Newspapers along Rio Grande Valley little more than Dems’ PR arm

They are trying to banish Free Thinkers.

Most New Mexicans live in one of the cities along the Rio Grande, while the rest are scattered across rural New Mexico. In my travels across the state, neither “city folks” nor the “country folks” trust or understand each other. The newspapers and media contribute to that divide, which is most apparent during the election season. 

A newspaper editor wrote that it was hard to choose between the two candidates for the NM CD-2 race because she was a political moderate. I smiled; just because the editor is just right of her fellow liberal writers does not make her moderate, only slightly less liberal. An average person does not label themselves as moderate. Their actions do. The same can be said of the newspapers.

The Rio Grande Newspapers published Jon Hill’s letter to the editor seeking volunteers for their bipartisan organization. A scan of the letter indicated it was a partisan organization, and a more straightforward search uncovered it was a Super-PAC supporting the NM CD-2 Democrat candidate.  When I notified the newspaper’s editors of their error of judgment, it was met with silence. 

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The combined image from NM Democrat Party Flyer                              Image on the right is from NM Republican Flyer.

The image on the left is from Herrell Campaign.                                                   The image on the right is a doctored image. 

The Rio Grande Newspapers published in-depth articles on the republican flyer of the barber with dark hands, including lengthy interviews with Democrats. The Rio Grande Newspapers were silent on the democratic flyer of the candidate with a bleached face and did not interview the Herrell campaign organizations.

The Rio Grande Newspapers were silent when the Democratic NM CD-3 whitewashed the Republican candidate’s last name by omitting Martinez. Again, silent when New Mexico Democrats run television advertising with Republican candidates with stark white skin in black and white photographs while their candidates are in color videos with warm skin tones. 

Observation Platform near Animas, NM. Puerto Rican National Guard personnel are in the GSA Pickup. Photograph by Mick Rich.

The Rio Grande Newspapers wrote about Florida Governor DeSantis sending illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard. In contrast, silent when Florida Governor DeSantis sent Florida National Guard troops to New Mexico’s Southern Border to help secure our border. Meanwhile, NM Governor keeps NM NG in their barracks.  

The Rio Grande Newspapers are silent about Puerto Rico’s National Guard now on New Mexico’s Southern border. Silent that Puerto Rico’s Air National Guard has aircraft while New Mexico’s Air National Guard has none. They are silent while the US Air Force considers downsizing their fleet by thousand aircraft and what impact that will have on Holloman AFB.

The Rio Grande Newspapers endorsed Democrats for NM CD-1,2,3. Already New Mexico delegation has little clout in Washington despite having a Democrat President, a Democrat majority in the US Senate & House, Democrat Governor and Democrat Legislature, and a Democrat Congressional Delegation (less Rep. Herrell).  If New Mexico has an all-Democrat delegation and Republicans control the Senate and House, New Mexico will have no clout in Washington.  

The Rio Grande Newspapers endorse the Bernalillo District Attorney even though he and his fellow Soros DAs created a violent crime epidemic in their communities. In his appearance on “To the Point with Mick Rich,” Gerald Madrid stated that he observed an Assistant DA play video games in the courtroom while the defense attorney prepared. Once they stood before the judge, the Assistant DA agreed with the defense attorney. As a result, another violent criminal was released back into Bernalillo’s streets. 

One Rio Grande Newspaper asked a republican state house candidate if they supported their liberal democrat sister running for state house. Her response was, did you ask my sister that question? The reporter’s response was no. Not surprising.

Rio Grande Newspapers did not endorse any Republican candidate that supported the idea that the 2020 election was stolen. No Democrat was asked if they believed George W Bush in 2000 or Donald Trump in 2016 stole the election. They needed to identify what constituted a stolen election. Does Stolen Election mean: counting illegal ballots, not counting legal ballots, hindering legal voters from voting, allowing non-legal voters to vote, censoring candidates and candidate’s supporters, government interference in campaigns, and illegal activity of government agencies in campaigns?

Journalism Departments should require their students to study classical physics and the life of Galileo. Today’s journalists view the universe from where they are standing, while physicists view where they are standing from the universe. Galileo died after eight years of house arrest, un-swayed in his proof that the earth rotated around the sun. As then, today’s Conventional Thinkers are trying to banish the Free Thinkers. 

You can make a difference. Share this article with the following editors,,, and Ask them to report the news from a universal perspective, not just their perspective.

I have many individuals commenting that they like my unique perspective on what is happening in our community, state, and nation. I also have others commenting on my inability to write. Both comments stem from the same root. I have an engineering degree, two years of required math and sciences, one year of engineering needed sciences, and one required writing class. Please share a free subscription with others if you like what you read. 

Host, “To the Point with Mick Rich.” 2018 Republican nominee for U.S. Senate (NM). Founder & CEO, Mick Rich Contractors. Husband, father, grandfather. Read more from Mick rich at


4 thoughts on “Newspapers along Rio Grande Valley little more than Dems’ PR arm”

  1. Yea I agree, thank God for people like you ( John Block) that still stand for honesty and integrity. We must continue to fight the good fight against government tyranny. The media whores are just a wing of the communist party ( aka) democrats). Newspapers are just propaganda only fit to line bird cages or start your wood heater fire. Propagandists without shame or integrity. Keep up the good work. May God Bless you.

  2. Excellent reporting.
    I’ve lived in the state for over 40 years and know very well that what you say is the truth about NM media’s liberal bias. Fortunately, we have the internet which permits dissemination of non liberal hokum.

  3. Lets not forget the Las Cruces Sun News, the El Paso Times, the Alamogordo Daily News- all now controlled by Gannett/ USA today…

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