Leftist columnist triggered by Rep. Gregg Schmedes standing up to MLG’s tyranny

On Monday, the Santa Fe New Mexican’s loudest mudslinging columnist Milan Simonich wrote an op-ed trying to pit Republican against Republican in the apparent attempt to hurt the GOP in their strong efforts to take back the New Mexico state House and Senate. 

In the op-ed, Simonich tries to pit Sen. Stuart Payne against Rep. Gregg Schmedes, who is running for the New Mexico Senate, claiming Schmedes is “waging war on the opposition without regard to decency,” although he is asking tough questions and loudly standing up for the rights of the marginalized, and that includes the unborn.

However. Simpnich’s column, which appears to be another desperate attempt at staying relevant, mercilessly critiqued Schmedes for questioning the New Mexico Supreme Court’s unprecedented rapid action last week to overturn a lower judge’s ruling in favor of the NM Restaurant Association that eateries could open for indoor dining. The lawsuit against Gov. Michelle Luja Grisham’s office was not even warned by a response from Lujan Grisham, which is partially why the lower judge ruled in favor of the restaurants. 

However, Simonich took issue with Schmedes asking relevant questions about the Supreme Court’s ruling with came within hours of the lower judge’s. Schmedes wrote on social media, “Bad news: New Mexico Supreme Court just overturned the restraining order issued against the governor. Must be nice to be able to pick up the phone and influence the judicial process. Corruption?”

Simonich critiqued, “Schmedes had no evidence of anything illegal, unethical or corrupt. Proof isn’t a standard he adheres to. Innuendo will do. Schmedes’ use of it was clumsy, even for a novice politician.” 

The bottom-of-the-barrel straws Simonich is grasping for don’t seem to stick, especially since Schmedes never alleged anything. He asked questions, and also, it does appear that the Supreme Court has a back-channel to the Governor, especially with such swift action on the case that, if upheld, would be a striking blow to Lujan Grisham and her cruel reign upon the people of New Mexico — not allowing most businesses to open while corporate out-of-state big box stores like Walmart, Costco and Sam’s Club are allowed to stay wide open. 

Furthermore, the Supreme Court Justices on New Mexico’s Supreme Court are, indeed, party insiders, such as the Lujan Grisham-appointed David K. Thomson, who was the Santa Fe judge who just so happened to rule the unfair “ranked-choice voting” system in favor of Democrat politicians who would benefit from it, i.e., now-Mayor Alan Webber. Also, the lawyer on that case just so happened to be the current Democrat nominee for U.S. House of Representatives in New Mexico’s 3rd Congressional District, Teresa Leger de Fernandez. Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is backing both Justice Thomson and Leger de Fernandez in their respective races. Coincidence that these party insiders all work together? Highly doubtful. 

Simonich’s accusations against Rep. Schmedes as a radical right-winger with no regard for facts and careless slander fall flat on their face, as Schmedes has worked with Democrats before on multiple bills and has stood up for Republican values even when times get tough. In times of crisis some more squirrely, “moderate” Republicans in safe Republican districts abandoned their party, such as some who were conveniently absent on votes such as on New Mexico’s “Green New Deal” or “Energy Transition Act,” or straight-up-voted for the radical leftist measure that would annihilate the oil and gas industry. Schemes has loudly and proudly stood up to debate on critical issues, and it is clear that the washed-up opinion column at the Santa Fe New Mexican has shriveled up and died after the departure of Steve Terrell, a more likable, talented, and less pretentious columnist who shewed left but did make good points from time to time.

2 thoughts on “Leftist columnist triggered by Rep. Gregg Schmedes standing up to MLG’s tyranny”

  1. Well, same old story…”We came here to the USA any way we could to escape tyranny, grinding poverty, and oppression. Oh, but now that we’re here, we need to CHANGE THE SYSTEM to represent the Hellhole we just left”…..
    Well, that maybe good for YOU, but not for real Americans, who take pride in our country, borders, language and culture.
    One-thing Americans keep asking is “if the crap-holes you left were so wonderful, then just GO BACK.
    Or did you just come here for all of the freebies provided by hard working taxpayers??
    Anti-American Leftists take notice…YOU WILL NOT PREVAIL. PERIOD.

  2. Greg Schmedes is making some great points about natural herd immunity vs vaccinated herd immunity on his facebook page, Senator Gregg Schmedes. I think he has appeal for the alternative health community. I don’t know where else to get info though.

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