City of Roswell passes directive telling city manager not to enforce MLG’s public health order

On Thursday evening, The Roswell City Council passed a directive to the city manager directing him not to enforce Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s emergency health order. 

City Councilor Jacob Roebuck said, “While we certainly have a continuing crisis on our hands, the emergency part has passed. There has been ample time for the governor to make her case to the people, to get their support through the lawmaking body,” he said.

He also said his reason for supportng the measure was not partisan in nature. 

“I think there’s a clear line between political and partisan. This is a political process,” said Roebuck. “I think one of the reasons we need to do this is because it needs to be on us, the political body, and not the staff to decide.”

City Councilor Jeanine Best said, “I think we have more important fish to fry. You know, (the governor) she wants us to pay $100 or go sit in jail for six months when she’s letting people out of jail in Santa Fe that shouldn’t be let out of jail,” regarding the strict mask mandate imposed by the Governor. “She’s not making sense in the decisions that she’s making,” she continued.

Councilor Barr Foster said, “I’m not sure the governor is acting in the best interest of our state, more in the best interest of her party,” he said. “Her actions by not responding to the restaurant association shows me she has contempt for our system and she doesn’t care about our Constitution, so that is why I’m for this.” Foster was referring to Lujan Grisham not responding to a lawsuit from the New Mexico Restaurant Association, which was decided in favor of them, but overturned just hours later by the New Mexico Supreme Court.

After an hour and a half discussion, the Council voted 6-4 to pass the order.

10 thoughts on “City of Roswell passes directive telling city manager not to enforce MLG’s public health order”

  1. The City of Roswell is to be congratulated as well as emulated for their perfectly legal, perfectly constitutional, and perfectly sensible approach. We can only hope that other New Mexico cities will follow Roswell’s historic lead.

    1. Would like Los Lunas NM to follow suit. I got thrown out of Smith’s at the check out for refusing to wear a mask, they wouldn’t allow me to purchase my food and Bank of the West as well as Sandia Laboratory Credit Union refused me entrance because I refused to wear a mask. It was 111 degrees outside and I am on Disability and a Senior. I know my Legal rights as well as my rights through the American Disability Act and HIPAA Law. I know what a “Mandate” vs Legislative Law is and I also know my rights under the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and even the NM Constitution, I know the Governor as well as Smith’s and those 2 Banks have violated my rights. She can try to push her lying panic and fear, I still will not wear a mask.

  2. I was born in Roswell wiuld not come back because of the stupid laws God bless you guys for stepping up .Cowboys for Trump is one if the best groups Gid has sent to yall besides our President Praying for your great state from Bransin,Missouri

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