Dems ram through near-total firearm ban at the Roundhouse during closed-door meeting

On Monday, the Legislative Council, made up of majority Democrat members of the New Mexico House and the Senate, voted for a near-total ban of guns at the Roundhouse.

According to the Legislative Council’s Raúl Burciaga, the new policy will take effect on December 6, the opening of the special session to approve redistricting maps.

During the meeting, Republicans’ questions went unanswered about the policy while Democrats attempted to ram it through without debate. 

That led Republicans to ask each other questions about the proposed policy and attempt to add amendments to it.

On only one of their amendments regarding “permittees” to have an ability to carry concealed in the Roundhouse, for bipartisan support from Sen. George Muñoz (D-Gallup), although the amendment still died on a vote of 7-6.

“I think your idea of capitol security is valid and we should address it, but we should not address it in this matter,” Rep. James Townsend said. “We should do it with forethought and it should be for capitol security, not for someone to take a shot at the Second Amendment.”

“The New Mexico State Capitol is the people’s building and we should have the right to bear arms and have weapons to protect ourselves,” Rep. Rebecca Dow said. “It’s just another example of the people in power having no understanding of the Constitution, no regard to our process, or any understanding of what the everyday New Mexican does and lives and believes.”

At one point, Speaker Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe) attempted to claim he supports Second Amendment rights, while Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth (D-Santa Fe) agreed, although they supported the radical anti-gun measure to strip most guns from law-abiding citizens and legislators. 

Then, Egolf claimed “no rights are absolute,” in a strange tangent. 

The policy will also add metal detectors and other measures to the Capitol’s security plan, in the apparent attempt at quelling First Amendment rights and keeping conservatives from the premises of the Roundhouse, despite New Mexico not having gun issues whatsoever in previous sessions.

After the Legislative Council service rammed the policy through in the closed-door process with absolutely no public comment, anti-police Rep. Liz Thomson (D-Bernalillo), who does not sit on the committee, retweeted a post about police officers retiring in New York, which read, “Something good came out of” the pandemic.

Rep Stefani Lord (R-Tijeras) wrote following the vote, “And just like that…. You just lost your Second Amendment right to carry a firearm in the roundhouse, even with a concealed carry permit.”

Read more about the policy here.


3 thoughts on “Dems ram through near-total firearm ban at the Roundhouse during closed-door meeting”

  1. Once again NM State government proves you have no say in government. You job as a serf is to pay you taxes and shut-up. The ruling oligarchy knows best.

  2. There are no longer Democrats or Republicans there is today only communists and patriots. Unfortunately the communists have control of the levers of power and are using them to destroy the constitution and thereby New Mexico and America as well. These displays of anti constitutional “laws” are meant to weaken any dissent that good God fearing New Mexicans can muster.

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