Legislature begins special session for redistricting Monday

On Monday, the New Mexico Legislature, including both the House and the Senate, will convene at 12:00 noon to begin deliberating over the redistricting process, where Democrats are expected to attempt to ram through the most extreme, far-left maps available. Every ten years following the U.S. Census, redistricting is required.

The proposed maps that would give Democrats the most advantage include highly partisan plans from the dark money George Soros-funded group, the Center for Civic Policy (CCP), which is blatant in its partisan leanings. For instance, according to data analytics of its maps, it would skew the Second Congressional District blue, flipping all of New Mexico’s districts to Democrat control.

During testimony for the maps in front of the Citizens Redistricting Committee (CRC), which was in charge of overseeing the preliminary process, the CCP bribed people to testify on its behalf in front of the committee, a shady tactic that was meant to artificially prop up far-left support of its maps. 

Despite members of the CRC claiming not to want to “radically change” district maps, they voted on maps that would implement extreme changes, such as the CCP’s congressional map that would pair northern Hobbs in southern New Mexico with communities in the far northeast corner of the state. It would lump Albuquerque with Roswell and plunge the South Valley of Albuquerque into the Second Congressional District. The legislative maps approved by the committee all spell bad news for Republicans in the House, while only one map approved for the Senate appears to remain fairer. 

However, even if the Legislature does not approve the CCP maps, it is expected for far-left legislators to propose a new map of their own that would further benefit Democrats. This wildcard would leave Republicans scrambling to analyze the new map. 

As we previously reported:

New Mexico House Speaker Brian Egolf has already stated that he wants to partisanly gerrymander the Second District to take out the current Republican incumbent, saying, “So this is the last election for New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District with a map that looks like it looks now.” He added, “So next time it’ll be a different district and we’ll have to see what that means for Republican chances to hold it.”

Egolf was against a citizen redistricting committee, saying to the far-left group “Retake Our Democracy” that the independent committee would weaken Democrats’ advantage in the Legislature, “and the [Democratic] agenda goes out the window.”

He said he could not comprehend why “Democrats want to unilaterally disarm and give advantage to the people who are trying to make the world a dirtier place, take rights away from people, make it harder to vote — all the things that we oppose. I don’t want to make it easier for them to do it.”

New Mexicans will not be able to access the Roundhouse if they are not fully jabbed, if they won’t wear a mask, or if they wish to carry a firearm on the premesis.

During the redistricting process, Piñon Post has kept New Mexicans informed about how they can put their voices out there to demand fair maps for our state. Please contact your legislator in your area and ask them to oppose any maps that radically change our state’s district lines. Citizens can find their legislators by clicking here

The Piñon Post will keep citizens up-to-date on the redistricting process and post action alerts about how citizens can pitch in and help ensure fair districts.

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  1. Legislative Law Breakers of NM

    They don’t need a special session, they should just call each other on the phone pass whatever laws they want. They don’t care what the people of New Mexico want anyway. They only do what their billionaire friends tell them to do. Why spend money legislators, just pass laws over the phone. That is what you are doing with your closed doors only vaccinated people are allowed in anyway. Everything they do is illegal, so what is stopping them now?

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