 10 million new jobs, which is patently false.

He also claimed, “Putin’s invasion of Ukraine sent gas prices soaring.” But gas prices have been soaring since he took office due to his anti-energy leftist policies that stopped the United States from being energy independent.

Then he mentioned abortion, falsely claiming Ronchetti will make abortion “go away” in New Mexico. That is untrue. Ronchetti has proposed the state Legislature pass a 15-week abortion limit that would be a constitutional amendment for the voters to decide at the next election.

Biden then falsely claimed, “They’re (Republicans) going after your right to vote and who is going to count your vote.” He then says that the Republican “state auditor” candidate is an “election denier” among other Republicans on the ballot. There is no GOP candidate for state auditor in November. 

Biden got confused after his speech and had to be guided off the podium by Lujan Grisham.

Other remarks of the day came from far-left Democrats, such as wildly unpopular Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller, Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver, among others.


23 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham, Biden lie repeatedly during ABQ campaign stop”

  1. Must have been a hell of a clown show with all those communists together in one place. Lies are all they have to offer the people of NM and that’s all they excel at. They resort to name calling ie “election denier “ and other made up Orwellian terms cause they can’t stand on their dismal record of theft and destruction. NM needs change very badly, boot the commies out of office this month and elect people who care .

    1. hey guys its me mirandddaaaaaaaaa. i love MLG, i really think she deserves to win. Who cares what she has done! She will be a GREAT governor. MLG! MLG! MLG! thats me chanting for michelle lujan grisham!

  2. All politicians lie about something
    BUT trump opens his mouth and that’s all that comes out of his mouth , plus he steals from the Govt. And the public whenever he gets a chance
    Also most all republicans are backstabbing sob’s , they smile at the public as they rob and steal from regular Americans , I used to be one til I saw the light of day

    1. John, you really are that ignorant?? You can’t speak facts because you are a typical “walk in a single file line” democrat that just spews bs, like a malfunctioned toy!! LIES are all that came out of MLG and that senile JOKE Biden!! Your ignorance is obviously clouding your judgement just like the majority of you liberals, think about it!! You would rather live a daily life worshipping liars than have someone finally take a stand to help our state and country. You are a feeble pathetic person!!

    2. Why do you mention Trump? He’s not a consideration in this NM election. There are many Democrats that lie also. That’s the individual person’s character not the party, unless their lie is tempting you to believe they can do a better job at something. This Govn has been fact checked for the lies she truly believes New Mexicans will believe. Obviously she believes we, New Mexicans are not very bright or smart.

    3. Name just one of Trump’s lies. All Democrats claim he lies but not one can produce one. Please just give us an example of one of his lies.

  3. We need change desperately!! Not once did they address CRIME, DRUGS, the BORDER, THE TRUTH! You Dems don’t know a lie if it smacked you in the face!! You see the difference between the 100’s of thousands going to a Trump rally and the 100 bused PAID people for Grusome and Sleepy Joe?

  4. I am voting the Bible.

    Note: Every promise made was kept.

    Everything that comes out of the mouth of the baby killers is a lie. If MLG is not gone – I am moving out of the baby killing capitol .

    Remember it was proven that dominion had codes in them to cheat.

    1. The Bible is not Government. We have a freedom of religion and it shouldn’t interfere or be a cause of voting.
      What we need is non- religion in our candidates and more middle of the road ones. It shouldn’t matter religion or race.
      Personally, I would like to not have political parties. Just vote for the person.

  5. Until idiots like John take their Blinders off and stop following the satanic propaganda, we are doomed. Wake up dems. This is not the democratic party anymore. It is the communist party hard at work. Oh, and yes, I would vote for Trump because he one of the few that had the balls to expose the evil taking place in our government. God Bless America. God save our state and our nation. (PS I wonder if someone in the commie party is Paying Bedonie to speak against Mark)

  6. All politicians are liars, it really is so irritating already oh he did this and she did that all of them have dirt.. Just want this election over with..But then another one will soon start fml

  7. Indoctornating our society to believe there bullshit they care about other countries & our powerful nation is slowly falling apart. Just fat check the Bible to make the correct decisions as to who to vote for. There has to be change if the same old politicians get re elected who knows what our future holds if there is a future to hold water to. We need revival the spirit of mighty God to move our great nation in the right direction. We can start here in our beautiful land of enchantment NM & our communities neighbors be a force to be reckoned with like yester years gone by. Remember America land of the free home of the Brave Blessed to be an American where our constitution & our Amendments government us hope to keep moving forward.

  8. Evil dems get out of Mexico

    MLG is a Demon and Biden is a confused old man. It must have been the dumb and dumber show. Biden thought he was visiting Mexico. Moron.

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