Once-GOP gubernatorial candidate switches to Libertarian Party

According to the Libertarian Party of New Mexico website, once-Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim Walsh has switched his party affiliation and is now running for governor as a Libertarian. 

The website lists Walsh as its candidate, with a bio included. 

In Walsh’s announcement that appeared in the Albuquerque Journal, Walsh touted his experience working for former Gov. Gary Johnson, who has since defected to the Libertarian Party and helped split votes in New Mexico on the presidential and U.S. Senate level. 

According to the Journal, Walsh “previously worked as an education adviser to former Gov. Gary Johnson and described himself as cut from the same political cloth as the ex-governor.” 

“I’m not an insider,” Walsh said. “I’m not a (political) party individual,” he added at the time.

The Piñon Post interviewed Walsh while he was a Republican contender for the governorship. Watch that below:

Walsh’s nomination petition lists him as a Libertarian, confirming he has left the Republican race. The Piñon Post attempted to contact Walsh for comment but has not yet received a response. 

Walsh’s exit of the Republican race leaves seven Republicans vying for the job, including businesswoman Karen Bedonie, Sandoval County Commissioner Jay Block, state Rep. Rebecca Dow, Right to Life of New Mexico executive director Ethel Maharg, failed U.S. Senate Candidate, and ex-weatherman Mark Ronchetti, and businessman Louie Sanchez. Note: These candidates have been listed in alphabetical order.

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  1. Walsh might be an extremely good choice. We have generational democrats and republicans who would not vote for the opposing party to save their own lives. I will have to check out his positions on the issues facing New Mexico. Right now these democrat politicians have crippled NM, our home, beyond belief. We went from the Land of Enchantment to the Land of Lockdown, Land of Food Lines, Land of Oppressors and Oppressed, Land of Sexual Predators and Land of Death – abortion, infanticide and assisted suicide (without offers of assistance or even family notification) of our most vulnerable and elderly. We desperately need someone who represents New Mexicans and NOT some political party. WE are the Land of Enchantment and we need to get rid of political party stooges and get back to who WE are.

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